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Member Since 24 Mar 2004
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In Topic: Hot Dog On A Stick?

22 August 2005 - 10:31 AM

Hot dog on a stick is a "corn dog" fast food place here in California. They serve basiclly corn dogs, cheese dogs and french fries and lemonade...that is it! I just wondered if anyone knew....I will try the resturant again...maybe they will pick up this time....

In Topic: Food For Wedding

01 August 2005 - 07:03 PM

Where are you located? I can do an gluten-free cake. But only in my area. You are welcome to email me. Mrsfish_94@hotmail.com

In Topic: Mandarin Gourmet, San Jose California

13 June 2005 - 05:27 PM

Thank you for posting this. I live in Northern CA and visit San Jose on occasion when we go to see family. They live only a mile from there. I am going to tell them..when we go...that you recommended them!

Thanks again!

In Topic: We Want To Open A Gf Cafe & Grocery Store

10 June 2005 - 05:42 PM

That thought had crossed my mind. I don't know if I could compete with all the other online stores. And I would be selling the same items. But I am looking in to it!!!! :)

In Topic: Help With Baking Df/gf/ef Bread

10 June 2005 - 08:47 AM

No, I am baking by hand. I think I am using either water that is to hot or not letting the dough rise or it could be not adding enough water to the batter.

Does anyone know if the dough is suppost to be sticky or think like frosting.

In the recipe it states it should be like thick cake batter. But the first bread I did I tried that and it never baked in the middle. Which ment to much water. It is very sticky and I have a hard time getting it to mould on top.

I guess most of you use a bread machine. I really want to learn to do it by hand so, I can offer fresh baked bread and buns at my gluten-free grocery store. I am a cake decorator by trade so I have had no problems with baking gluten-free cakes. I make them all the time. It's the yeast bread I am having trouble with.

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