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In Topic: Family Decission?

25 June 2009 - 05:34 AM

Can anyone help????

Even if the chances of another baby having celiac WERE 99% (which I seriously doubt) I wouldnt let that stop me from having another blessing!
Honestly, avoiding gluten is not the end of the world! It gets easier too and I dont know how long you've been dealing with this with your child, but I PROMISE that it will eventually become second nature and not nearly so overwhelming.

We discovered after a year of sickness that our then 13 yr old son couldnt handle gluten or soy. Now, 3 yrs later he is doing really well!
Now, it's our daughter's turn. She is 12 this year, and has been sick over 3 months. Of course, my first thought was "GLUTEN!" since she has not been eating gluten-free like our son.
We took her off gluten for a month and she remained sick, with a FEVER every single day. It didnt seem to make a difference, so we gave up on the gluten idea and started going to doctors. Four doctors couldnt figure out why she has a fever every day... Finally, in desperation we took her off gluten again, and all the stomach issues cleared up but she is still running a fever DAILY since the middle of March!
I am hopeful that it is just taking her longer to recover from the gluten and that the fever will eventually go away.
The good news is that it didnt freak me out to think she'd have to be gluten free too as I had already gone through all that with our son.
YOU CAN DO IT! Even if your next child is gluten intolerant/celiac, it's not the end of the world. :)

In Topic: 12 Y.o. Fever For 6 Wks - Gluten Intolerance?

03 May 2009 - 05:59 PM

oh, by the way, she tested negative for Lyme disease, mono, and a million other things.
thanks for your reply!

In Topic: 12 Y.o. Fever For 6 Wks - Gluten Intolerance?

03 May 2009 - 05:58 PM

Are there any other symptoms? What was happening when the fever started? Could it be a tickborn infection?

Fevers are the bodies way of fighting infection. I'd give her a good multistrain probiotic and oil of oregano three times a day until she's better.

I've been reading about how her immune system could be fighting off the gluten by causing a fever... I really dont know...
I have been giving her probiotics and olive leaf, and occasionally oregano. Also, lots of other stuff like that.

This is my kid who is known to be frequently nauseous - so bad that she wishes she could throw up, but rarely does.

She craves pasta - the full gluten version, of course!

And my son is off gluten totally, so it makes me wonder if she should be too...

What makes it really hard is that I have taken her off of gluten many times and never seen a difference.

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