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Member Since 03 Dec 2006
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In Topic: Dentist-gluten-free-Nyc

09 July 2013 - 01:30 PM

Dr. Soleiman Rabanipour was the first dental office I called that verified no products contain gluten.

I will visit tomorrow.

In Topic: Homeless Celiacs

07 July 2013 - 02:52 PM

Thank you, thats what I needed.

In Topic: Homeless Celiacs

07 July 2013 - 09:34 AM

My thoughts? For the love of all that is holy, if you find yourself on the verge of being on the streets and there is nothing you can do to stop it, you have exhausted every last effort to keep a roof over your head, my advice certainly wouldn't be to flee to a place where you will almost certainly freeze to death. I slept on this because I was wondering what options there are. Yes, NYC is ridiculously expensive and I am also left wondering what is tying you to the city. My immediate thought is to move somewhere warm. Then you can fall back on the camping out solution since it has worked in the past. Sure assistance will go farther in upstate NY than in the city, but if you find yourself homeless in upstate NY you'll be a popsicle. At least if you leave the city for somewhere warm you have a chance. You've survived it before, you can again.

I will not likely be homeless in NYC. There is nothing tying me to being anywhere.

I am looking for suggestions on how to get required nutrients without cooking or storing food in a refridgerator. Its been done for thousands of years.

Currently I have access to a fridge and stove.

I am unable to work due to previous work injuries. I am waiting to see a doctor and file a claim for SSI/SSDI. Celiac will not be a factor with that because my intestinal biopsy did not show atrophy.

I am not concerned with a roof. I am concerned with how to get necessary daily nutrients without cooking or buying gluten free junk food(breads, cookies, anything else packaged).

It is my understanding that no law exists in the US defining what it means for a food to be gluten free. I trust a few products but they need to be cooked.

I have cooked all my own meals for 9 years.

I cook sweet potato, rice, plantains, and yucca for carbs.

I cook vegetables.

The only packaged gluten free foods I eat are bobs red mills pancake, cookie, and cornbread mix.

Without cooking I will need enough carbs and vegetables to survive.

Can anyone recommend a multivitamin they take?

In Topic: Homeless Celiacs

06 July 2013 - 04:02 PM

I been houseless in Hawaii. Then camped for many months. Got a propane stove and cooked one big meal a day at a beach park. Switched ice in the coolers.

Camping was easier, had access to refridgerator and propane stove and fire.

If I wasnt able to cook one big meal a day then I would have been screwed.

I am currently in New York City figuring out how to get proper nutrition without access to a refridgerator or stove. I may have to deal with being homeless next year.

I think a multivitamin will be necessary. Maybe eating a big $10 meal every other day at a restaurant.

A day may go like this:

Take vitamin.

Eat fruit and 2 hardboiled eggs in the morning with a bit of oil. goto bathroom.

Eat late lunch at a restaurant.


Any suggestions are welcome

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