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Font Size

15 August 2006 - 08:15 AM

I appreciate the labels. I support companies who label clearly and easily. But my favorite vitamin nearly killed me last week. I bought a refill. I thought it was the same bottle I always buy. Maybe they changed the formula, maybe I bought a different one last time. Regardless, the label font was so tiny I could not read it in the store. I bought it anyway, because I have used these vitamins for years. I have never been so sick! I full 24 hrs after hell started I got out EVERYTHING I ate and a magnifying glass to read labels. Turns out in the size 2 font that the vitamins contained wheat, oat, and barley. Gee I feel so smart :angry: The misery just never ends.

Why do they make the font so small???

Reaction Signs?

15 August 2006 - 07:28 AM

I got glutened last week by a refill medication. My fault for not reading the label. The font was so tiny I just couldn't see it in the store. The problem is the symptoms. I understand abdomin pain, but this felt like someone used my stomach as a punching bag. Now days later I am getting a raised rash on my head, face, torso. Does this happen to anyone else?

Problems With Diaper Rash = Celiac?

07 March 2006 - 08:54 PM

Does this sound like celiacs to you? If your baby developed Celiacs under 2 yrs old, can you write what happened that you knew it was Celiacs.

My daughter never tolerated regular formula and had colic symptoms from the start. She was nursed for about 8 months getting one bottle of soy formula daily. She got all the glutens by 6 months and was eating table foods happily. At 9 months she dropped 30 % in height and weight. About the same time the diaper rash started. It's been three months and the rash only gets under control at times. Tried fungal meds and all forms of creams and nothing resolves the problem for good.

About a month ago I started keeping a food and rash diary. It appears that she gets a terrible diaper rash 24 hrs after consuming gluten. There have been a few instances where she had the gluten and absolutley nothing else weird that day. She was not on a strict gluten-free diet at this point. Recently we have tried to keep her gluten-free to see if the rash clears. The rash clears and then comes back. Right now we are using a new round of fungal meds (topical and oral). I can track exactly when she eats a piece of toast (not gluten-free) and the next day there is a rash. My problem there are other days that she has not had anything bad that I know of and yet we have a terrible rash. Typically, along with the rash is diahhrea.

Overall she is happy and moving right along developmentally. She walked at 9 mths. Now she is running, climbing, trying to talk, pointing, etc. So she is not really a sickly baby although has upset sickish days here and there, but she eats only gluten-free baby food right now. Very few table foods.

(I have Celiacs, but no one else in our immediate family has it.)

celiac disease Symptoms In An Infant?

06 December 2005 - 09:09 PM

What are the "common or typical" signs of Celiacs in an infant?? The baby is eating all the glutens and seems fine overall. She is active and crawling. At the most recent pediatric appt her length and weight dropped in percentages (40% L and 20% W) from just 3 months prior. Dr says it is fine. Baby is doing fine.

I know about what celiac disease did to me, but what does it do to babies? What makes parents and DRs suspect celiac disease in a baby?

Non-celiac Spouses Please Advise

22 November 2005 - 09:31 PM

Someone please explain this to me.

My spouse and I have a regular heated debate about using cast iron pans and non-stick pans and why EXACTLY I cannot use them. It is to the point that I no longer buy bacon (it HAS to be cooked on a cast iron pan . . . blah blah blah)

Next is what happens at a restaurant. I have to specify my food requirements with the server and my spouse makes comments and faces that make me feel like crap. If I call him on it on the spot it gets thrown back in my face. Its like my food requirements cause him embarrassment. If the food comes out wrongs he tries very hard to help the server get it right, or get something that I can eat. But, I have heard him explaining celiac disease to other people in a very positive way, and explianing that I have it and what being gluten-free has done for me etc. all very positive. I don't go crazy keeping a gluten-free house, but all meals except pasta and panckaes are gluten-free. Plenty of non-gluten-free snacks in the house.

So how does it make you feel to have your spouse get very sick, go through tons of doctors, surgeries, etc only to find it is celiacs? How does it effect your life?? Does it bother you to have to live with a celiac??

Someone please enlighten me as to what is going on :(

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