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#836393 Thread For gluten-free, Dairy, Soy, Corn And Nightshade Free Recipes

Posted by on 14 November 2012 - 06:29 AM

Sorry my contributions are not always grain-free since I have nut and seed allergy and I need the few grains I have left for dietary balance but I have many grain allergies as well. Hope that it's ok to share things that are not grain-free, all my food is free of the others.

Today I had Whole Foods meat case bulk sausage as patties for my Breakfast, with part of a satumaimo-Japanese purple skinned-yellow fleshed sweet potato with a little ghee on it.

Here is a "sauce" recipe I use on fish or chicken.

Salsa Verde(not my choice of names)

1/2 c. finely chopped parsley
1/2 c. olive oil
3 Tb. capers, drained and chpped
1 Tb. lemon juice
1 tsp. fresh oregano or 1/3 dried
1 glove garlic, minced
salt to taste

Mix. Will keep 3 days in the fredge, press plastic wrap to cover the surface.
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#836219 Itchy Mouth

Posted by on 13 November 2012 - 06:17 AM

Yes, definitely allergy symptom. I get that with many of my food allergies. It is often the first symptom when I develop a new one. I have a chocolate allergy but there are other ingredients in chocolate that can be allergens as well, soy and dairy. You should consider reporting it to an allergist. Look for one who is used to running large panels for foods and belives in elimination even if you don't have anaphylaxis. Many mainstream allergist don't really bother with foods and won't recommend elimination/avoidance unless someone has a severe reaction. I find that I get big payoff by avoiding my "milder" food allergies.
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#801920 Celiac And Diabetes

Posted by on 09 June 2012 - 03:26 AM

Wow! This is exactly the behavior of my blood glucose when I made a number of measurements a year or so ago. Since I couldn't find any information on this type of profile, the only thing I thought to do was stop eating fast acting carbs. It worked for the most part. But, I still have periods ( weeks at a time ) where I just feel extra fatigued, and I can associate it with an increase in carbs. If you have anymore to share about what is going on here, please do!

I also lose weight very quickly if I don't eat well, but otherwise don't have a problem maintaining weight. Based on what you've said, I guess I should get tested for type 1. Arrrrgh, I hate doctors. Thanks for the post, though.

There is variation, even among people who have LADA. Not all LADA's have the same weight issues I do. But rapid, unexplained weight loss is a classic symptom of diabetes. Google "unexplianed weight loss and diabetes" for an explanation of why this happens. I got my dx changed from T2 to T1 because futher tests showed that I have GAD antibodies, which means my body is/was attacking my pancreas. These antibodes are specific to LADA. There are other antibodies for classic T1. And, my c-peptide test shows that my pancreas has greatly diminished ability to make insulin. I am insulin deficient. Somehow my body makes enough insulin to cover my baseline but can't make enough, fast enough to cover fast acting carbs. If I eat low carb I can get non-diabetic numbers 80-120 and don't have to take insulin. My c-peptide test was THE lowest in the normal range. I seem to not have any or very little insulin resistance(which is common in type 2) so my body is able to make the most effective use of what insulin I do make. Some LADA's have insulin resistance. If I had delayed until my baseline/fasting got worse it would have meant more beta cell burn out-meaning further loss of the insulin producing cells. I am very lucky to have caught it when I did. It is much easier to manage with some of one's own insulin production in tact. I take insulin, as needed and I can take small doses, which are much more predictable and safe.

In LADA, like classic chidhood onest T1, the body makes antibodies and attacks the pancreas. In child-onset, it is a rapid attack that destroys most of the insulin producing cells very quickly. Some kids do have some level of remaining ability to produce insulin , but it is often lost after treatment starts, for a couple of reasons. LADA is also an autoimmune attack on the pancreas but it is slow progressing. I am a member of a support group just for LADA and so many people report symtoms well up to 10 years before dx and even in my case, the doc and I have reason and evidence o believe I may have gone undx a good 10 years.

