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Member Since 20 Feb 2007
Offline Last Active May 24 2011 05:27 PM

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High Fructose Corn Syrup

09 May 2011 - 05:55 PM

Well I'm feeling great. I don't remember my thought clarity being this good, or having this amount of energy...ever. I went from barely being able to walk from one side of my house to another, struggling to lift my arms, swollen facial skin, asthma, and just generally extremely poor health and now I feel awesome, and the only thing I changed was my diet. Today I started running again... something I haven't managed to do in nearly 8 years. I have diagnosed Sjogrens, along with Celiac disease, and my salivary function/skin/eyes felt great and were very watery, something I can't ever remember them doing. Normally I'm use to dealing with the excruciatingly dry mouth but it's been gone.

Definitely holding my breath and hoping the improvements remain.

Was gluten free for years. Didn't help.
Cut out dairy a few weeks ago, improved a lot... but relapsed immediately if I had any whatsoever.
Stopped all grains and improved again but I'd have bad days and good days and was generally inconsistent.

Took a few days of a food diary to find out what was causing the inconsistency and still causing me to feel poor. High Fructose Corn Syrup.

Apparently I'm allergic to it, along with just a couple dozen other foods, including all grains. I assumed that it was like distilled vinegar and "safe" and never really even considered that there was a possibility that I was reacting to it. I knew it was main from corn, obviously, but I didn't think that there were any residual traces of corn in it, or not enough to cause me to react.

But I was reacting to it.

It's even innocuous because a LOT of fruit beverages, especially fruit punches and even orange juice have the stuff added to them so you have to be pretty diligent with identifying it.

I have grown to absolutely loathe this country [America] and our government because of things like this. HFCS is in every food/beverage that we consume because of our unnecessary subsidies of corn and other grain crops. Beverages most other places in the world are still flavored by sugar, which while unhealthy is at least known to be safe. But NO not in America, we're going to flavor everything with corn... which is not only a low quality sweetener and tastes terrible, but is much more dangerous for you, especially those with allergies to corn, than the alternatives.

And to heck with doctors too. I was sick for eight years and they had no solutions to any of my problems. Every visit, every medication was a massive waste of time and money. Sorry, I had to rant... I'm just very upset the last 8 years of my life from 17-25, my best years, were wasted because our government doesn't give a damn about the health of its citizens. We can't even get proper gluten free labeling laws passed.

I'm not one for conspiracy theories but there's no way that nobody in a position of power, authority, or in a medical field knew about what food could do to you if you develop antibodies to it. They've been herp-derp about gluten sensitivity/celiac disease for over 80 years without ANY progress, even though it's been linked to every autoimmune disease imaginable and is probably one of the most common ailments in Americans. But no, banning stem cell research and online poker are more important.

I stopped by a local hospital to get a quick refill for a medication, sat in the waiting room from 11pm to 2am, then spent another 45 minutes in the doctor's office waiting. He walks in and says, "refill huh?" I said, "yeah" and it took him 15 seconds to scribble the Rx out and then he says, "have a good night" and walks out. I got billed for $8,500.

Sometimes I feel like we're still in the bloody stone age.

/rant off and sorry for the language.

Why Am I Allergic To Everything?

04 May 2011 - 02:18 PM

It took me nearly 15 minutes to get off the floor to type this out. Everything I touch, eat, drink makes me sicker and sicker. I can go from feeling fine and energetic when I don't eat to literally crying in pain, unable to walk, collapsing on the floor because my muscles ache so much, everything feels massively inflammed, muscle weakness so bad that I can barely lift my arm.

Every diet recommends Fish, Eggs, or all this other food that I can't tolerate. I'm pretty sure it was less than 3 fish oil capsules that did this to me.

These extra foods aren't intolerances because I don't get any gastroinestinal symptoms from anything but gluten. I don't think they are allergies because I've never seen "massive inflammation, muscle weakness, fatigue" to the point where it's crippling as a symptom of a food allergy listed anywhere.

I'm having a hard time finishing any of the diets when most of these "recommended" foods make me feel like I'm dying. Fish. Eggs. Nuts. Avacados. Grapes. Then there's grains and dairy, which I KNOW I react to because I have gastroinestinal symptoms and confirmed celiac etc. but even though they make me feel bad, they don't make me feel NEARLY as fatigued/poorly as fish, eggs, nuts and the other foods do.

Except it's not just food but it's medication too. I'm only 25 and I have celiac disease, sjogrens, chronic prostatitis (probably inflammation related), low testosterone (I get test flu after every injection from the benzyl alcohol?, I can't even take hydrocortisone without it making me pass out for hours. It's made me discontinue every medication except the testosterone. I couldn't even tolerate androgel.

EVERYTHING I touch makes me feel run down. Literally, the only thing that I feel comfortable eating is chicken and olive oil.

Fish is the worst for me, and it's a staple food where I'm from. I grew up on seafood and now literally any bit of it will make me feel like I've lost a ton of blood pressure, and literally make me sit in bed for days unable to move - almost in a dream like state. When I'm like that, it literally feels like it takes more energy and willpower to pick up my arm than it does to benchpress 100 lbs on a good day. Literally, picking up my arm when I feel like that feels like they have 50lb weights attached to them.

My life has been in a see-saw. I'll feel bad, then some days REALLY bad, then some days AMAZINGLY good. Albeit the bad days are far, far more common the good ones. But I don't know. I'm lost... maybe I'd be better off if I let the Dr. put me on a ton of prednisone.

I'm losing faith fast and I need some encouragement and I'm finding it increasingly difficult to follow a restrictive diet when most days I can barely get out of bed and most of the recommended foods cause me to feel worse than when I've been glutened... Sorry for the rant, I just really needed to vent.

Friends and family members aren't really willing to help because I put on a good enough "show" that they think I'm healthy, especially since I usually only leave my house on the days I feel well.

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