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Have You Read This Article?

29 July 2010 - 12:35 PM


Maybe I am misreading this and being overly sensitive, but I think there is so much wrong with this that I had to post hoping that someone more eloquent than I could write Mr. Engber about his article.

Here are some of my favorite lines (quotes are his/parentheses are mine):

"Now imagine that you've cut out gluten from your diet completely—that means no bread, no cereal, no wheat whatsoever." (Hey Mr. Engber - I eat bread, cereal, bagels, cookies, cake, etc. It may not have gluten in it but geez way to do your research.)

"The fact that "going gluten-free" means eating fewer cupcakes and less pasta suggests another source of relief. It is, after all, an elaborate diet—and so delivers all the psychological benefits of controlled eating and self-denial." (Is he suggesting I have an eating disorder?)

"Still, it's worth pointing out that the gluten-free lifestyle can be very annoying—to friends, lovers, work-buddies, and anyone else who might have you over for dinner." (Glad I'm not his friend. Mine seem just fine with it.)

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