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12 March 2004 - 05:05 PM

Hi, I'm a new poster here, though I've searched info on this board before. I suppose the correct term for my condition would be gluten sensitive enteropathy since I didn't get a biopsy and therefore don't qualify clinically as celiac.

One of the more startling improvements I've experienced on a gluten-free diet is improvement of my nearsightedness. I haven't seen anyone else here mention that improvement, though I have seen mention of double vision and blurry vision. Has anyone else experienced an improvement in visual acuity? For the first time in over a decade I can see well enough to walk around in the house without my eyeglasses if I want to, and I can read without my glasses if I hold the material up close, also for the first time in many years. Also, my night vision seems to have improved a bit, after deteriorating in recent years.

I haven't found mention anywhere on the Net of nearsightedness being a symptom of celiac, but I have found it mentioned as a symptom of Marfan syndrome, which has celiac disease as one of its manifestations, and I do have several Marfan characteristics. I don't qualify clinically as having Marfan either, as my armspan to height ratio is 1.042, which is slightly below the minimum of 1.05 necessary to be categorized as having Marfan syndrome.

My sister also has experienced vision improvement since going gluten free. She also has some Marfan characteristics but also does not qualify as having clinical Marfan syndrome.

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