The website for bloodsugar 101 has some info. on LADA. Have to dig around a bit to find it and it and I can't link to the page directly. I've tried. Have to click on one of the tabs at the top to get to it, if I remember. There may be a few other resources out there.
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#801188 Celiac And Diabetes

Posted by on 06 June 2012 - 12:20 PM

This is something that has crossed my mind over the past few years, but I have been dismissing as probably just unusual food intolerance. I'm disinclined to go to the doctor and really have a poor view of doctors in general, so I figure I'm just going to leave things be as long as things can be managed by diet. After I became very ill and lost a great deal of weight due to CC from gluten a few years ago, something has felt off, despite my recovery. My weight has been 10 lbs under what it should be, and though I have been eating well and maintaining a decent weight with BMI around 19-20, I can lose weight extremely easily and rapidly if don't eat enough for a couple of meals, or eat more starches and less fats. My diet is some odd hybrid of SCD and paleo, but it's also low carb and very high fat. I have noticed consistently that if I increase the carbohydrate content of my diet - eating a couple of extra starchy foods daily like fresh banana or sweet potato - within a day or two I start losing weight. This doesn't seem right, thus the concern shelved in the back of my mind.

I too lose weight so easily just as you described.

What you are reporting doesn't seem right as you stated. If you are concerned about diabetes, it is wise to get tested. Better be wrong than too late intervening. It is so much easier managed with early intervention. I have had to ask for EVERY single test! I was dx with oral glucose tolerance test which was a good choice for me. But to explore LADA you need to get a serum c-peptide test and GADA antibody testing. Any doc can run an OGTT but the antibody test needs to be run by an endocrinologist. I had to find an endo on my own and but needed a referal to get in and my doc didn't mind giving me one, although he didn't send me to one himself. My primary did run the serum c-peptide test on my request, although they don't usually do it, and the endo ran it again.

Unexplained weight loss is a sign of diabetes. I lost 20 lbs before dx(the original type 2 dx) in a rather short time span although I had significant symptoms for years before. My other primary symptom at the time was fatigue, 100 times better than just before I went gluten-free 2 years prior but still not where I felt I should be. At some point, maybe 4 years before my initial type 2 dx, I had the blurred vision, extreme thirst and hunger, but that subsided after going gluten-free, although I now know it was diabetes at the time.

I have my gripes with docs and I am not a fighter by nature but my health is always worth it.

I encourage you to learn more about this and continue to explore and pursue it if it seems to fit.
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#773442 Corn Free, Gluten Free & Soy Free

Posted by on 14 February 2012 - 12:21 PM

This site may help http://freeeatsfood.com/

I recently tried this recipe for pancakes and it was good! Be sure to buy certified gluten-free oats. I but the rolled and then use a food processor to get quick oats or a coffee grinder to make oat flour. Hain sells a corn-free baking powder. It had potato starch instead of corn. http://www.bobsredmi....php?recipe=236

I like this recipe too. http://themommybowl....kin-bundt-cake/

For powdered sugar, there is one with tapioca stach instead of corn http://www.wholesome...ered_Sugar.html

In Walmart I found a pudding cup that had tapioca starch instead of corn too. Sorry I don't recall the brand name but I've only ever seen it in Walmart.

There is one of the Starkist canned tunas, a premium one, that does not contain soy oil.

I buy blocks of cheese and shred them with my food processor, using the shredding disk-to avoid starches. But you can find some pre-shredded cheese that uses potato instead of corn-the cheaper ones usually use corn.

With the gluten-free recipes, if you are allergic to one starch, just substitue another, so instead of corn you can use tapioca or potato or arrowroot, trying to make sure you have 2 different starches in the recipe.

I am not avoiding corn to the degree that some do, as mentioned by bartful, but I am finding that it currecntly is bothing me beyond the starch. It is said by many allergists that most people don't need to avoid the sugar and oils as they don't have the protein, but it depends on how sensitive you are. I found recently that some corn-derived sugars seem to bother me.
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#771759 Gtt Results And Other Lab Results

Posted by on 08 February 2012 - 04:49 AM

No wonder you feel weak at 62. My understanding is that if you can settle down the insulin by eating lower carb everything will level out better. Maybe missy'smom can tell you more. My own blood sugar is certainly much better between meals since I've been grain and starch free.

Yes, that's my experience as well. I had nice stable BG on low carb.

I don't think your ogtt was a fluke. My Bg is that way. I can get mild lows but go really high too.

