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In Topic: Celiac In Japan And New Symptoms

Yesterday, 07:51 AM

If your in Japan you must be  eating a lot of junk food from family  mart where even the rice  has  wheat  added to it. 

Cheese too.  YOu have to learn  the  kanji for wheat - Komugi or sometimes  merikenko (american powder).

I'm not sure how prolific you are  nihongo but there are some tricks-  find a juwari soba place -- not  regular soba -- it has to be 100%  juwari and just the soba yu -- no sauce.    shoyu is  wheat-- ponzu is wheat ( most of the time) 


All the packaged curry is made with  wheat -- Inly if you go to the indian places like moti mahal in akasaka mitsuke  can you get authentic. shinjuku mianami guchi has a good srilankan place.  MAny in ikebukuro too -- depends where you are located. 


it sounds like  some of your trouble is not knowing where the gluten is.  yes after  2 weeks of diet its a problem.  After  9 years for me its still a problem if i let my guard down.  Sometimes the ingredients change in products and you have to read it each time you buy something.  YOu have to learn  how to explain it in  Japanese too -- then  they will go out of their way to help you have a good experience.  good luck



Hello everyone


First post here, even though I have read quite a few ones.

There are mainly two things I would like to ask. The most important question is at the end of the message, so if you do not feel like reading the full story, please just go down ^^.


To begin with, and to briefly introduce myself, I am French (sorry for the English mistakes by the way !) and have been living in Japan for a few months.

I've spent more than 2 years with quite hard symptoms : permanent sore throat, feet always feeling cold, catching cold every 2 weeks (and they would last a week), constantly exhausted, AND 7 years of unexplained tendinitis...

Didn't know what to do, and no one knew, until a sport doctor told me about celiac. Did the test blood test without really believing it, but I did have a gluten intolerance. Not the strongest possible, but quite a nice one.

Started the gluten free diet 4 months ago, and as a result... I felt much better after just a month (except the tendinitis). Even though I didn't stop completely gluten (I am still eating what we call gyudon, which use little soy sauce = wheat). Really felt like a miracle.


1. Anyway, I felt great until I made a few mistakes 3 weeks ago, eating some curry (had no choice, and didn't know it was that bad), some choco cake I thought gluten free, and some meat with a shaddy sauce (no choice either, business with clients).

Light symptoms started to come but it's only a week later it got really bad, like before... With new symptoms : tension headache. Which lead me to my first question : can symptoms evolve like that? Like, I mean, getting suddenly some new symptoms I never had before ?



2. Then, my second question. When I first ate gluten 3 weeks ago, it took 2 days about to get a few symptoms back (not all though). The headache lasted 2 weeks, and 2 days after I ate the choco cake, I caught a cold which lasted a week. Well, weather was quite bad 2 days before I caught the cold, so it made sense, but it started around 18:00, while I had been at my office the whole day, with absolutely no problem. So I thought it might be the choco cake. I mean, you catch a cold when the weather is bad and you're outside, not 2 days later when you're inside.

First, does that sound possible?


Then, here is my problem. My cold got better after a week. Great. Felt good during 3 days (except some light headache and sore throat). Great again. And now I feel bad again. Even though I am positive I haven't eaten anything I didn't eat when I was feeling great 2 months ago.


So, 2 options here :

A/ I've started eating cheese, could that be the reason? I wasn't lactose intolerant 4 months ago according to my blood test, but could have it changed that fast? (or might the blood test be unreliable regarding lactose?) Don't eat that much of cheese though, and I've been eating some during the last 4 months, even when I was feeling better.


B/ Regardless of what I ate during the last few days, I did eat some gluten a few weeks ago, so I will need quite some time to stop getting symptoms --> is it realistic?


Let me ask this another way : does eating gluten once after a 2 months diet means that some symptoms might come back, disappear, then come back again during a few weeks even though you have been very careful since then?


I can't help thinking gluten might have nothing to do with my illness, and that I should look for another reason again... So I need some help !


PS : if that can help, I'm 25.

In Topic: Confronting Celiac - India Today

21 October 2014 - 08:12 AM

thanks for posting this Scott



India Today

Confronting Celiac
India Today
The next time you feel pain in your gut, it could very well be a sign that you suffer from celiac disease. Although it's a condition which occurs in genetically predisposed people, there is no cer-tainty when it might strike. Dr. Pankaj Vohra, founder ...

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In Topic: Eating Out At Indian Restaurant

06 October 2014 - 10:47 PM


In Topic: Eating Out At Indian Restaurant

06 October 2014 - 10:46 PM

it depends  what part of INdia the roti is from. IN  the south its often made from  millet. In the punjab from Wheat and some places in TN and Kerala from Rice. chana besan mix.  IN good  restaurants and hotels in India  you can  request  ragi roti which is all millet.   Ponmt being you  always have to ask first and to make sure its 100% wheat free.


Thanks for the tip, and.... enjoy your trip!


I'm going to ask for some Roti bread next time I eat out as last time I couldn't touch the garlic nans.  Of course i will check beforehand to make sure its okay.



In Topic: Eating Out At Indian Restaurant

05 October 2014 - 08:31 PM

me too, I leave for bangalore on the 27th and will spend some time in a kitchen at a 5 star hotel there for the second time in 5 years. Amazing to  watch and learn.


Good point about the okra - bhindi masala -- most places have plain  pre-cut okra that they  put in the deep fryer -- ask them to use a fry pan instead and you should have no  trouble with it. 


Thanks a lot, luckily its my favorite food as well!