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#907762 Problems Feeling Full After Going gluten-free?

Posted by on 02 March 2014 - 11:45 PM

Potatoes are high on the satiety scale. Dried beans are too. But to keep feeling full, you need fat. And you likely won't do well with fat because of gallbladder issues.
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#904949 Man I Was Bumbed!

Posted by on 04 February 2014 - 12:41 AM

Does cream cheese have corn in it?  I don't know as corn isn't an issue for me.  I also don't know what gooey cheese is.  But I should think you could melt cream cheese or whatever other soft cheese doesn't have corn in it then add finely shredded extra sharp cheddar (perhaps just a bit) to give it a sharper flavor.


We used to get Espinaca Con Queso at Chi Chi's when they had one in our area.  I recreated it at home and I think it was just cream cheese and spinach.  I did use Velveeta in mine too, mixing half cream cheese and half Velveeta because I happened to like the slightly nippier taste but I'm sure you could use cheddar and get the same sort of flavor.  Might give it a slightly thicker texture.


Used to be a Mexican place here that made an out of this world dip and it had cheddar in it.  It was ground beef, onions and green bell peppers cut in strips like for fajitas, perhaps tomatoes (been a while so not sure about that) and cheddar cheese all melted together on a metal platter served on a wooden board like you would for fajitas.  We actually didn't even eat it as a dip because I was trying to keep my carb count lower.  We'd just scoop it onto small plates and eat it with a fork.  Man was it good!

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#900639 Gastroparesis...so They Say.

Posted by on 24 December 2013 - 10:46 PM

I have gastroparesis.  I do not have celiac or even wheat or gluten issues.  But...  I do have mulitple food intolerances and if I eat eggs, dairy or some other things, I can get the big D.  I don't usually have headaches but I do occasionally have lethargy.


When my gastroparesis is the worst, I will usually just start to feel off.  My stomach won't necessarily hurt or feel sick.  It just won't feel right.  Then usually I will feel saliva backing up.  And I need to grab the pukey bowl and then head to the toilet.  I will begin to vomit but if it is really bad, it will come out the other end as well, often at the same time.  In that case, my stomach will hurt and very badly.  I can see it having violent spasms.  Oddly enough if I am not feeling right and I lie down in bed, that will get the ball rolling.  And of course it usually strikes me around the time that I need to go to bed.  I will try to stay up just in case but exhaustion will overtake me.  Then by morning I will be exhausted from all of the violent vomiting.


Following an episode, I mainly just eat plain white rice and perhaps a little applesauce.  I used to have chicken broth until I learned of my chicken intolerance.


From what I have read, Celiac can cause gastroparesis.  So it is possible.  But the most common cause is diabetes.

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#900267 How Do You Deal With The "haters"?

Posted by on 20 December 2013 - 01:40 AM

I haven't gotten exactly that but I have had people say that they don't want to know about our food issues.  But the thought has also crossed my mind that if I had a restaurant, I would be afraid to serve anyone with life threatening food issues lest they actually die, or get really sick and have to go to the hospital then blame me for it later.  And I may not have even been the cause of it.  Then again, I am not likely to open a restaurant.  Not in this lifetime anyway.


I was the room parent one year for my daughter's class and was put in charge of all of the kids with food allergies.  I was very careful with what I bought.  And one kid was allergic to yellow dye number 5 plus corn.  That was a toughie.  Seemed that all of the gluten-free stuff I found that was similar to what the other kids were getting had corn in it!  But somehow I managed.  I also listened as patiently as I could (I am not very patient) to the one girl with the peanut allergy tell me of her frightening trip to the ER where she almost died.  And drove a package of treats to another girl after school after she had a meltdown at the party.  Her mother had told her before school to just go ahead and eat the pizza!  And yes, gluten and dairy were both problems for this kid. 


Frankly I could not understand this mother.  She acted shocked when her daughter's eye swelled shut after eating chicken nuggets at McDonalds.  Told me that there must have been egg in them.  Well, yeah and maybe dairy but did it not cross your mind that there was also WHEAT in there?  And another time she was angry with our naturopath who wanted her to eliminate dairy her own self for a couple of weeks to see if her stomach got better.  She actually said to me while rolling her eyes, "She expects me to do this on a HOLIDAY WEEKEND?"  I wanted to tell her that for those of us with food issues, our food issues do not take a holiday!  And she also acted astounded when her husband became sick from eating some pastries at work.  Said there must have been whipped cream in them.  He has multiple food issues too.  But who with food issues would just blindly eat something without knowing what was in it?


