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In Topic: Celiac In Japan And New Symptoms

04 December 2014 - 05:15 AM

trouble sending a reply so i hope you get this -- third time to  try!

ive not been able to  reach   imai sensei either and weve been friends  25 years.   must be  out of the country or very very busy


have seen good and  questionable mirin -- you need to get to one of hte health food stores  like the one behind  yokohama  eki.

  i bring  braggs and gluten free shoyu with me everywhere here. didnt haev a bottle for one of my hangouts tonight but they  found   sorghum shoyu in the basement of the old  ginza  seibu.  Some of these  depato's have it in the basement   and have  health food sections too.  Have seem daizu shoyu and  GHF  mirin at  seibu ikebukuri.

i have never had a problem with any shiro miso with  kome koji. all the places wil check for you. if not go  someplace  else becsaue they just dont want to deal with gaijin.


ive not had a problem with cross contamination with miso.   mugi miso is kept separate and im sure the odds would be astronomical to get contaminated,   just haev to make  sure  there is no mugi.


mayeb we can get together  in the spring when im  back with hopefully more time.


good luck


oh, find a couple of  good miso's and use those for everything -- get  juwari soba  which     is fantastic. take care



Thanks again for all the detail !

Being vegan AND intolerant to gluten must be real hard...

I tried to send a MP to Dr Imai, but still no answer. It was sent to his "other mailbox". Hope he will notice (most people don't even know there is a secondary box on Facebook).


So, now, I have an important question about using alcohol while cooking, in Japan.

May recipes use alcool, and I'm planning to have a sukiyaki party in 2 or 3 days.

So, I was thinking about buying some Mirin, but I don't know if it's really safe.

Any information about this one?

I found this, which is supposed to have no additional flavour :



Still, I wonder if the rice koji can't be glutened. Having to avoid everything which is not 100% safe in Japan almost seems impossible...



On a side note, what should I think about a company telling me its nabe soup doesn't use anything containing wheat, but that its rice miso is made in a factory making wheat miso, and that a cross contamination could be possible.

Should I keep avoiding this kind of food as well? Getting pretty hard, really.

In Topic: Mangosteen

04 December 2014 - 05:01 AM

This thread is  very old. Some messages from  January 2009.  As a specialist  who travels the world  working with fruit. I can tell you nothing as changed.  Fresh fruit or juice made from it is healthy.  Network marketed  juices with 90% sugar    and some  vitamin c is just hat 90% sugar and garbage. 


Buy fresh fruit or frozen fruit or come visit Hawaii or florida or SE asia but  dont fall for the scams

In Topic: Celiac In Japan And New Symptoms

29 November 2014 - 01:44 PM

it takes time to  adjust and heal no matter where you are- I was only diagnosed 9 years ago but have been in and out of japan since 82 or so. Have seen plenty of changes. I'm also  Vegan for the past  5 years so being vegan and  celiac does  limit the options until you start to think about all the fresh veggies there are.  almost every izakaya  ive been in will steam a bunch for me -- make some potatoes salad or anything else.  I dont need  shoyu to  survive here. shichi mi and yuzo kosho for  spice and flavors are  enough.  some of the flavored  salts are  ok too.  IT may just be a matter of  finding places and things you can get used to while here.


Also you can send a  private message to  Dr Imai on facebook- not sure how often  he checks. Talked to  his wife last week but have not heard from him.

good luck

In Topic: Celiac In Japan And New Symptoms

28 November 2014 - 01:40 PM

he has  his own clinic in yokohama. Steve Imai <hba02515@nifty.com> is all i have but  talk to him more on facebook now.  


hope your feeling better soon, good luck

Hi !

Sorry for replying this late, I've been sick for 3 weeks, and I still am.

Trying to stay positive though. I guess I'll try to meet that doctor you were talking about in Yokohama, as I really need to know if I can eat eggs, dairy and honey. Might be the reason why even after 2 months I don't get better, even though I just needed 1 month at first to start feeling better.


It'd be great to meet you, but being sick I don't know when I can take some time. I've just kept cancelling all of my plans recently.

How long will you be staying here by the way?


EDIT : Just tried to send a mail to Imai Steve Takeshi, but the mail was rejected (wrong address). Know anything about this?

Any other way to get in touch with him?

If you know in which hospital he works, I think I'll contact them directly.

In Topic: Noodles

17 November 2014 - 08:10 PM

My favorite recipe calls for homemade egg noodles half wheat half white flour. Is there a recipe for good homemade gluten free noodles?

try to  find  soba powder ( buckwheat) in a Japanese or other market.  Makes great noodles. rice flour too.  takes some practice to get used too but the taste is worth it.