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Joanie & Meg

Member Since 23 Nov 2006
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In Topic: My Doc Said I Could Cheat....

20 March 2007 - 03:47 AM

Hi everyone.

This morning I had my 6 month follow up with my Gastro Doc. The first time we met, I felt like he was very non-chalant about the whole "celiac thing". I basically told him I was 95% sure I had it (my sister was diagnosed, plus positive bloodwork) and he said it could be, but it could be other things too, like IBS...

He didn't push the endoscopy, but I wanted it to be 100% sure + I wanted to know how much damage there was. He did it & sure enough it was celiac - he said he could tell even without looking at the biopsies they did.

SO - I've been all over the internet & this forum soaking up as much information as possible. And today I told him about some accidental gluten that was ingested (I ate 5 Bisquick pancakes thinking they were Pamela's!!) and how it didn't really affect me at all. Whereas some other times I think I got a hidden breadcrumb & was crampy and bloated.

From there he said that as long as a strict gluten free diet is followed "it's OK to cheat once in a while". I was really shocked to hear this.

By my understanding, this was NOT OK. I mentioned that I was surprised & he said something along the lines of it being a 'secret'.

I would love to hear what you all have to say about this.


I thought I'd cheat one day even thou I have felt so much better! Wrong! My Mom has it my daughter has it but my blood work was -. So why not cheat-I got my answer-I got a migraine! No more cheating for me. And my daughter gets very sick if gets any by accident. I think the Dr. is crazy!

In Topic: Gluten Intolerance With Eczema?

19 March 2007 - 01:29 AM

Hi everyone,

I am a male in my early 20s. I have been struggling with a persistent nausea for about a year now. My only symptoms are nausea and eczema which appeared at about the same time. I have had every medical test you can imagine all with normal results. Really the only thing left that anyone can think of is Celiac disease or gluten intolerance. I have tired going gluten-free for a few days but haven't really noticed any results.

I know that celiac disease is often linked with Dermatitis Herpetiformis (which I do not have). However, I was curious if anyone has ever heard of it linked with eczema?

Also, how many days would you suggest I eat gluten-free in order to know if I am gluten intolerant?

Thanks very much!

Dear Piano Man My daughters skin completely cleared up after being gluten free for a few weeks! Best thing we ever did! Along with alot of other issues she had. We have also like others found out dairy is a problem. Mostly if she gets a milk shake-that sucks for her-however she doesn't like getting sick so she just does her best to live without. To us the diet is so worth it not just because of the skin problems-wish you best of luck! It never hurts to try the diet-you may be surprised. Remember you have to check everything to be 100% gluten free.

In Topic: Looking For Tnt Pizza Crust Recipe

17 February 2007 - 06:09 AM

Does anyone have an easy, no bean flour pizza crust recipe they would like to share?
I'm craving a pizza lol

I use Pamelas to make my pizza crust and we like it. One day I thought I'd be a nice wife and make two cause my husband likes all the junk on his-of cause I had to pick up another pizza pan. That's when pizza changed for us! I picked up a bakers secret pan to make the loaded pizza and for the first time going gluten free we could cut a pizza in triangles and hold it like before. Sure didn't know a pan would make all that difference!!! Also I poke the pizza crust everywhere with a fork before putting it in the oven. Also I set the yeast mixture on the stove to proof-it just seems to do better. We have had pizza at least once a week since. My Meg even reheats the leftovers to eat. I feel normal again!!!!!!!!

In Topic: I'm Going To Med School!

17 February 2007 - 05:39 AM

so i got my acceptance letter to med school today, and beyond being excited and nervous, i can be an insider for you guys...
so what do you want to know? it may take a few years to get through them all, but i'll try.

I'm glad you'll be in Arkansas! My Meg and I could see a Dr. that really understands. Study hard!
Best of Luck,

In Topic: Kentucky Fried Chicken Update

04 February 2007 - 04:33 AM

I Thank God for this message board! I glutened my daughter and myself last night.
KFC coleslaw! Didn't know. Also because of this message board I found out about McDonalds fries.
Thank all of you out there.

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