83 is perfectly normal, 60 something is a bit low. I'd feel yucky and weak at that. Even 70 something finds me feeling it. One thing you can do is used a measured dose of glucose to bring your BG up and not overdo. You could get dextrotabs from the pharmacy and take just one if your BG is low, until you figure out how to balance your meals to avoid it, if that's possible. Some diabetics use sweet tarts or smarties instead of the glucose tablets but that requires some self-control and knowing how many and sticking with a set dose.

Bunny your testing results are interesting. Keep testing and see what happens. I would have liked to see what your 2 hr number was after the second meal with the beans, eggs and tortillas, if your BG went up still as the food was digested.

Testing will help you get a good balance. Maybe you could have had a bit more carb with the salad. Your BG went up because of the jelly beans. My results probably would have been similar. Sometimes it takes a bit to get up from a low.

For me, things like being cold lower my BG and I end up mildly hypo.

You mentioned too that you don't eat breakfast, so I am wondering if that chicken meal was your first of the day and prior to it you were hypo and didn't realize it and the meal didn't give you enough carbs to bring your BG up. If you think that might be, then maybe add a little more carb, not all sugary and refined ;)

I used to regulary go hypo in the early a.m. sleep, felt uncomfortable and tossed and turned and finally started waking myself up and testing.
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#770460 Gtt Results And Other Lab Results

Posted by on 02 February 2012 - 05:46 PM

Thank you for your reply. I will be looking at the mentioned websites. All of this is so much to take in in such a short period of time. I lived off of pasta, potatoes and cheese growing up so hearing that I have to again change my eating habbits is overwhelming. Having all of this sometimes makes it hard for me to comprehend and concentrate on what I'm reading and how I get my thoughts out so bare with me. :) Why is this even happening? I don't understand. Did I do something? Is it the way my body works? Was it from my past eating habbits? Genetics? All of the above? How do I test my sugar without wanting to run away from myself? lol :D Should I back off of fruit? That's my sweets since I'm trying to stay away from grains as best I can. Sorry for all the questions.

In regards to red meat. Well I'll put it this way if I could I'd be vegetarian (animal lover). I don't like that I eat meat but I don't like enough vegetables to go vegetarian and I'm guessing with this blood sugar thing it's probably better that I eat some. I just eat chicken, turkey and some seafood.

Bunny, you ask a lot of the questions that I am still looking for answers to. I did get gene tested so I can say that genes(and family history bearing that out) are part of it. The family history is in regards to celiac disease, not diabetes. I'm the first we know of with diabetes, but that same celiac disease gene I have is also linked with diabetes.

Ahh, how did I know you might be a kindred soul. I was a vegetarian wannabe my whole life. No political issues, I just plain didn't like meat, the chewing, the smell, the taste etc. I would eat the family dinner minus the meat most times, which meant pasta or rice or potatoes and veg. and plenty of cheese. When I learned I had diabetes and figured out that meat helped, I made my peace with the forms that I could tolerate and set out to slowly train myself to eat more. I still could easily go days or weeks without but my body functions SO much better with it that I eat it as part of my daily routine. I eat a good 4 oz, 3 meals a day. I started with just a slice of ham at breakfast and added 1 more as I got used to the portions, until I reached my goal.
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#767089 Wallpaper Reaction? Sleeping Hands & Swollen

Posted by on 22 January 2012 - 08:44 AM

Adhesives can also contain natural rubber aka latex. I have a latex allergy and my fingers can go numb if I touch/handle things with latex like the grips on pens. Do you get "band-aid marks"? if you use standard band-aids? I did but not if I use latex-free band-aids. If you have a substance allergy then an opening in the skin would make the "allergen" get into the blood stream easier.
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#759366 Need Help Settling A Gluten Disagreement

Posted by on 23 December 2011 - 11:42 AM

I wouldn't tell them.

I once sent a pan of homemade coco krispy treats to my son's class. He made the innocent mistake of declaring that they were gluten-free. Not one kid ate one, not even the teacher! He was so sad and I was so mad! It's ridiculous because they were just marshmallows, butter and a gluten-free brand of cereal that many people who are not gluten-free buy. I was so greatful that the kids on the bus and in the neighborhood on they way home were happy to dig in so some were gone by the time he reached home.

