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In Topic: -1 New Messages...?

03 May 2007 - 09:55 AM

Thanks. ^_^

In Topic: American Idol Fans?

03 May 2007 - 09:27 AM

I think Lakiesha should be in movies after AI. She is funny, has a dead pan sense of humor and a great look. I would rather see her than listen to her sing... She sings ok, but I like her more than I like her singing. I am glad blake changed his hair. I think he is too plain looking with the blonde hair. He needs to shake things up. Too many men who are stars never invest in their looks. WOmen have to constantly change hair styles, update trends in style. It is nice to see a male performer who feels the need to shake things up. I like to see a man work as hard as a woman!

In Topic: Do Other People's Comments Bother You?

27 April 2007 - 07:10 PM

I believe the diet seems so restrictive at first that all who hear of it are wondering what it is a celiac will end up being able to eat. I think it is wonderful that your boss took an interest in your food. It shows he remembered your health issue. He's curious. That's a good thing.

In Topic: New Research About Gliadin (gluten) In Breast Milk

27 April 2007 - 07:05 PM

So, would any and all dairy products contain gluten then? Like perhaps gluten free breads prepared with dairy. Or whey protein. Would that have gluten? We are dairy free anyway, but it this news throws a wrench in any and all gluten free foods prepared with dairy.

In Topic: American Idol Fans?

27 April 2007 - 09:30 AM

I had a feeling that no one was going to go home, when he kept saying tonights results are going to shock you, then when he just had then stand one by one, i was like nope no one is going to go home tonight. I actually even think the contestants knew this to.

It will be sad to see 2 go home next week.

I cried for most of the show to, it is so sad to see all of those poor people and all those people affected by AIds.


I was more upset by the living conditions. I know people are sick and dying and that is very sad, but to be sick and dying in such filth seems even more an insult to the dignity of the person. The endless trash those people are surrounded by was horrible. The huts the little children lived in. I expressed to my children the environment of the children. Where are the playgrounds, the parks, the bikes and colorful toys. For them, they could understand that more than the images of the sick and dying. Two of my children are still too young to appreciate human suffering on the scale presented by the images. My older child- who as an American Teenager has not witnessed such suffering in his life- still can't relate as an adult can, but was more empathetic than the two younger children. We have gone to orphanages in Mexico and brought along gifts to ease suffering... that is what we are capable of as non medical people. So, we have seen the suffering poverty alone brings. It is the ability to comprehend sickness that is difficult. But I know when I am simply ill, I like the comforts of a soft bed, cleanliness, healthy food and drink. That alone, eases some of the suffering. Knowing my children would be cared for were something to happen to me is another source of comfort. I can't imagine being one of those women.

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