Anyway...  Back this girl.  She was so confused when her mom told her just to go ahead and eat the pizza, knowing that it would make her sick for the entire weekend that she became frightened of my treats, thinking I would sicken her as well.  So I went home, got all of the food packages and recipes from my house and brought them along to her house along with my daughter, assuring her that my daughter had most of her same food issues and I wouldn't dare sicken either of them.  I think she felt better after that.  At least I hope she did.


I also think that people who have no food issues can not comprehend how rotten we can feel or how sick we can get if we eat the wrong thing.  Even if it is just a mere crumb of something that fell into our food.  I can't tell you how many times I have been told that a little bit won't hurt or that it won't kill me.  One thing that does seem to work for me is when I do get sick in their presence.  Now gluten isn't an issue for me.  I have multiple food intolerances.  And eating this stuff can give me projectile vomiting, head to toe hives or the big D which sends me flying to the bathroom and keeps me there for a while.  All it takes is one episode of this at their house and they are darned careful after that!


And maybe I'm just overly careful but...  In general, I would never eat at a fund raiser or anything like that.  If it required payment to get in the door, like the ice cream social at my daughter's school, I would just pay and still not eat.  I learned not to take any chances and just eat at home.  Or in my vehicle with food from home.  At restaurants I try not to go without checking out their website, calling them or visiting them first.  I try to go to places that cook from scratch and for me, Mexican restaurants usually work quite well.  We also ate at Italian places with gluten-free pasta because even though gluten isn't my issue (was for daughter), the gluten-free stuff was free of egg which I can't have.  But now that she can't have basil, those places are no longer a good choice for us.


Bottom line, people can just be very cruel and clueless.  And it's not just with food. I have heard people poking fun of other people's jobs.  This happened a few weeks ago and this woman was going on and on about how retail jobs are nothing and no employer would even count that as a real job so no need to put this on a resume.  And there I was, sitting there and having to listen to it, having only ever worked in retail for all of my 54 years.  She has also made nasty comments about food to me.  Some people are just that way.

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#891967 Do People Try To Make You Prove Your Intolerance?

Posted by on 15 October 2013 - 02:14 AM

"Are you sure you can't have dairy? Why don't you try it again! Who diagnosed you? Oh! That's not a *real* Dr. They did the wrong test! That test is not legitimate! Sorry to tell you this but you just wasted your money! You can't believe those test results. Too many false positives! On and on and on like that. Have even seen people attack other people for their symptoms and try to tell them that they are psychological and can't be related to food!"


If anyone said any of those things to me they would be shown the door. RIGHT NOW!

Thankfully I don't get a lot of that in real life.  I do get some. But I have seen it a lot on the Internet.  I don't care if they don't believe in the testing methods I used.  I only know that since I stopped eating the various foods, I am no longer sick all the time.  Lots of maladies cleared up.  So clearly to me, I can't have those foods.

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#870060 Bacon Recipes

Posted by on 21 May 2013 - 08:41 PM

One of my favorites is a good party food.  Buy cherry tomatoes.  Wash them.  Cut the tops off and reserve (if you want).  Use a melon baller or a small spoon to scoop the guts of the tomato out.  Discard.  Turn the tomatoes upside down on paper towels for about a half an hour to drain the juice off.


Meanwhile, cook some bacon until crisp.  Crumble it and mix with some mayo and sliced green onion.  You can add parsley to this.  You can also add parmesan cheese.  Some recipes call for this but I've never tried it.  Add enough mayo to hold it all together.  Stuff the tomatoes with this mixture and place them on a platter that has been lined with a bed of curly parsley.  This prevents them from rolling around.  You can cap them with the tops if you want.  If you do, you'll need to spear them with a toothpick (preferably a decorative one) to keep them in place.


These need to be made fresh but you can keep them in the fridge for up to two hours.

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#857163 Can Ground Meat Have Gluten?

Posted by on 05 March 2013 - 08:04 PM

If you are buying plain meat at a store, it should be safe.  Unless perhaps you are buying it from the butcher counter.  If so, check there and see if they have any breaded meats, meatloaf mix, or anything else that might have gluten in it.  If there is such stuff, it could have been cross contaminated.  Do beware taco meat at some restaurants because they might put gluten in there.

