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Member Since 28 Sep 2006
Offline Last Active Feb 12 2007 10:33 AM

Topics I've Started

Oats-what's The Deal?

28 November 2006 - 04:05 PM

Just wondering what's going on with oats? It is on some countries don't eat lists but ok on others. Some celiacs can eat them some can't (I can eat them occasionally, but my daughter can't touch them). I have read that they do not contain gluten themselves so is it just a cross-contamination risk? or is there a low level immune response that I am not noticing in me? If it is just cc, why is it any different then the risk when I go out to eat in a restaurant or to someone else's house? And if it is just cc, why does it seem to affect some people so much more than others? Like I said just wondering........

Brownies, Kaluha & Yummmm

09 November 2006 - 10:48 AM

For those of you who like Kahlua (or other flavored liquors) -here is an easy, but oh so tasty brownie recipe.

Follow your brownie recipe as usual except replace the liquid called for with an equivalent amount of Kahlua (or Grand Marnier or, my personal fav, Bailey's Irish Creme). Before baking top brownies with pecans that have been lightly browned (sauteed) in butter. Bake as called for in your recipe. Enjoy and don't forget to share! ;)

Has Anyone Tried....?

04 November 2006 - 01:48 PM

Has anyone tried the Orgran Gluten Free Gluten Replacer? With what results??

Parchment Paper As A Barrier

30 October 2006 - 09:07 PM

Is parchment paper a sufficient barrier to prevent cross contamination when using something like a cookie sheet? Does anyone know for sure-either from experience or seen a research report? If not, your best guess is also appreciated! Thanks for the help!



22 October 2006 - 04:09 PM

Has anyone tried putting together a co-op with other celiacs in their area to buy common gluten-free items in bulk? Has it worked and if yes, how do you run it? Thanks for any info!

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