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Member Since 19 Mar 2004
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In Topic: Vce - Video Capsule Endoscopy

06 July 2004 - 02:29 PM

I don't see how they could really be of much use in an endocopy proceedure, because you can't really tell anything by just looking without actually taking biopsies right ?

My consultant could tell from looking during the biopsy that I didnt have ceoliac. I think sometimes it can be totally obvious one way or another - but in most cases they need to check with the biopsies.

he still did the biopsies to make sure obviosly (I didnt go through all that for him to guess!!!!)

I saw an endoscopy on the telly (city hospital, London) where he was a definate ceoliac and the dr could tell for sure, just needed the biopsy to confirm - which it did.

I have no idea how they can tell...just looked like pink wobbly stuff to me :rolleyes:

Fascinating to hear about the new procedure, would love to know how you get on.

Cheers, Nicky

In Topic: Endoscopy

25 June 2004 - 10:56 AM

glad your result was normal - i see my consultant again in august so time to get on with stuff until i get results



In Topic: Endoscopy

25 June 2004 - 10:27 AM

did you sleep much after it?
the nurse told me to lay down and that i would fall asleep soon
10 minutes later i was sat up watching tellky because i was bored and another 20 mins later i rang for the nurse and asked if i could go home

maybe i am a freak patient

I do wonder now and then what kind of patient I was... did I gad?... did I drool?.

ps - i drooled, gagged, spat, wriggled and basically totally freaked out - i dread to think what happened on the bits i cant remember...

In Topic: Endoscopy

25 June 2004 - 10:03 AM

You shouldn't be able to feel where they took it -- it's a microscopic piece of your intestine so it shouldn't hurt -- you should just be able to feel, if anything, a sore throat from where they stuck the tube down your throat.  Do you think it's just in your head?

hmmm, i can see why you might think its in my head - as you were put out completely i think we obviously had very different experiences. i wasnt given a choice about it - but they did tell me that some people need more sedation than others. however i know for sure it is not in my head.

OK - please accept my excuses to anyone who is a wee bit squeemish, i will try not to be too indepth but, i can remember lying there - gagging on the tube and hearing the consultant saying "open" and "close" apparently this is where they open and close the tube where the knife is that takes the biopsy.

when i said i can feel where they took the samples - i dont mean specific spots where i think each bit was taken - i mean i can tell my insides have been jiggled with. i can still feel it now - its not painful, but has been quite uncomfortable for most of the day (didnt stop me going shopping and ordering pizza though - so cant be that bad - lol)

also - i should have mentioned before - i had my biopsy to conform that i dont have ceoliac, not that i do. my consultant found some areas higher up (where the stomach joins the bowel i think) he took some extra samples from here because he found some bleeding or something - so that may also explain a difference in our experiences.

it has been a wierd day - my memory this morning was complete - i was able to remember every last detail - and the nurse was surprised that i was able to recount everything to her about what had happened. but my memory has faded throughout the day - there are now big blank bits. i cant help wondering if in a couple of days i will have forgotton everything!!!!

Congratulations, Nickra.... :) ...see, it was fine!  :)

i hope we can help put a few minds at rest - like you say - once youve had it - it really is ok :)

In Topic: Endoscopy

25 June 2004 - 08:34 AM

i had my endoscopy/biopsy this morning.
its obvious that each person can find it quite different to another.
i was sedated but i remembered every bit of what happened and i did not sleep at all afterwards. i can feel where they took the biopsies from - which is kind of wierd

as today has gone on - i am forgetting more and more about the procedure - it is very hard for me to explain
i can remember not liking it and being convinced that i had not been sedated at all - but it is now apparent that i was as i am losing my memory of it.

i was very nervous and came on here yesterday to try and console myself - celiac3270, you are so right - it only makes you worry more. if anyone is on here looking for info about the endoscopy and how they will feel - i would like to reassure you. please dont worry - the 10 mins or so you will be in theatre is a very tiny amount of time out of your life. most people find it painfree - but some dont (ie ME) but even if thats the case its not the end of the world and compared to pain i have been suffering for the last few years - its really not that bad.

i wont pretend mine was painless and worry free - it most deffinatly wasnt - but the relief i felt afterwards was well worth it - now its done and i can get on with trying to get healthy. the procedure is over very quickly and with hindsight im actually quite pleased i wasnt fully sedated - because i know what they did to me instead of being in the dark.

all the best to anyone awaiting their biopsies - you'll be fine :)

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