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#853446 I'm Done

Posted by on 12 February 2013 - 02:51 AM


ANA as you probably know is looking for any inflammatory issues, too many to mention.
One thing I have learned,.......when ANYONE obsesses on a health issue, and spends a lot of time doing research on their own, you are bound to drive yourself to distraction at one point or the other.

This article leads to another article, on and on.
Before you know it, you have yourself dying from your own self diagnosis.

Quit dwelling on it so much, and you just might feel better.

I must seriously disagree with you! As a person with mulitple medical problems, I was instructed by different Drs. to do research not only for myself but for my daughter. The bad thing about Drs. is that each one has his or her own specialty. They will concentrate on that and tend to ignore all of the other problems. At least in my experience. I have yet to find one that would put it all together for me. That fell to me. Had I not done research on my own, I would not have known that the statin I was on was causing some of my problems. Or that the diabetes med I was on was in fact raising my blood sugar. Or that some of my problems were caused by menopause. Actually a PA pointed me in that direction! I also wouldn't have learned about many of the deficencies I've had in my diet. Yes, I've been tested for some and some where found. But they didn't find some others.

Yes, I take a ton of vitaming and supplements now. But I have had to go to the Dr. far less than ever before. I can't remember the last time I had a cold or the flu. I did have recent problems that I now know were related to menopause. I had some skin problems, cause unknown. And an eye problem. Again, cause unknown.

I have also found that Drs. are usually of little help when it comes to diet. Unless perhaps it is celiac or a true food allergy. They do seem to understand these things. But they do not seem to understand food intolerances. Because there is no one standard test for these things.

I have never ever thought I was going to die. Although at some points in my life I was sick enough and sometimes made sick by medications that a Dr. prescribed and I couldn't tolerate that I sure wished I *would* die!

Perhaps if you don't suffer from things that you have yet to have ferreted out, then you wouldn't understand the lengths that some of us will go to in order to feel better.

And at times I do have to question whether my life such as it is, is really worth it. Not only do I have to stick myself numerous times each day to check my blood sugar but I have to shoot myself full of insulin most of the time when I eat. Or eat to try to get my blood sugar back up where it should be. I have to watch every bite that I eat, not only for the diabetes but my gastroparesis and my food intolerances. Let's see... I want a big salad. But will I actually digest it today? I have to think about it before I can eat. Or I am not digesting well. Let me run my food through the Cron-O-Meter and see where I am lacking. Oooh! Time to up the vitamin E again. Or... Can I go there? Let me check it out and see where I might be able to park. How far I might have to walk. Will I have to stand in line? Can I bring food in if I need to? Will it be too far away for me to drive to? Because if I spend too much time with my foot on the brake or gas pedal, my leg will cramp up on me. Will I be out in the sun? If I am, my Psoriasis might flare. And then I'll spend a few months (or more) trying to get those itchy red patches to go away.

For me it is always a good thing when I discover a problem and figure out what to do about it. And I seem to be doing pretty well at the moment except for the thinning hair and the occasional bout of low blood sugar. Now if I could just get my daughter well.
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#852800 I'm Done

Posted by on 08 February 2013 - 03:20 AM

Ditch the millet ! Ditch the millet ! Cross contamination city, and it can be as bad as oats for some of us. :ph34r:

You need more good fats- LOTS of fats - from coconut milk or oil, lard, bacon, vegetable or olive oils, nuts, avocado, etc, and some natural carbohydrates in the form of starchy vegetables and fruits, if you are going to eat like this ("sugarless") and have half a chance of succeeding. Can you do legumes in the form of peanut butter or very well drained and rinsed canned beans ? Sweet potatoes ? Squash ? One of the most filling things to eat is canned pure pumpkin puree mixed with canned coconut milk, it can be savory for a soup base, or sweet for a breakfast, and sometimes this mixture baked with eggs to form a custard. Can you tolerate some form of stevia for a sweet taste ? What about agave or honey ?

You need to get something else in there at breakfast. A pure rice first meal = not good. Add some fat to that, somehow. Can you puree part of a banana with some green leafy vegetables and/or parsley and some berries for a smoothie ? What about a baked sweet potato with some almond butter ? What about leftovers for breakfast ? Cannot bear the thought of fish that early? What about shrimp or chicken? You can take some cooked brown rice pasta, and mix it up with a fast homemade thai- style peanut sauce and coconut aminos and top it with some shredded vegetables.

