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Cruiser Bob

Member Since 22 Jan 2007
Offline Last Active Sep 20 2009 08:03 AM

Topics I've Started

Move, Changes & I'm Back

29 December 2007 - 04:40 PM

I'm back (not that anyone missed me terribly).

I resigned my high pay, forest service job in Tahoe and moved back to Oregon. Medford (SW corner - bot not on the coast).

My health - - well I boasted being at 60% a while back (while asleep at the wheel with my government job).

After moving two households and staring up my appraisal business again, I'd say 40-50% operational in more like it.

Found a great internest, educated and willing to work with me. After 3 months finally got my insturance fiasco straightened out with the Forest Service. Had a mello - as planned - holiday.

Best things so far: Food 4 Less (you must be a NW USA resident) in Medford has a fantastic gluten-free & food allergy section. For those that know, this is pretty amazing. I can be Kinninknick, local gluten-free breads and goodies, Glutino, & more. I actually disocvered an Oreo cookie (yellow package) that is actually really good crunchy - not tooth breaking (now all I ned to do is be able to add dairy). F4Less also has organic wines, organic meats, organic produce & local produce.

Then, I found a fish monger. The best yest - he is located in a small trashy looking place, but has fresh (really fresh) fish 3 times a week and essentially wholesale prices ($5-10/lb less than I paid at lake tahoe - but what can you expect).


High Triglycerides-ideas?

23 March 2007 - 04:18 PM

Ok, I'm asking for some ideas here. First - I bet it is an erroneous lab test. That said, I just got Ige/Iga results and they only show Asparagus & clams (fantastic since 10 years ago there were over 50 items on the not-to-eat list). I also just got all my blood work done. Thyroid is fine. HDL/LDL inconclusive due to Triglyceride level of 425. Iron is fine too.

So the Doc's office said the Triglycerides are high, cut out simple sugars. Yes, that's it.

My diet: gluten-free, dairy/egg/nightshade/chocolate/whateverelse is fun - free. I don't use sugar except rarely. I do eat a lot of white rice (sugar) and I do enjoy my 1-3 glasses of wine at night (sugar).

My weight has been stable for over 2 years at 160+-, thus I'm not fat or obese. I don't excersize as much as I should, but I am active, 45yo. I do have low energy - at least in my opinion and RLS/insomnia. gluten-free/DF/EggF for seven years now. Nightshade free (well almost) for over 3 yrs. It sucks - but it's all relative -as such, I'm grateful I only have these relatively minor issues.

From what I'm reading, I need to cut red meat, alchohol, sugar and add grains. Well, I'd be lucky to maintain a weight of 145 if I did that, plus I'd be grumpy. Grains/fiber/vegi's - the ones we can do - still come out looking just about as whole as they went in.

So what I am thinking (assuming blood test is accurate) is that meat/simple sugars are what my body is capable of readily absorbing (thus the high trigl. count) and that my body simply is transporting from one end to the other - all the brown rice, wild rice, brocolli stumps, lettuce, Lydias grainless granola, etc. Thus the blood test results are telling me important information, but this information is 99% different than my Internest is reading.

I think the test (again, assuming it is accurate) is reflecting malabsorbtion issues, not a high sugar/fat diet.

I think a Juicer is on the horizon :)

Any and all ideas would be appreciated, this is my first time back with the traditional medical community in over ten years and I'd like to help them (internest & neurologist) be competent doctors in working with me on my body/food allergy/sleep issues.


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