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Member Since 08 Feb 2007
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In Topic: Endometriosis & Celiac

05 January 2008 - 07:19 PM

Hi KD,

I'm a newcomer too. I DEFINITELY believe there is a link between endometriosis and celiac. In my case, I had exploratory pelvic surgery in 2004 that showed no signs of adhesions, endo, etc.

In June of 2006, I had an appendectomy followed by 6 months of intense illness--I was diagnosed with celiac that December. Some months later after being on the gluten-free diet, I was complaining of lower right quadrant pain. The doctors didn't have any answers; in October 2007, I had surgery to remove a fibroid and a dermoid in one of my ovaries. During the surgery, the surgeon found that I had Stage 3 endo and both of my ovaries were embedded!

I'm convinced that the endo, which also a disease of the immune system, was somehow triggered by the celiac.

So you're not alone!


Hello from a newcomer,

I was glad to find this site and have enjoyed reading some of the posts. I jumped online after eating a sandwich made with Ezekial bread..."sprouted" wheat. I heard this wheat was somehow different and thought I could tolerate it...it's not working. Perhaps the difficulty is that I haven't actually been diagnosed with Celiac. I do, however, have endometriosis. I have also gotten extremely sick when I eat. It seemed liked Atkins and South Beach diets helped me feel better when those came out. Then I learned about the endometriosis diet last year--no wheat, soy, meat, dairy, sugar, caffeine or alcohol. Doing this EXTREME and difficult diet relieved stomach pain. But I found my INTENSE stomach pain flared up when I cheated with wheat/gluten (my fav food). That's when I learned about Celiac. So, my question to the members is, do any of you also have endometriosis? I'm curious how oftenthe two co-exist.

Much thanks,

In Topic: Need Adult Celiac Gi In Boston/cambridge Ma

05 January 2008 - 06:27 PM

Hi--Not sure if you've found a doctor yet or not, but Ciaran Kelly at Beth Israel is probably the best local specialist in Celiac (at least for adults.)

Hope this helps!

So, we just had a surprise at our house.

My son (4) tested positive for celiac disease via TTG, (full ELISA was abnormal) over the summer. We immediately went gluten free and although it took a few months his tummy troubles have abated. So, with the blessing of our second GI we have decided to postpone the biopsy indefinitely. Based on his lab work and his response to the diet, the doc said he's pretty convinced my son has celiac and we can biopsy him when he's MUCH older.

I got the panel first because I thought I was the more likely culprit. I have no real symptoms per se, but my husband is such a tank (ie, he has not taken a sick day in over 5 years) that we thought it was unlikely. Plus he's a big guy and that's pretty unusual for celiacs. My labs came back negative, so I nudged him until he got his bloodwork done.

And his TTG was 11 and another one was high as well. His numbers weren't nearly as bad as my son's. But they were definitely not normal.

Whoa. So, since he's totally asymptomatic we're going to keep his diet the same until we go to see the GI. We're assuming that he'll do the biopsy because there's not reason not to at this point.

For the record, his only symptoms are: He doesn't really have a mechanism that tells him when to stop eating, and his teeth are terrible. But he has tons of energy and zero stomach problems.

Weird, eh?

So, that's the question. Anybody have a GI in Boston/Cambridge who specializes in celiac that isn't a complete jackass? My husband is a big guy and I don't want somebody who is stuck in the mode of "celiacs are emaciated, so just eat gluten until the cancer sets in..."


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