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In Topic: Has Anyone Read The Book "wheat Belly"?

11 February 2013 - 11:18 AM


In Topic: Has Anyone Read The Book "wheat Belly"?

11 February 2013 - 11:14 AM

I think you badly need to read the book to understand it...

I was not directly quoting him. If I were, I would have cited the page.

I used "italics" around my summation of what both these writers seem to be saying. Read what I said in its entirety.

And I happen to be one of the celiacs who believe that wheat IS a problem for people who are not celiacs and who are gluten intolerant, but I do not think that EVERYONE in the world needs to dump wheat and ALL grains from their diets. Many people tolerate whole grains just fine.

And I have a big problem with this man saying "celiac is not a disease" -now, that's a direct quote--- and his bashing of the celiac researchers .

In Topic: Has Anyone Read The Book "wheat Belly"?

11 February 2013 - 11:11 AM

Where on earth does the Dr say Celiac is not a disease ? Huh? The book is full of references to the autoimune disease Celiac. Have you read the book ? Atkins was a great diet but where it lets people dow is the fact that it allows whole grain wheat back into the diet in small quantities. Even that is enough to cause the opiate like addiction to continue and the inflammation effects. I did Atkins years ago and did well for a while but it was always tough to keep the weight off and stay on the Diet. Wheat Belly is not like that... as the trigger food is eliminated 100%.

I agree that most gluten-free commercial food is crap food. But so many people think it is healthier or safe food to eat. Dr Davis explains how gluten-free flours like rice flour, tapioca flour and potato flour spike the Blood Sugar worse than wheat. And lets not even think about how bad fruit is too. How many "healthy' diet plans let you eat all the fruit you like - and increase your Blood Sugar by fructose instead ! Same could be said for Paleo type diets.

Eat healthy and you get healthy. Great idea and that is what Wheat Belly is. Great way to eat and so easy once the trigger foods are explained.

Georgie....most people with cardiac issues were put on the Atkins Diet years and years ago and did well because many people with cardiac problems are overweight so cutting out the carbs will make you lose weight. Simple enough logic.
Cut out the simple sugars and eat healthier and you'll be healthier. They also used that diet for quick weight loss to prepare them for surgery. As the gluten-free diet resembles the Atkins diet in many ways, people now think the gluten-free diet is a weight loss diet...and it can be when you cut out the crappy food. Anyone will lose weight if they cut out the crap food.

I do not think everyone has to cut out eating wheat...that's a very generalized statement to make. Not everyone has a wheat problem. I also don't think you need to completely cut out gluten-free goodies. These are supposed to be a treat and not to be eaten on a regular basis. Moderation is the key but people have forgotten what that means. If you feel better eating no grains or sugar, that's fantastic but that might indicate you have a blood sugar problem to begin with.
I follow a strict gluten-free diet, which includes some treats and the sugar does not bother me in the least as I exercise to work it off. There is a balance and that balance is going to be different for many people.

I think any doctor who makes the statement that Celiac is not a disease is far from a saint. That's plain ignorance on his part. I wouldn't spend the money on his book because there are far more reputable people who write accurate books on Celiac.

In Topic: Has Anyone Read The Book "wheat Belly"?

11 February 2013 - 10:45 AM

Where on earth did you find Dr Davis say that ???? Please - READ the book and do not misquote. At no stage does he say ANYTHING like that. But he does say that the worst critics come from the Celiacs who fail to see that no one should be eating wheat. ( and grains ) . Lose the wheat and regain your health applies to everyone... not just people with the autoimmune disease.

The author writes quite a bit about wheat and draws the same conclusions as Dr. Davis.
"Wheat is evil and is not a healthy grain for anyone".
While they may well be right, it does not justify Davis' "celiac is not a real disease".

In Topic: Osteopenia - No Improvement In Scan Results

02 February 2013 - 10:49 AM

It might be an idea to check your Vitamin D, Calcium, Ionised Calcium and PTH ( several times ) - in case you have a Parathyroid adenoma causing the bone loss. Most Drs don't get Hyperparathyroidism at all - they still think it is a rare disease.. If they kept up to date they would find the stats are 1 in 250 woman over the age of 50 have HPT... which I would not call rare - would you ? Only one cure and chance to reverse the bone loss of HPT and that is surgery.

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