You are hungry for micronutrients, and that is why you are having such cravings. The body interprets needs "nutrients" as basic ferocious hunger for sugar. Most regular people feel this and try to satiate it with highly processed "white" carbs such as white rice, white bread, white potatoes ( I am a big fan of eating some fat if you eat a white potato, such as frying it, so it slows the whole processing thing down) and bad things like white flour pastries, cakes, cookies, etc made with lots of white sugar. These things are processed quickly and spike a blood sugar high (wheeeeeee :o !) and then comes a blood sugar crash (and boom goes the dynamite :ph34r: :wacko: :o ). This sets up a bad cycle of eating "white things" - (as my neighbor calls them :lol: ) and wanting more and more of them.

If you do go to using gluten free flours and baking ingredients, try using the highest protein ones you can find, and combining two or more of them for the maximum nutrition. For example, you can use brown rice flour instead of white, and add a seed or nut meal flour. A sorghum flour mixed with amaranth or buckwheat can make a good all purpose "breading" coating, for example.

Be careful with your buckwheat sources, you do know that the Bob's red mill brand is all oat cross contaminated, don't you ? :( I am grinding the Burkett Mills (Pocono) cereal in a coffee grinder to get my own buckwheat flours. Buckwheat is technically a seed, as is amaranth. You can also try quinoa if you can stand the taste.

You can make a fantastic pancake/flatbread with just buckwheat flour and soaked chia seeds (and the other ingredients) - another way to add oil fat to your diet.

You can also tamp down the cravings by making sure you take a gluten free B vitamin complex, and a calcium supplement (not tums, try a calcium citrate) and some form of vitamin D and magnesium.

Very interesting. I rarely get cravings and when I do, I am always lacking in some nutrient. Like magnesium. I do use the Cron-O-Meter online often and run all of my food through it. I can then see what I am lacking and take more supps if needed.
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#847724 Anyone Else Loathe Jeans?

Posted by on 09 January 2013 - 03:38 PM

I don't wear them any more. For most of my life, I hated them. I did start wearing them in Jr. High but only because that was pretty much what all of the other kids wore. I was very picky though and the demin had to be very soft. I also wore them as a young adult and I also wore heels which I no longer wear.

Currently I have an assortment of medical problems which includes gastroparesis. That means that my stomach is always big but sometimes huge! I can start out the morning with a pair of pants that are loose, only to have them uncomfortable tight by dinner time. Or the opposite can happen. Pants start out tight, then I go shopping and the pants start sliding off. It's very frustrating. These days I can only wear yoga pants, sweats, leggings or other knit pants. Elastic waists work best. I do own some pants that do not have actual elastic but just a stretchy fabric top. These have a tendency to slide off of me.

I did have some jeans with an elastic waist but I got rid of most of them. They just were not comfortable. And in order to get them that were big enough around the middle, the maker apparently assumed that I had big legs as well. I don't. Legs are skinny. So the fit was kind of funky.
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#846597 I Should Just Live Alone

Posted by on 04 January 2013 - 03:32 AM

Roommates can be the worst. I had various troubles with many of them. Stealing money and other things from me. Eating my food while I was at work. Being too messy. Bringing drugs into the apartment. Selling drugs from the apartment. Constantly having BF spend the night then having BF hit on me while she was sleeping. Not paying the rent or worse yet just disappearing when the rent was due. And of course at some point they will want to move out for some reason.

I was sooo happy when I was finally able to get my own apartment. It was super cheap because I was living above a dance studio. Yes, the music could get loud but I'm a former dancer so I was used to it. And they never raised my rent. So I managed to be able to save up some money and then eventually I got what I thought was a nicer/better apartment. Turns out it was not because it had serious plumbling problems and still does today. My mom knows someone that moved into that same apartment. And when she was describing the plumbing problems, my mom said, "Where is it?" Bingo!

What you might consider doing until you can earn and/or save up more money is renting a room somewhere. It certainly would be cheaper but it could have its own set of problems such as sharing a bathroom. Someone could be using gluteny cosmetics in the shower or tub and you might not know it. And you wouldn't have a kitchen. But you would most likely have a fridge and perhaps a microwave and they might even let you use a hot plate.
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#843321 Testing For Food Intolerance/sensitivities

Posted by on 16 December 2012 - 01:33 AM

I have never been tested for celiac and AFAIK, I do not have any gluten issues. My daughter did (doesn't currently) but that's what brought me here.

