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In Topic: A Diet Without Grains?

13 May 2011 - 10:27 AM

I've read that celiac covers all grains and the gluten diagnosis has been a mistake. Remember that quinoa and buckwheat aren't grains.

BTW be careful about FODMAP, SCD, GAPS and the like. While the information there may be helpful, my avoiding of any minor disturbance backed me into a no carb corner. From there it seemed like my body started to really shut down from the lack of carbs and will test adding them back in right now.

I've started eating grain free because I have Sjogrens (an autoimmune condition) and celiac disease. After over two years on a gluten free diet I wasn't getting better...

Eating grain/dairy free has really been a big improvement for me, I feel like I have a lot more energy, my Sjogrens has died down a lot, and I feel much less inflamed.

In Topic: High Fructose Corn Syrup

09 May 2011 - 06:42 PM

HFCS.. evil on so many levels.
Pretty outrageous bill there as well. Covered? Question it all anyway. All the more reason to question what was on that bull.. er, I mean .. bill.

I didn't have insurance at the time and was around 20 years old and remember thinking that they'd have to take me to court to get that money. I'd have paid something reasonable- and maybe $500 or so without much fuss, but not 8k. Not for a medication refill. The only bill I've torn up and refused to pay.

In Topic: Does Anyone Else React To Skittles?

08 May 2011 - 12:08 PM

Skittles says they are gluten-free on the package.

No, they aren't the healthiest choice, but they should be safe in terms of gluten.

They should be safe, unfortunately it's not just gluten that give most of us problems. I thought it was for me and wasted 2+ years doing a gluten-free diet by the book without improvement. Corn & Dairy were big offenders that I always thought were safe.

In Topic: My Doctor Is An Idiot..

05 May 2011 - 03:21 PM

If it makes you feel better, I was skinny my entire life. When Celiac disease "started" around when I was 17 I literally jumped up from a lean 140-145lbs to 190lbs in a month. Keep in mind that I had NEVER weighed over 150lbs before that point. So I gained massive amounts of weight, at least for my size, when I got "sick".

Everyone around me thought I was taking something, I'm sure because I had completely changed within a month.

All the information outdated and erroneous information that says "gluten allergy", which causes celiac disease, only causes weight loss and malnutrition is exactly that. Bullshit. Celiac causes weight gain in many; for instance when the antibodies form many develop thyroid/pituitary disease and that alone can cause massive weight gain. It's literally one of the most common and understudied diseases, and now it's starting to come to the light that this may be the basis for all autoimmune diseases.

Anyway, I caught mine too late and I developed Sjogren's so a diagnosis is important. Find a better doctor and then there's still Enterolab, which was held in very high regard around here and I'm sure still is?, that does DNA testing and is very accurate run by Dr. Kenneth Fine. They check your stool for antibodies, which supposedly is a lot more accurate than blood tests, and also for DNA sequencing that indicates whether you have the gene. I had both genes.

I'd also stop with milk. I'm telling you, I love milk and I ate a "just gluten free diet" for a long time and the milk was DEFINITELY preventing me from being healed/causing additional damage. My casein antibodies were 3x higher than my antibodies to gluten, for instance.

I'm back down to 175lbs right now but I'm going grain/dairy free to see how things go.

In Topic: Any Celiacs Who Decided To Be Completely Grain-Free?

05 May 2011 - 01:43 PM

I know people who no longer are insulin dependant after going on the paleolithic diet. I personally had RA and it is almost all gone. I have regained all of my flexibility. I think I personally had Sjogren's, because I couldn't really even spit, without it sticking to my lips. Now my saliva is much more liquid and I can actually drool again, like normal people can drool. Also, my nose runs like normal again, where before it never ran.

When I first started the diet, after a few days of eating nothing but beef... I had felt better than I ever had. I felt like I could run 10 miles, my awareness was through the roof, and for the time in seven years I felt amazing. I didn't have any muscle pains, exactly the opposite, and I don't ever recall having THAT much energy. It felt great.

Then things have gone down hill. First I ate some nuts and that was the last day I felt good. Then I ate some dairy a few days later, a few pieces of cheese etc. and blah.

I haven't felt that good in 24 years so something did it. I only hope it's a lasting change once I get things sorted.

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