I'm sure we all here can share stories of how friends and family liked our rolls not just because they were supporting us but because the actually liked the rolls.

Wrap those rolls up in some foil and warm them in the oven before serving. You may consider not even mentioning it after they eat them unless it comes up.
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#757009 I Am Wasting Away - Please Help! :(

Posted by on 15 December 2011 - 01:34 PM

On the advice of my doctor, I went gluten-free about 3 months ago - more stringently so 2 months ago - and started to feel so much better. It would be an essay to write my medical history so I will skip that for now. But I was starting to see some real results for the first time in a decade, being gluten-free.

Problem is, I keep losing weight. I am little to begin with at 5'2 but as of 2 weeks ago my weight was down to 97 lbs, the thinnest I have been since about age 14! It was just getting scary, so I decided I had to do whatever it took to gain weight. I switched from my gluten-free cereal and started making home-made granola, and made almond butter rice crispie treats with the same cereal for snacks, and started eating these things constantly. My weight began to come up (I gained 5 lbs in 3 days!) but I also started feeling REALLY REALLY BAD.

I cannot tolerate any sugar other than the sort that diabetics would use and discovered that I do not react well at all to what I was using as a sweetener (brown rice syrup). I know that the syrup is one reason for my feeling lousy but I am now worried, what if I can't tolerate oats (I've had problems with granola in the past and have read that many of us can't eat oats. I did use gluten-free ones.) and therefore I don't want to make a new batch of granola and perhaps make this horrible feeling last any longer. I also discovered that the gluten-free rice cereal that I've been eating is sweetened with brown rice syrup too! So I can't make my rice krispie treats and have nothing "safe" for breakfast.

My weight is going down again and I am hungry and miserable and feeling physically terrible. I don't know what to eat to fatten myself up. I have heard that many processed gluten-free foods come with CC issues...I just want to feel better. Can anyone help me. I feel like crying right now as I write this.

Other info: Can't have dairy, corn, eggs, sugar (though I can have fructose...) My lunch and dinners I eat as much as I can of veggies and lean meat or chicken, and brown rice. Breakfasts I have no idea what to do now. And I need fattening snacks as I am really hungry in between meals, clearly a sign my body needs more food.

One thing I would like to add is nuts, but do those need to be certified gluten-free? I am so overwhelmed right now and all I want to do is eat some things that won't result in my feeling terrible. :(

I'll share this with you so you don't feel alone. I am 5'1" and under 100 lbs. I lost alot of weight suddenly and had problems with sugar-had an especially hard time after making my own homemade granola bars. I got tested for diabetes and have it. :( Not the end of the world. I used to weigh close to 95 but dropped down to 77 before dx. Scary! I have some of the same food allergies you do. I also am allergic to dairy and don't tolerate eggs well.

I increased my protein and gained weight with that alone-10 lbs, but took 2 years of consistant effort. You should not worry about fat. If you currently eat lean ground, change to the next fat percentage up-80/20. I did that. Eat meat at every meal, every day. If you eat 2 slices of deli meat, increase it to 3, then 4. That's what I did and it worked. It also helps slow digestion and help keep the carbs from spiking your blood sugar, better than if you eat carbs alone.

Nuts are good as are nut or seed butters-almond, peanut, sunflower, soy. Whatever you can tolerate. Unless the package says processed on shared lines, the plain nuts should be fine.

Those cereal bars you made might have been too high in carbs, from the sweeteners plus the cereals themselves. though you could certainly have issues with the ingredients.

Avacados are a good source of calories and fats.

Microwave sweet potatoes are a good breakfast food. Earthbalance is a good dairy-free spread like butter. Sprinkle on some cinnamon.

Coconut oil is expensive but is a good fat to put on things like those sweet potatoes. Brown rice, in moderation with a meat is a good breakfast. I make my own sausage patties with ground pork and seasonings/herbs. Tastes good with brown rice.

With all dairy off the menue and no eggs etc for me, I struggle to get fats and calories in. I actually take the bacon grease and put a coffee filter on an open glass jar and strain the grease through it and keep it in the fridge and use that for sauteeing things or on things like butter. I make a half or whole pound of bacon in the oven and store it in the fridge, then put it between two paper towels and microwave it 20 second or less in the a.m. I ate alot of bacon when I was trying to gain weight.