Long story short with her, she was thought to have ADHD by her teachers. But I didn't believe this. After taking her to a variety of Drs., my mom's Naturopath finally said he could test her for food allergies. He did and said that she had quite a few. We changed her diet and it was like we got a new girl! Lots of things cleared up.

What he did was a blood test for IgG allerigies which most medical Drs. will say are not allergies at all but sensitivities or intolerances. We were told to have her restested in three years. But... We did not like this Dr. He charged many thousands of dollars for the test and insisted that we buy supplements from him that I thought we did not need.

So we went to an allergist who didn't believe in the IgG allergies but said that if the foods caused us problems, to avoid them. She tested us both and we were found not to have allergies to those foods. Technically, allergies cause a histamine response. And this can be life threatening. I was found to have OAS (oral allergy syndrome) to pistachios and almonds. But... The allergist only tested us for the specific foods that we were told we were allergic to. No others. Daughter is currently having stomach issues and the GP that she saw suspects food allergies or intolerances that we have yet to ferret out. The food allergies were tested for via a skin prick test.

We found another Naturopathy (now deceased) who tested my daughter twice (I think) and me once. Each time we were tested, we changed out diet.

Then we needed to be retested again but I couldn't find a Dr. to do it. So I did a hair test online. I know some people think this test isn't valid but it did seem to work for us.

I also have some other issues with foods that I do not test as having a problem with. But if they bother me in any way, I just avoid them. Like garlic in more than a tiny amount and melons.
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#841310 Leftover Turkey Suggestions

Posted by on 06 December 2012 - 08:19 AM

I am sooo sick of turkey! We have been eating it as is but cut into small pieces and mixed with some boxed gluten-free gravy over some stuffing that is mostly mushrooms, celery and onion with a small amount of bread and some olive oil, Nucoa and turkey broth. We did like it for a while but both my daughter and I went on overkill I think and we'd both be happy if we didn't see it again until next year!

When I was a kid, my mom would make turkey soup. I never liked that. Chicken soup, fine. Turkey? Not so much.

My dad would make it into a salad buy chopping it up and mixing it with halved purple grapes, walnuts and mayo. That was okay but again I would have preferred chicken.

One thing that my daughter and I used to eat a lot of was cooked, chopped up turkey mixed in the same boxed gravy and served over mashed potatoes. She is on the South Beach diet now and mashed potatoes are not on that. So, that doesn't work for me.

I gather that you can use it in any sort of recipe in place of other meats. We just don't like it that way. Tried a pizza one year many years back. Called for a Boboli but any gluten-free crust would do. Spread with cranberry sauce then top with Swiss cheese and your turkey. Bake like you would a regular pizza. It was Rachael Ray's recipe but none of us liked it.
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#830598 A Freedom Diet? Im So Lost!

Posted by on 17 October 2012 - 10:43 PM

Sorry, I had to divide my post into two. It apparently got too long and it was scrolling on me. Anyway here is the Kashi link:

http://www.kashi.com...n_Kashi Non-GMO

These are verified non-GMO:


Here is one list of GMO:


Here's another list:


I think you should be okay on that front so long as you buy whole foods. Try to stay away from processed stuff. Although some say that all corn is now GMO and I think I saw on one of those links that peas are. Hard to say.
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#825015 Well, The Food Court Is Torture....

Posted by on 22 September 2012 - 10:50 PM

The hot dog with no bun and the chips sounds sooo familiar. Actually daughter can't have peanuts so Chik-Filet would be out. Not that we have them here, because we don't. And we always have to check the chips because some can be fried in peanut oil. We do have a Taco Time at our mall. The tacos, beans and rice are safe there. But mostly we try not to go to the mall because we just really don't like it. A yearly trip to Nordstom used to be required for shoes but now that her feet have stopped growing, she no longer needs to be fitted.

One place we do like to go for snacks is the Target snack bar. They have popcorn, nachos, the hot dog with no bun, chips, fries (they're baked), fresh fruit, smoothies, and even string cheese. Daughter even eats the salads there. They do contain croutons which are prepacked and sitting on the salad. Might not be safe for everyone but never caused her a problem.
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