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Member Since 10 Oct 2006
Offline Last Active Apr 18 2007 07:32 AM

Topics I've Started

Good Vitamins/supplements While Starting gluten-free Diet

28 March 2007 - 08:16 AM

Hi, I'm embarking on the latest attempt to stick to the gluten-free diet. The question is:

WHICH vitamins should I take that

A) repair whatever gluten has damaged?
B) make the process more bearable?
C) provide me with whatever I USED to get from bread/wheat that is beneficial?

I know there's someone on here who can help.

Thanks in advance!

In Hell

27 March 2007 - 08:38 AM

when I don't eat gluten. More and more I am aware of the "opiate-like" qualities of gluten. I JUST CAN'T GIVE THIS STUFF UP. And by now means am I weak-willed. I have given up smoking (3 packs a day), sugar, alcohol, even caffeine (the hardest) - but gluten IS SO HARD to give up.....

Being that I have not received an official diagnosis, should this be seen as a sign that gluten is bad for me?

When I go gluten free, here are the things I experience, if anyone can relate, please let me know:

Paler skin
Moderate to severe depression
Lack of sexual desire
Decreased ability to get erections (embarrassing but I'm being honest)
Loss of hope

HAS ANYONE experienced any of these after going gluten free, and at what point did those symptoms go away? The longest I have been able to go gluten free is probably 10 days at the most................

Please Help :) Gluten/ocd

25 March 2007 - 06:14 AM

Hi, any feedback greatly appreciated.
I have been struggling for the last 2 years with the whole gluten thing.
The thing is - I can't figure out if I'm gluten intolerant or not. I tested negative on a blood test from my doctor, but that failed to convince me.
I realize that Enterolab does testing and I might fork out the $250 to get the test but until then I was curious if anyone could relate to this...

My symptoms, if any, appear to be very mild. It's not like if I eat a piece of bread, I instantly get any symptoms. More that, over time, it SEEMS as though I get symptoms, most notably a foggy, depressed thing, sore eyes, and teary right eye. However, I am aware this could be psychosomatic or a function of OCD OR something else such as candida etc... These symptoms could conceivably be a result of anxieties. I used to have OCD and a lot of people are telling me that my concerns about gluten are really my OCD....

The ONE THING I know is when I eat gluten I feel psychologically very good - does anyone else have this feeling? I am on a high. I seem to look a little better also. It is definitely an anti-depressant. If it makes me feel good, how can it be bad? Maybe because it's like an opiate? But what does that mean?

My basic problem is I can't tell if I feel good when eating gluten because it's an opiate that I'm addicted to OR if I feel good because I'm not giving in to the "false messages" of OCD and hence I am more relaxed.

When I go gluten-free, after about a day or so I start to get really irritable - could this be a sign of withdrawal? Or just misery cause I have trapped myself in my OCD cage again?????

I just started going to a shrink who works at the world's leading OCD clinic and she can't tell me the answer!

I am caught in a repeating cycle of thinking I have gluten intolerance one day and then thinking I don't the next day, and it is causing me a great deal of stress and turmoil.

Gluten = Opiate? Help Appreciated

10 October 2006 - 01:33 PM

Hi I would greatly appreciate any feedback on this. I know you are not doctors, but here's the story - I tested negative for celiac, but apparently there is something called "gluten intolerance" which is not as severe as celiac and the symptoms are more benign/subtle. And I wonder if I have it. Maybe somebody could offer some feedback? or if it sounds familiar?

Basically my symptoms (which led me to test for celiac) are:

Eye twitching
Feeling run down occasionally
Watery eyes
Lowered athletic ability
Exhausted all the time
Legs feel like lead sometimes
Get shaky/weak, especially when i have eaten sugar or fruit juice or when i am stressed out.
Hair seems dryer than it was in the past
Skin seems dryer, doesn't feel supple, feels more "uncomfortable" somehow
I love bread and beer with a passion... :) rice and wine just is not the same and never will be

Please note I don't have the usual diarrhea/constipation and stomach pains that are the "classic" gluten symptoms. That is why I am confused.

Adrenal fatigue seems to match my symptom list - i read that gluten intolerance can cause adrenal fatigue.

then i read that gluten has opiate-like qualities. wow. for some reason that resonated with me. beer and bread are kind of my go-to foods when I'm feeling bummed out.

Health wise everything else is fine. But I KNOW I am not fine. Or I could be a whole lot better let's put it that way. And the doctors - well, they wait until you're really screwed up before they do anything. After all, they've got sicker people to deal with.

THANK you in advance to any replies.!!!

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