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Member Since 29 Mar 2004
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Two Year Old Won't Eat!

29 March 2004 - 09:01 PM

It is so great to find all of you! We have a great specialist who diagnosed our son when he was 19 months old. Now, he's 2 1/2. Our problem, and no one seems to have the answer, is that HE WON'T EAT. When they tested for celiac, they also found that he had 4 ulcers. He is on medication for that. Food that he liked one day, he won't touch the next day. He is currently existing on a toddler soy formula. Sometimes we add rice cereal (the infant kind) to that. Tried to change him to soy milk, tried half formula, half soy milk - he won't touch it. He will sometimes take a bite of something, e.g., bbq chicken, then cry and spit it out.

Has anyone gone through this? My husband and I are SO FRUSTRATED. Today was a victory because he ate a little bit of jello.

Even if you haven't experienced what we are going through, I am so relieved to read through your posts. It feels like I found some friends. :)

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