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Member Since 17 Jan 2007
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In Topic: Glutened By Lay's Sour Cream And Onion

23 January 2009 - 01:22 PM

I LOVE the Staxx and rely upon them for munchies. Have had no problem with them. Best place to
get them at best price is Walmart in the chip aisle, usally top shelf, only $1.00 as compared to $1.69 at other grocery stores. I find them at the regular Walmart....haven't been to a superWalmart that
has all of the groceries. Also I have never had a problem at all with Fritos and I appear to be VERY
sensitive. Just thought I'd mention them.

In Topic: Ice Cream

02 September 2008 - 01:45 PM

Try Edy's brands. It's called something else west of the Mississippi.....Dreyer's I think. They have LOTS of
flavours. I think they are upfront about all labeling of gluten but I call them up. They will send you a gluten-free list
of their current flavours. I don't remember if they send coupons or not (alot of manufacturers do). They are
very friendly and helpful. Last year during the American Idol hoopla, they had like 5 flavours to pick from for
people to vote on and only one was supposed to make it as a permanent flavour. The "Take the Cake" flavour
I didn't think made it but I recently saw it at a store. It's a yellow cake with sprinkles flavour and it is (or at
least WAS) gluten-free. Funny I was never fond of cake and now that I can't have it........oh well......it's quite good.
Also the Edy's brand here in Chicagoland goes on sale quite freqently BOGO (Buy one get one free). Hope
this helps you out. I'm leaving the liberry now to go home and get some vanilla with chocolate syrup........

In Topic: Ingredients In Hot Dogs

15 July 2008 - 03:58 PM

Hebrew National Hot Dogs ARE gluten free. They are all beef and as they are kosher, they don't have sugar and the other things (you know, rat's tails etc.....lol) that have been reported in other hot dogs. I called the manufacturer and their hot dogs are gluten-free. I'm sure they do have nitrates tho but they taste SO good! Angel

In Topic: Gluten Free Books

27 June 2008 - 11:56 AM

Oops and sorry about my last post......"lame advertisement" popped in for amazon website and THEN I remembered something about not mentioning websites........sorry for the error!....................Angel

In Topic: Gluten Free Books

27 June 2008 - 11:54 AM

"Celiac Disease: The Hidden Epidemic", by Peter H. R Green M.D. is excellent......unfortunately it's only available in hardcover. I don't remember that there were any recipes tho.......but it does offer an excellent overview (and then some) that's easily understood. I was going to suggest Jax Peters Lowell's "Gluten Free Bible" until I went to Lame Advertisement and see alot of unfavourable reviews about it having incorrect info....I never read it totally all the way thru so I guess I missed those. Anyhow, there's other books too on amazon so that'd be a good place to check out for other stuff. Hope this helps out. Have a good weekend y'all..................Angel

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