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In Topic: In Hell

28 March 2007 - 06:26 PM

(Though, of course, one thing that strikes me is that all of these also fit the bill of a testosterone deficiency.)

yeah that's what i thought first, but i just had that tested and it's totally fine.

In Topic: In Hell

28 March 2007 - 08:12 AM

I hear you completely! I was diagnosed on friday.. I spent saturday getting drunk (I was in Atlantic City... Free drinks and Gambling get me going!) Sunday crying, and yesterday bingeing on my fave gluten products. Today started my gluten free life, I already gave into a potatoe chip that i didn't check to make sure it was ok, and a girl scout cookie. It's only 2pm!

Last night as I was enduring the big D as is usual when I eat Gluten, i asked myself... is this worth eating gluten? I have to admit, I'm not sure. But this is what i'm doing. I'm giving myself 3 monthes. In those 3 monthes I will re-evaluate how much i'm missing gluten products vs how much better I feel.

I think I owe it to myself to find out how good I can feel without it vs how much of my addiction to gluten is "carb addiction".

Okay - carb addiction? I think there is such a thing as sugar addiction, but that's because carbs essentially become sugars. You NEED carbs for your brain to function, as well as other things, so I personally think one should eat at least as many grams of carbs as they do protein.
Secondly, VERY few potato chips have gluten in them. most of the Lay's chips are gluten free, Dirty Chips, WISE chips and I'm not sure but I would be surprised if kettle chips have gluten.
Potato chips are one of the few things that are enjoyable when you can't eat gluten.
But they ain't gluten. It doesn't give me the same high.
If you're denying yourself gluten that is one thing. If you're denying yourself ANY kind of carbs, that is almost impossible, not to mention unhealthy, to stick to.

In Topic: In Hell

28 March 2007 - 08:06 AM

Wow thanks so much for your comments. they have made my morning!
Carla, as far as being 100% sure I'm gluten-free, are you saying that because you didn't experience negative symptoms when you quit gluten? Cause I read that only 50% of people get an opiate-like effect from it. Seems to me that if you're not in that 50% you're going to feel great when you go off gluten....

In Topic: Please Help :) Gluten/ocd

27 March 2007 - 08:33 AM

Thank you for your replies!

In Topic: Gluten = Opiate? Help Appreciated

10 October 2006 - 02:41 PM

Wow thanks everyone for responding so fast. I just checked out the enterolab website and it looks like it can't hurt. Yes, I have tried the gluten free diet - I can only manage about 3 days at a time, it SEEMS like I felt a little more "steady" I guess after about 3 days, but my mood was bad - beyond irritable I would say more like simmering rage. So to counteract this depressed rage-filled mood I would give in and get myself a delicious turkey sandwich a bran muffin and a few bottles of Guinness! the rage was gone and I felt relieved. I would tell myself this gluten thing is in my head. But then a couple of days later sure enough I would start feeling like crap again. I guess I have to give it more than 3 days, huh? I live in NYC in the entertainment biz and having to find gluten free food on the go is a MAJOR PAIN. Gluten free for life would be a major pain - no eating out, no convenience eating, meal planning every day. for example, dates are restricted to starbucks or a bar - no dinner. As far as asking chefs if the meal is gluten free, forget it - you can't trust that. But there are worse things. Maybe diabetes is worse - although I don't know. Diabetics can eat crusty italian bread. <_<
dingogirl my thyroid is fantastic, thanks for asking. :)

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