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Member Since 30 Oct 2006
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In Topic: Pamelas Chocolate Chip Cookies

06 December 2006 - 01:47 PM

I make chocolate chip cookies from Pamela's Baking mix about every other week, and have never had that problem. I always use real butter instead of margarine, and I usually throw in a tablespoon or so of almond meal. Butter, egg and vanilla are the only liquids. Maybe used too much mix?

I am embarrassed to post this but I misread the 1/2 cup butter to be 1/4 cup. My, are they dry :P . I'd blame it on my son who was helping me, but I took the butter out hours earlier on my own to soften. Well, duh.

In Topic: I Ate Gluten Today

05 December 2006 - 02:52 PM

External symptoms are not always an accurate indicator of internal distress or harm. Don't let this lead you to think you may not have an issue with gluten. Even some individuals with Celiac do not have symptoms. However, not knowing much of your history, its hard to say if you definitely have a gluten intolerance.

Thanks. I think I am going to add gluten back in in small amounts and then after the holidays have the blood test done. I do definitely feel better, I know, because I am kind of dreading going back on the gluten so I think I feel better than I realized.

This is SO confusing.

In Topic: What Is Your Elf Name?

04 December 2006 - 11:25 AM

Your Elf Name Is...

Posted Image

Fuzzy Slave O' Santa

What's Your Elf Name?


ummm :unsure: , I'm sure my hubby would like that one, though. Too cute!

In Topic: I Ate Gluten Today

04 December 2006 - 09:07 AM

To help you consider wisely your options, we need a little more information. Remind us why you went gluten-free. If you have had positive bloodwork or biopsy, or a drs diagnosis of Celiac based on whatever, you obviously must stay gluten free.

Well I went gluten free because my integrative doctor and the nutritionist both feel that I possibly have a wheat intolerance. My doctor feels I am more of a leaky gut candidate and I have taken a Mallitol challenge test for that but don't have the results yet. Before even knowing any of this, I knew that eating any whole wheat products caused my stomach and bowels severe pain at times. However, so do other foods like spinach and cauliflauer and peppers, spicy type stuff as well as whole milk. Cheese I could generally tolerate without too much of a problem.

So I am wondering at this point if I just don't have a weak stomach for some reason and can tolerate small amounts of some foods.

I challenged myself to see what my problem foods were, knowing for sure that milk and wheat were two of them. I don't know what this makes me. I am more confused than ever.

Oh yeah, we have a really strong family history of neurologic type problems so that is what really makes me suspect of wheat. I am not well enough to undergo elective surgery because of an autonomic dysfunction which affects my body's ability to regulate temperature and blood pressure, so I can't have the biopsy. My son tested negative for celiac (he has bad stomach pain with whole wheat too but can tolerate white breads).
I started the diet and now don't really want to stray off of it to have the celiac blood test done.

In Topic: Sick From Progresso Classics Split Pea W/ham Soup

25 November 2006 - 10:12 AM

I don't know why, but I can't eat Progresso soups--they cause D for me, too. I have a non-celiac friend who also says that it goes right through her.

That's really interesting because there are some of the chicken and turkey noodles that I couldn't eat before, either, causing D. I can handle the Manhattan clam chowder, though.

Thanks. :)

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