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A Little Insight From Others

30 January 2007 - 07:11 AM

Hello everyone out there in Celiac World

I'm very very new to this. I'm still waiting for my blood test to come back next week but my first gluten-free escapade was phenomenal. As the weeks go by I'm getting back into my regular schedual (school, dance teaching, theatre choreography and running a small business) and eating right is getting harder. I'm packing fresh fruit, yogurt, rice cakes and picking up chicken (swiss chalet if my wallet is feeling generous) on days where i'm not home to eat.

Here's the thing, I'm really starting to feel sick a lot. I'm trying to be really good about cross-contamination, reading labels and asking lots of questions. I ate some rice cakes and a banana one morning and was in bed sick all day afterwards. I get dizzy, faint, headache, sweaty (with a really gross smell) my stomach hurts, the runs. If i can find a bed I 'pass-out sleep' where I'll literally sleep for hours and hours and not wake up or realize how much time has passed or remember anything 20 mins before sleeping.

I'm really getting frustrated, it seems no matter what i do i'm sick. I can't afford to slip back into my anxiety (which is happening) and my iron is all over the place. I don't know what else to do, I'm scared to eat anything for fear of reaction.

Any help, resources, advice, or personal experiences would be so welcome right now.

Thank You

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