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Member Since 18 Mar 2007
Offline Last Active Jul 27 2014 04:31 PM

#849336 Juice Fast

Posted by on 19 January 2013 - 05:30 PM

Hi, I'm new to this site and I'm on day 9 of juicing only. I have been using an 80/20 veggie to fruit ratio and no sweeteners. I went through the normal detox symptoms (headaches, fatigue, etc.) The past two days I was feeling great then last night I added a little wheatgrass to my green juice. I immediately had bloating, cramping, and have been in the bathroom repeatedly. I then read that wheatgrass is gluten free unless it has seeds. I checked my container and the bottom was full of seeds! My doctor had been wanting me to try gluten free to see if I noticed a difference but I would never commit. This past fall I was ill and was put on over 5 five antibiotics including shots too. The meds made me feel just as bad as the problem. So, I started the juicing to clean out my body. I don't need weight loss. I feel horrible right now! Obviuosly, I had a reaction to the wheatgrass, what do I do now?

Um, gotta say now is when you go gluten free darlin.
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#848544 The What's For Dinner Tonight Chat

Posted by on 14 January 2013 - 05:36 PM

I roasted a chicken! A whole one! And it's DELICIOUS. The internet really does
know everything! Hahahahahah!!!!!!
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#848169 Are You Beyond Your Past Intolerances? Needed Answers For How To.

Posted by on 12 January 2013 - 12:02 PM

I have been gluten free for 8 years, I developed a (likely stress-related) intolerance
of all things tomato a couple years ago. Gave myself a year off, tried it again, was good.
Sometimes, you just have no idea.....
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#845819 The Funny Pages - Tickle Me Elbow - The Sequel

Posted by on 31 December 2012 - 01:21 PM

Hahaha, I read that as 'homemade cheesecake weapon' and thought, how appropriate.
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#844508 The What's For Dinner Tonight Chat

Posted by on 21 December 2012 - 12:56 PM

What is all this food chatter, pray tell? Do we not have more pressing concerns, like the
cabana boy roster? :D
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#844426 The Funny Pages - Tickle Me Elbow - The Sequel

Posted by on 20 December 2012 - 09:08 PM

Well, if the world ends today or tomorrow or next week or whenever the he**, nice having known
you all!
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#839323 Repercussions Of Cheating! :(

Posted by on 27 November 2012 - 02:08 PM

To the original poster, there is something I would like to share with you.

Some time ago I attended a work function where they showed videos of the
'higher ups' talking about the state of the company and blah-de-blah. Go, team,
yeah we get it. There is one thing that the vice president (now president) of the
company said that has stuck with me ever since, and that I try to apply to
everything I do, especially here on the board.

He said, "If you don't understand me, it's not because you didn't hear it right.
It's because I didn't say it right."

Too often, we forget that we are only able to see things through our own eyes.
We are not capable of seeing things the way other people do, so sometimes it
is hard to understand why we're not getting through, when it seems so clear to

Please accept my apologies on behalf of the other members of the board, if you
feel that you have been mistreated or trod upon in any way. Their intent is to protect
anyone else who comes along and sees careless messages about 'I can't stay gluten
free', because really, you can. If all you eat is plain ground beef and white rice, you
can. It is possible. I understand that your brain isn't working properly right now, and
that this is very hard to wrap your head around. I am glad that you understand the
consequences of not complying with the diet and I hope that the next time you are
this hungry, you will go to the grocery store and get plain ground beef and white rice
instead of a burger at McDonald's.

Like Colleen, I speak from a place of understanding the consequences, as I watched
my father die of leukemia when I was 22 years old. It is fear FOR you that prompts
all of the replies you see, and I hope you can see it as such.
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#838571 Question About Ener-G Bread For Thanksgiving Stuffing

Posted by on 23 November 2012 - 06:39 PM

Thank you!