You can parboil potatoes and slice or chop them and sautee them in a pan with oil, onion, bell pepper and ham and keep it in the fridge and warm it up in the a.m. for breakfast.

Quinoa is also a good grain and fast cooking-10 min. Some here put dried fruits, apple, cinnamon, etc in it to make it more breakfasty.
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#745009 Gluten Free Bisquick

Posted by on 05 November 2011 - 12:22 PM


You ca use Earthbalance spread, soy-free version in the red tub ot Spectrum Organic Buttery Shortening. My local healthfood store didn't carry the spectrum but ordered it for me at no extra cost.
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#736383 Reaction To Bananas And Pears?

Posted by on 05 October 2011 - 03:48 AM

Something to consider seriously with a reaction to bananas is latex allergy. Bananas are a strong cross-reactor with latex. Does she get "band-aid" marks from band-aids(non-latex-free ones)? An allergist can do a skin test. Latex allergy is also associated with asthma. It would be inportant to find out because with latex allergy there are many things that should be avoided, esp. in a medical setting but also in our everyday world. My son and I are latex allergic. I used to get red band-aid marks but if I use latex-free no mark at all!

It happens to be latex allergy awareness week this week. http://latexallergyresources.org/
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#736195 Gluten Free Miso

Posted by on 04 October 2011 - 11:25 AM

Sorry I have to disagree with Peter. My husband is Japanese and I have made homemade miso. We have researched this in both English and Japanese. The only way to know if the miso is safe is to contact the mfr. and ask about the starter culture. Starter culture for miso is sometimes/often grown on barly and then removed from it so the barley is technically not an ingredient and not listed. The started culture is called koji. You want a miso that is make with kome koji, meaning the culture is grwon on rice. Here is a link that explains the miso making process http://www.southrive...aking-Miso.html There is a kind of barley miso where the barley is listed in the ingredients because the barley is added after the koji growing process. That kind of miso is rarely found outside of Japan.
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#736187 Wonderful Things About Eating Gluten Free

Posted by on 04 October 2011 - 10:57 AM

At 5 yrs? gluten-free, I am greatful that my kiddo(13) finally gets to have a mom(after 10 yrs of being sick) with more energy to keep up with him and ability to be more fully present.
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#681063 Low Carb Four Options

Posted by on 07 March 2011 - 07:20 AM

I am low-carb to manage diabetes(by Dr. Richard Bernstein's plan) and am also grain and fruit-free, casein-free(allergy-no cow) and soy-free(allergy) plus a few others free(all allergies) and stay around 30g carb per day! I eat 4-6 oz. meat per meal, it helps me feel full where the carbs used to. I hear ya about the constant cooking! I get some convenience with Costco turkey burger patties(bunless), the natural flavor is rosemary oil, Naked Nuggets(ALL ingredients are listed on the bag-also from Costco), canned chicken breast that can be dumped on a salad-Valley Fresh brand, available at many places but cheaper at WalMart, is free of corn and soy. Deli meats that contain have 0g carb and sugar per serving-ham and turkey. Applegate Farms hot dogs and deli roasted turkey slices. You can wrap sandwich fixings, burger fixings or fish taco makings in lettuce leaves(not iceberg lettuce).

I don't eat eggs but can tolerate some in baked goods so do my low-carb baking with flax meal. Fats are not to be feared. Avacados, bacon, etc

Mark's Daily Apple is a good site with recipes that are Paleo/Primal-low-carb, grain-free.

Sounds like you've been given the standard, conflicting, inaccurate advice. What causes weight gain is the insulin secreted to cover high amounts of carbs, that plus excess calories cause fat storage. If you want to manage blood sugar well, drop the carbs and don't worry about the fat. The worst thing a person can do is fill up on low-fat, high carb. Fats help slow the rate at which carbs hit your blood stream, as does protein(meat and eggs are best, from a blood sugar standpoint, beans count as carbs). Drop the carbs and it will help with both blood sugar stability and weight. If you keep in grains, pick slow digesting ones, whole grains and still keep an eye on portions.
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