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Member Since 16 Mar 2004
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In Topic: This Information Might Be Helpful

05 May 2004 - 02:25 PM

Trader Joes has a vanilla extract that they say is gluten free. I use it all the time with not problems but that doesn't really count since I don't get bad reactions maybe mild stomach aches.

In Topic: Need Good Gi In North Jersey

05 May 2004 - 02:21 PM

If you are still looking try dr. green in manhattan - at columbia pres. hospital

In Topic: Gerd & Gluten Sensitivity

05 May 2004 - 02:18 PM

I also have gerd and that is the way that i got diagnosed with celiac. Once I went totally gluten free I was able to stop taking prevacid. There are times that I have reflux but most of the time it is because I have acidentally eaten something I shouldn't have. Try to really watch what you eat and make sure that all of your medicines are gluten free.


In Topic: Mild Celiac Disease?

04 May 2004 - 02:52 PM

I never had the typical celiac disease symptoms and I was diagnosed via a endoscopy - done becauase of reflux. I was shocked to find that I was positive -since I really never had any overt stomach problems. I have been gluten free for 1 1/2 years and if I happen to get some gluten by mistake I now get a very bad stomach ache and get sick. This lasts around 4 hours and then goes away. I definitly feel that I am more sensitive to gluten at this point and I have become very strict about my diet. I eat almost everything(not gluten) as long as I cook it - I eat very plain going out (chicken - no seasoning etc.). It is not worth the pain.

In Topic: Not Absorbing After Year And A Half

04 May 2004 - 02:47 PM

Sorry it took so long to get back and answer your questions about evista, fosamax and malabsorption. The women who gave you your dexa scan was probably referring to people who do not have any malabsorption problems. Since celiac disease is a malabsorption disease as well as a auto immune disease there is the greatest of possibilities that you still have a malabsorption problem. fosamax works in such a way that it breaks the bone down faster so that the bone will rebuild at a faster rate- ithink -if you go on the web an search osteoporosis you will find out how bone is built up. If you are not absorbing the vits and minerals the body cannot build bone the same way as a person who is absorbing. Evista does not work the same way as fosamax and therefore does not have the same problems for us. If you have not been given a 24 hour urine test there is no way to know what is really going on. It measures the amount of calcium in the urine - If most of the calcium is not being used you might have a deficiency. Also - if there is a lot of calcium in the urine it could be caused by secondary hyperparathyrodism ( not absorbing vit d ). You should find yourself a good doctor one who is aware of celiac and the problems we have. Were do you live - it might be worth the trip to see Dr. Green at columbia pres hospital in new york - he is a leading authority on celiac disease and has a staff that will advise you on all of the ins and outs of staying healthy. Most importantly - we are too young to have osteoporosis and if given the wrong course of treatment the effects could be horrible. Please find a doctor that can help you.


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