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In Topic: Gluten Free Bakery

Today, 08:46 AM

talk to your local university extension  office. They should be able to help you develop a grant  to apply for  through  SARE-- USDA  Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education -- They  have  farmer-rancher  grants which  help  small farmers and producers.  If your  adding local  ingredients to your  baked goods there may be a way to apply for funding for  the cookware you mentioned -- it ha to benefit a group so if you buy  from local faremrs you stand a good chance...


Yeah, my issues with bobs was soy contamination. I have had some recent success with spices, I am dealing with 3 other companies, for everything else. I have a one that is great for nut meals, and cocoa (organic, and gluten free) I have one for oat for making my own oat flour and they use strict standards with guaranteed below 3ppm and no hotspots. And I think I have a line up on the others but they a smaller group. I will cross reference the others you suggested and work them into the spread sheet to see how they balance out. Thanks for the info, I learn a bit from everything, and consider the options.

In Topic: Gluten Free Bakery

17 January 2015 - 07:27 AM

My wife has been doing this for about 8 years at our farmers markets   on the Big Island in Hawaii.  She orders in bulk online and keeps material in professional kitchen storage containers from restaurant supply companies like BArgreen Elligson which is nationwide.  She packages in saran type wrap from costco. Each "fruit" bread has a custom label on it and in it's own container that its baked in with a few exceptions that are pie shapped. Those are just in the plastic wrap. We do not check  any of the certified  gluten-free ingredients and the kitchen is gluten-free except for her pasta which has separate pans etc etc.  She has developed a large following and had to increase the number of breads  each week.  We do have a commercial stove so the btu's are greater than home stoves although that doesnt affect the baking, it does make things more consistent. She has to include a lot of locally grown items in the breads and baked goods so trades with local growers for things we don't grow or have. Like Karen said you dotn need to test for gluten-free on items that are sold that way but if you make  speads or jams or butters etc. you would need to  test the pH. 

good luck



I have been selling gluten free goods at the local farmers market for over a year now. Bit hit and miss as I get limited on what to take by kitchen issues and contamination making me throw some out. So I started working on making a gluten free bakery in a old apparment building down town in Ennis. This is both for my own health and sanity, and to be able to provide others with healthy gluten free baked goods.


My line is a bit uniqe in the fact I use pretty much all organic ingredients and try to keep most my receipes very health oriented with low glycemic, or natural sugar free sweetners (stevia). Along with using healthy fats, avoiding animal products, and yeast.


My main issue is right now the lack of funding as I have bit underestimated how much had to be done to bring stuff up to code, and finish out with new appliacnes etc. I started a kickstarter to get funding, to no success so far. And am asking around seeing what all I should try to do to get better established.


Any suggestions, tips, perhaps pointing me at a supplier for raw organic, gluten-free flours (White rice, Oat, Almond, Hazelnut, Brown rice, Sweet sourgum, Teff, coconut) I have some good deals set up but willing to consider others.

I am also looking at a better testing method. Right now I order ingredients in large batches of the same lot no. then test a sample (EZ-test strips) before storing them. A less expensive or better testing method is being looked at.

In Topic: Vegetarian Roll Call!

08 January 2015 - 08:41 AM

I'm vegan -- 5 years and counting 


I know that there's quite a few of us here. :)

In Topic: American Airlines Gluten-Free Meals- Bad Experiences?

05 January 2015 - 09:29 AM

The gluten-free meals I've had on American have been ok themselves but the flight attendants have no idea what it is to be celiac and felt sorry for me  and dumped a bunch of rolls on top of my dinner.  After that I order the fruit plate even in first or business.


Hello Celiac Forum,


My son and I have had three really negative experiences with Gluten Free Meals on American Airlines in the past year. I'm finally getting really fed up and am seriously considering filing a class action complaint.


We are commonly receiving clearly labeled wheat containing rolls on flights out of Miami to Madrid. Last year on one flight with such rolls, which of course we didn't consume, evidently there gluten in the entree provided on the clearly labeled GFM, because I was sick for three days out of a 5 day vacation. My child was sick as well.  But it gets better. Last Friday, on a flight back from Madrid, to Miami, our flight attendant served us a GFM appetizer (this was business class) that contained both pita bread and tabouli (which contains bulgar wheat). The entree was a chicken dish that looked like it had b├ęchamel sauce on it. This was on a tray labeled GFM. While I can certainly try to get some food through US security on a flight TO another country, being able to prepare gluten-free food, when traveling internationally, let alone getting it through security in other countries, is a significant challenge. If I order a GFM, I should be able to believe it's going to be gluten free.


Has anyone else had recent problems that they could document on this issue?


Marzie K


Celiac diagnosed 2005, HLA-DQ8.

In Topic: Celiac In Japan And New Symptoms

04 December 2014 - 05:15 AM

trouble sending a reply so i hope you get this -- third time to  try!

ive not been able to  reach   imai sensei either and weve been friends  25 years.   must be  out of the country or very very busy


have seen good and  questionable mirin -- you need to get to one of hte health food stores  like the one behind  yokohama  eki.

  i bring  braggs and gluten free shoyu with me everywhere here. didnt haev a bottle for one of my hangouts tonight but they  found   sorghum shoyu in the basement of the old  ginza  seibu.  Some of these  depato's have it in the basement   and have  health food sections too.  Have seem daizu shoyu and  GHF  mirin at  seibu ikebukuri.

i have never had a problem with any shiro miso with  kome koji. all the places wil check for you. if not go  someplace  else becsaue they just dont want to deal with gaijin.


ive not had a problem with cross contamination with miso.   mugi miso is kept separate and im sure the odds would be astronomical to get contaminated,   just haev to make  sure  there is no mugi.


mayeb we can get together  in the spring when im  back with hopefully more time.


good luck


oh, find a couple of  good miso's and use those for everything -- get  juwari soba  which     is fantastic. take care



Thanks again for all the detail !

Being vegan AND intolerant to gluten must be real hard...

I tried to send a MP to Dr Imai, but still no answer. It was sent to his "other mailbox". Hope he will notice (most people don't even know there is a secondary box on Facebook).


So, now, I have an important question about using alcohol while cooking, in Japan.

May recipes use alcool, and I'm planning to have a sukiyaki party in 2 or 3 days.

So, I was thinking about buying some Mirin, but I don't know if it's really safe.

Any information about this one?

I found this, which is supposed to have no additional flavour :



Still, I wonder if the rice koji can't be glutened. Having to avoid everything which is not 100% safe in Japan almost seems impossible...



On a side note, what should I think about a company telling me its nabe soup doesn't use anything containing wheat, but that its rice miso is made in a factory making wheat miso, and that a cross contamination could be possible.

Should I keep avoiding this kind of food as well? Getting pretty hard, really.