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Member Since 13 Jan 2007
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Ideas For London & Paris

24 January 2008 - 05:36 AM

I'm going to be spending a week in each city in March. I've done what research on the internet I can. Unfortunately, the vegetarian places I find seem to rely on seitan (straight gluten :o ) or soy. Not to mention most dishes contain dairy and/or egg (which make me ill).

I suppose I can fall back on middle eastern, Indian and tapas. But if anyone has tips for where to go to just get veggies and fruit, I would appreciate it.

I'm particularly concerned about Paris, given the language barrier. (I will go with a sheet in French explaining what I can't eat, but if they try to engage me in a conversation about it all, I'll be lost.) Also, it will be hard to look at those pastries and cheeses and not indulge ... even though I would later regret it.

Particular restaurants, stores with takeout possibilities, techniques for getting restaurant cooperation, etc. -- all will be appreciated.

Corn Chips

25 December 2007 - 08:54 AM

Well, I'm reacting to something. Given the timing and the fact that everything else I've eaten recently was at home and has been safe for me before, I think it was from a party Sunday night. I had raw veggies (no, I didn't think to check on whether she used a CC'd knife), nuts from a bowl, and corn chips & salsa. And wine :D

I suppose that people could have had glutened crumbs on their fingers (heaven knows, there was plenty of gluten around) which got transferred to the chips and nuts. But I was curious if it might be the corn chips themselves that contained gluten, or something else I can't have (like casein or soy -- I can't imagine they would have egg).

Boy, this sucks. I was so happy that there was stuff (I thought) I could snack on, as opposed to the last party I went to.

I guess, thinking about it since starting this thread, CC from gluten crumbs from fingers seems more likely, unless someone tells me, "Oh yes, there is this problem with X brand corn chips." No, I don't know the brand used at the party.

I suppose the wine could have had a fining agent (like casein or egg) that I'm reacting to. I've never tried that brand before.

I'm not feeling totally awful, just a little headachy & spacey, and the contents of my intestine suddenly turned into concrete (the clear sign of a glutening in my system). So you don't need to feel bad for me suffering terribly on Christmas or anything B) Just trying to figure all this out.

Natural Feast -- Pies & Muffins

21 November 2007 - 06:48 AM

Check out www.naturalfeast.com.

Their description:
Our all-natural desserts are always free of the most common allergens, as well as artificial additives, preservatives and coloring, and contain:
No GMO ingredients
No corn
No wheat or gluten
No refined sugars
No corn
No dairy
No hydrogenated oils
No eggs
No soy
No cholesterol
No trans fat
No nightshades
No nuts
No shellfish
No fish
No peanuts
No tree nuts

They claim their products are in my local natural food coop down the street. I've never seen them, though. I guess I figured pies & such aren't for me, never reading the labels. I'm going to look now, I can tell you!

Nutty Flax Cereal

16 November 2007 - 08:54 AM

This thread got me to thinking about Nutty Flax, my favorite (and allegedly) gluten-free cereal.

Folks reported reactions. I was initially skeptical as you can see, and now I'm not quite sure. I noticed a gluten-sort of brain fog that didn't seem like it could be attributable to anything else, among other things. So I'm experimenting with cutting it out.

I am curious as to others' experiences. I suppose my reaction could be to something else; it is often so hard to pin down what one is reacting to. I react to a number of different things, but only gluten gives me a bad two day brain fog.

I would hate to give up this product without reason. They claim to be gluten-free and that they periodically test. The cereal is higher in fiber than any other gluten-free cereal I've found, plus it has omega 3s. I also like to have variety in breakfast, and eliminating this product will make that pretty hard, given my other food restrictions.

Vegan & Gfcfsf In Richmond Va

03 November 2007 - 04:27 AM

It looks like I'll be traveling there this Thankgiving weekend. I can find a list of gluten-free-friendly (supposedly) restaurants and a list of vegetarian restaurants. There is no overlap.

I can go to the former, which would satisfy relatives. But then, at least judging from the menus I can see online, I am stuck with side dishes and trying to make them adjust the recipes to be without butter, cheese, hollandaise, etc. (And end up with unflavored veggies, no doubt).

I can go to the latter, which would probably irk the relatives forced to come along. I can get vegan that way, but who knows about avoiding gluten and soy?

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