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Symptoms Dormant During Teen Years?

04 January 2006 - 07:34 PM

Just saw something like this on another thread...

Has anyone had their gastro symptoms go away during their teen years and if so,
if and when did they come back.

2 years ago my daughter then 12 was having gastro issues. After seeing a lot of drs that knew
nothing and a negative panel/biopsy I put her on a gluten-free diet and the problems went away. For the 1st year of the diet, if she accidentally ate any gluten she would have bad stomach problems and headaches
for about 48 hours.

After the first year, she started occassionally cheating and didn't have any noticable problems.
So this Christmas (after several huge heated family discussions) we decided to let her eat whatever she wanted to see if she would have issues. So far she has not.

Celiac runs in my husbands family. His sister was diagnosed in the 70s. He was diagnosed by entrolabs
last march and my other daughter (only ADD type issues) had a positive test from entrolabs at christmas. Right now noone is gluten-free.

Also, has anyone had a negative result from entrolabs???

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