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In Topic: All These Problems No Answers

15 May 2007 - 07:10 AM

I'm so sorry for everything your dr has put you through!

As most of us here have learned you are your own best doctor! Keep asking questions, keep looking for answers. You're problems definitely sounds GI, cut down to a very simple diet. Whole foods are the best for you: fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, unprocessed meats, fresh fish, rice, eggs and unprocessed dairy.

Get tested for Celiacs before you try going gluten-free it's be easier on your system (and on your 4-year old!). After the test just cut things out of your diet, and start with gluten.

You've been through so much, but there is hope! I had the anorexia battle with my doctor for years, I even went to a councilor for it (she convinced me I had it) the councilor told me I was fine and didn't have it and my doctor still tried to put me on anti-depressant medication for it.

Don't give up and if you find out that this is what you have, please get your daughter tested too so that she's not going to go through this as well.

Good Luck!

In Topic: Dealing With Family

09 May 2007 - 12:16 PM

Hey Hun, good luck with your mum.

The best way to get people to understand how bad gluten is for you is to compare it poison. That worked with my little sister, people understand the word 'poison ' better than 'cross-contamination'. Unfortunately we get just as sick off of cross-contamination as we do off of a whole loaf of bread so it's important for her to see that. Make sure you offer her facts, but if she's not interested in looking Celiacs' up and finding out information then you need to be prepared to fend for yourself.

Good Luck

In Topic: Newbie Here!

26 February 2007 - 06:15 AM

Hi Greg

I'm glad the pain is easing for you & welcome to the wonderful world of gluten-free!

You're not alone with palpitations (i never spell that right) I'm a young, very active, mostly healthy 22 year old canadian and I get palpitations after eating all the time :( it's slowly getting better the more i stay un-glutened :D

Take Care

In Topic: Numb And Beat Up

31 January 2007 - 12:09 PM

I'm so glad i'm not the only one feeling sorry for myself :)
I have my one current comfort, Tim Hortons (for all you canucks) it's safe :D All's not lost when i can grab a cappucinno to feel better. I've got a lot of support around me right now and my parents have (to my eternal thankfullness) made some changes to help me along. We're taking the opportunity to go to restaurants we've never been to, to try recipes that we've never taken the time to try and we're all learning and helping.
I've never been a big eater (my mum calls me a bird and i've been underwieght for most of my teen-early twenties life) but now that my world is revolving around food i'm really noticing how many more options are out there than my limited understanding before.
But i still have moments where i sit and mourn the feeling of one more thing i'll never eat again.
And if i've recently been glutened i cry about the fact that i wish i'd enjoyed whatever it was that i ate instead of putting all kinds of crazy effort into helping myself and poisoning myself instead :(

In Topic: Newbie, Just Diagnosed...what Is Normal?

31 January 2007 - 06:27 AM

I'm really new to this myself to be very (very) honest. I'm lucky that two of the grocery stores near me (Canada, Ontario) have unexpectadly large 'gluten-free' aisle in thier organice foods section. I have a puffed rice cereal that i eat for breakfast and my dad bought a smoker so we're making gluten-free beef-jerky (I'm SUPER anemic) I'm actually quite blessed, the food guides as some places are phenomenal and actually three of them are celiac-run so the staff know what I'm talking about when i ask.
I can't image going through this with a new baby :( keep your hopes up, I'm having really really good days where I feel like I should :P
This Forum is so helpful and people are so understanding *Thank You All* :lol: