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#454739 Still Drinking Regular Beer - No Problems

Posted by on 08 August 2008 - 01:24 AM

I think that Josh simply likes to drink barley-based "light" beer and doesn't really believe what he's saying. He points out that the fact of distilled vinegar being harmless to celiacs was at one time unknown; but we know it's since been studied by GIG and others and found to be safe for us, so we know we may consume it. But we can't say the same about barley malt in the "light" beer which Josh drinks, hoping it will also be found safe, though he says he doesn't mean to encourage any of us to follow suit. Former USDA research scientist Donald Kasarda made these remarks, to which a resourceful Forum member gave me the hyperlink:

"We know from work described in the scientific literature that relatively small polypeptide chains can still retain activity in celiac disease and we know something about a few sequences that seem to be harmful. But we probably dont [sic] know all the sequences that are harmful and we havent [sic] put our fingers on the common theme that gives rise to the activity in celiac disease. So the question arises as to whether or not the remaining sequences in malted barley are harmful."
( http://www.celiac.co...ture/Page1.html )

Kasarda then offers three possible scenarios wherein barley malt, under varying conditions, may or may not be harmful to the celiac. He doesn't rule out the possibility that it could.

Well, I don't think there's truly a lack of civility on the part of those who've questioned Josh's judgment on this particular matter, or any need to apologize to him for doing so.

Now, what kind of responses to this did you really expect to those of us in this Gluten Free Forum, Josh? Condonement of your penchant for drinking "light" barley beer? I don't think so, dude. For the sake of your good health, man, check out New Grist or Red Bridge. These beer brands do cost a lot more than Bud Light; but you may recoup this investment in your good health with the cost in future medical bills you might incur, not to mention the pain and agony of complications--which I, confidently speaking for everyone else, sincerely wish on no one!
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