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Member Since 18 Mar 2007
Offline Last Active Jul 27 2014 04:31 PM

#918834 Ummm, Oral Sex Question?

Posted by on 02 June 2014 - 05:01 PM

Beth, I would say, simply, if something makes you sick, don't do it. Eat it, I mean. Er,

anyway.... #1 basic rule: If your body doesn't like it, listen to your body. That's the

one rule everyone on this board will advise you to follow. The rest of it is, clearly,

debatable lol :rolleyes:

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#918823 Barley Amylase?

Posted by on 02 June 2014 - 03:53 PM

What was the product?

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#912573 Duck Eggs

Posted by on 14 April 2014 - 12:59 PM

Duck eggs behave pretty much the same way as chicken eggs, when fried

in a pan the whites can be more rubbery-feeling. The yolks are much bigger,

and therefore good for those of us who like their yolks runny! When baking,

if the eggs are VERY big, you may need to add a touch more flour, but that's it.


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#873816 Is Wine gluten-free?

Posted by on 10 June 2013 - 05:59 PM

Kiki, there have definitely been a number of discussions regarding this on this forum.

I would recommend doing a search of the forum to read them and draw your own conclusions.

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#873409 Starbucks?!

Posted by on 08 June 2013 - 07:08 PM

Unless the coffee itself is no good for the original poster. Coffee is certainly acidic and is also a diuretic, the fact 

that cutting back on the coffee and drinking more water made you feel better argues that you may have been 

creating some chronic dehydration issues for yourself, Jyot. That does not mean coffee equals gluten.

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#870215 The New Celiac Drug Is Out There

Posted by on 22 May 2013 - 07:34 PM

"Raise the villi, opening the receptors and allowing gluten to once again be

absorbed by the body."


Is it just me or is there SO MUCH wrong with this statement, scientifically?

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#869010 Battling No Food

Posted by on 15 May 2013 - 06:05 PM

I have been in the unfortunate position of being out of food due to my house burning

down. It will most certainly freak you the **** out to be suddenly without access to food,

however, the situation described by the OP sounds chronic rather than acute in nature.


Considering that the OP might have mental health issues due to gluten consumption is

most certainly valid, given what we know of the disease, and counseling the OP in that

light is also most certainly valid. Counseling the OP in the 'tough love' light is also entirely

appropriate, given the amount of time they have been in the situation and the number of

years they have had available to them to rectify it.


Those two viewpoints do not need to be mutually exclusive, and arguing amongst

ourselves over them is less than constructive. I'm sure it's possible for each camp to offer

their advice and personal experience to the OP without having to comment on the other

viewpoints presented......

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#868030 Read This If You Could Use A Chuckle :)

Posted by on 10 May 2013 - 09:28 PM

So last night I was so tired and distracted that, while making scrambled eggs for the boyfriend,

I cracked the first egg into the pan and threw the shell into the garbage, and the second egg

got cracked into the garbage and the shell thrown into the pan. Yeah, he looked at me funny

for that one......

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#864969 Gluten On Dishes? Being Too Careful?

Posted by on 23 April 2013 - 08:45 PM

Actually, I got bit by that dish soap, not because of dishes (I find it less than effective for doing dishes)

but because I regularly use the other scent of Ecover dish soap as shampoo. Hey, it's cheap.... 

Made my head hive up, as I have a topical allergy to wheat as well, and I realized what had happened

and washed my hair again with something before it could become any kind of issue with my hair

getting in my mouth. Ya just get surprised sometimes, ya know?



To the OP, certainly, if you see food stuck on dishes, rewash, whether it's a gluten concern or not. Can

I ask how this is happening? More than one person in charge of the dishes, dishwasher not up to snuff?

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#860421 The What's For Dinner Tonight Chat

Posted by on 24 March 2013 - 08:10 PM

Holy complicated dessert, Batman!!!!!

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#859396 The What's For Dinner Tonight Chat

Posted by on 19 March 2013 - 04:42 PM

Lisa, you know Enjoy Life chocolate has no soy, right? :rolleyes:

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#859241 My Trendy Friend

Posted by on 18 March 2013 - 11:21 PM

I'm 5'7" and 125lbs. I'm on the 'shove as much in my face as often as humanly possible

within my irritating restrictions' diet. I say your friend is nuts.

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#858920 The Funny Pages - Tickle Me Elbow - The Sequel

Posted by on 16 March 2013 - 09:26 PM

I got laid. :ph34r:



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#858253 The What's For Dinner Tonight Chat

Posted by on 12 March 2013 - 03:43 PM

I inherited a new counter in the kitchen. Because it is below the dishes and such that aren't mine, and I am super paranoid, I felt like I needed covers for my appliances before they migrated over. I also wasn't about to spend $50+ on a toaster and mixer cover. Holy crap they're expensive! So, I made my own. This is the fruits of an afternoon of labor.



Super adorable! I'm not sure my MIL was thrilled when I told her they would be giraffe print, but because they are tan and brown they won't show stains much and it seemed practical. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!


We're doing encore pork loin for dinner tonight. I think I'll do some roasted asparagus for me and roasted taters for him. I'm beat from hours of sewing and have a thing to go to tonight still.

Do you take orders? Those are super cool!

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#858011 I Dropped My Guard... Bad Idea. Lol

Posted by on 11 March 2013 - 11:41 AM

I read the label when I buy anything with a label. I mean like, half n half. Cheese.

If it's got a label, I read it. That may seem neurotic, but it only takes me a second.

I also don't buy very much with labels on it! ;)  I was bothered by sour cream

that turned out to have corn starch in it (corn starch? really? :angry: ) some years ago

and have been hyper-vigilant since. I think of it as like using condoms- it only works

if you do it EVERY TIME! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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