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Member Since 16 Feb 2007
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Topics I've Started

What If Going Gluten Free Isn't Enough?

05 October 2008 - 04:12 AM

I can finally come on here and say my stomach/gut is doing really well! My stomach was sick for so long that I thought I'd never feel well again. I had to do a strict elimination diet to find out what my other food triggers were. I discovered that I can't tolerate soy, dairy, and nuts in addition to the gluten. Once I eliminated those foods in addition to the gluten I started to see improvement. It still took a year, though, before I could see real progress!

My Leaky Gut Is Fixed!

30 September 2008 - 08:06 AM

I've been dying to come on this discussion board with some solutions and things that are actually working! It has been a long road of difficult recovery for my digestive tract. But I'm finally in a good place. I did an elimination diet which helped me identify food triggers. My dr. has been great. He's walked me thru it all. He put me on Ultra Clear Sustain, and Ultra Inflammx (by metagenics) so I could get some nutrition into my body while we were working out all the food intolerances. My body was grossly malnourished. and it took us half a year to discover I also have allergies to soy, nuts, and milk. They don't make me near as sick as gluten, but taking them out of my diet was very helpful. My dr. also had me taken lots of fish oil, probiotics, and digestive enzymes while my gut took a year to recover from the damage gluten has caused. So be patient! It takes a long long time to really recover. I am really excited to help other who are struggling because I was suffering for sooooooo long! A good Dr. who combines western medicine, with nutrition, and natural supplements is key! I wish you all the best! I know how difficult a leaky gut can be. The sooner you fix it the better, my leaky gut caused all kinds of problems in other areas of my body, so it has been a long road to recovery. I hope I can help!

Anyone Still Having Stomach Problems After Being Off Of Gluten For At Least A Year?

30 September 2008 - 07:56 AM

I finally made it! Today is my year and a half anniversary of no gluten (with the exception of quite a few mess ups in the beginning) and my stomach is finally doing really really well! It feels great, no pain, no nausea, no vomiting when I eat. yeah! So here's what I learned

1. Be patient! It might take awhile before your gut heals really well from the damage of gluten.
2. Be very strict and don't cheat. The second you get to 0 gluten, the faster your gut will heal.
3. Realize that you could have other food allergies in addition to gluten. (I'm also allergic to soy, nuts, and dairy) none of these foods aggravate my gut as much as gluten, but removing then helped to speed up the recovery. Try an elimination diet to discover your food triggers.
4. My Doctor has had me taking for the last year-- probiotics, fish oil, digestive enzymes. They all help to restore the damage of gluten to your gut. They really help!
5. Natural ginger and peppermint really help with digestion, while your gut is recovering from gluten!
6. and make sure you don't cheat. While I was cheating on the celiac gluten free diet, it was wreaking havoc on other parts of my body. I just didn't realize it until things got really bad.

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