The sad part is, I finally got the doc to order the whole celiac panel including genetic testing, so since we have been gluten free for two weeks hubby and I decided he should eat some gluten this week before his blood test so he ate thanksgiving at his parents house and is ridiculously sick today. :( I hope that's enough to make the tests accurate because he doesn't want to eat anymore gluten and feel this way anymore!

It may not be enough, Nicole, but the nice part is that even if the tests don't come back positive,
he can still eat gluten free and feel better. You don't need anyone's permission!
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#838037 The What's For Dinner Tonight Chat

Posted by on 20 November 2012 - 08:21 PM

Grew up in CT, no chicken and waffles around here!

And Lisa, how sweet he actually swept you off your feet. :wub:
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#836262 Cleaning Products With Gluten Inside Of Them?

Posted by on 13 November 2012 - 10:16 AM

Actually, the Ecover lemon scent dish soap has gluten in it, which I know because I use
the chamomile scent as shampoo (don't ask how that got started... :ph34r: ) And I bought a lemon
one by accident one day, and was reading it in the shower, and it says right there: wheat protein.
How wude! Definitely wouldn't want to use it on my dishes..... Anyhoo, it's certainly quite rare,
but certain products do contain gluten. Not products like baking soda, or epsom salts, or something
like that, but packaged things with more than one ingredient always warrant a look.
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#834886 Myths About Gluten In Everyday Non Edible Objects?

Posted by on 06 November 2012 - 06:01 PM

You wouldn't be suspicious of money that's changed hands in a bakery? Or the shopping cart
handle that shoppers push around while eating doughnuts? Children covered in Goldfish
crumbs? Don't we recommend that people get gluten-free pet food so their pets don't lick them w/
gluteny tongues? Like I said, it really is ok if it's just me, was only trying to give examples
of how hard it is at first (it was for me anyway, and again it might just be me) to remember
their hands aren't safe. < disclaimer-happy to admit I'm the only one who sees this stuff.
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#834879 Myths About Gluten In Everyday Non Edible Objects?

Posted by on 06 November 2012 - 05:45 PM

Money, books at the library, door handles, small non-gluten-free children, the grocery store/
shopping cart handles, other peoples pets, generally I sort of do always assume
my hands are covered in gluten... just how my brain works :ph34r:

My only point was that it just seems easier, to me, for someone who is new at this
to relieve themselves of any concern in their personal space when it comes to gluten.
It may not be the most logical, scientific, 'approved' way to go, but don't new people
have enough stress? I like to walk into my house and not worry about anything,
but I realize that's not an option for everyone. I'm really not trying to be contentious.
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#834877 Myths About Gluten In Everyday Non Edible Objects?

Posted by on 06 November 2012 - 05:26 PM

Well, maybe I'm the only one who ever thoughtlessly stuck their finger in
their mouth to remove a popcorn kernel that was stuck in their gums, or a
piece of roast beef stuck between teeth, or sat down at a restaurant booth
and started eating the chips and guac without washing their hands, or
unexpectedly wound up with a mouthful of hair. (which happens all the time
in my sleep- is it just me? :ph34r: )

That's entirely possible. :D
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#834825 Myths About Gluten In Everyday Non Edible Objects?

Posted by on 06 November 2012 - 01:48 PM

Just wanted to chime in here- I personally have a very mild wheat/gluten allergy on top of
the Celiac. I can wash my hands after handling gluten and be just fine, but I realized
while working at a breakfast buffet that some crumbs that had gotten stuck under a large
ring on my finger had caused a small rash to break out after about 8 hours.

I do not think, in general, that when new people are cautioned against personal care
products containing gluten, that it's because there is concern about them having a topical,
allergic reaction. It is simply too easy to stick your fingers, your hair, anything, in your
mouth. I have very long hair and have to tie it up when it's windy or it's constantly whipping
the chapstick/lipstick off my lips and pasting it onto my glasses (very annoying). It also
took me a VERY long time to learn NOT to put my fingers in my mouth. It's just too easy
for the substance of any personal care product to get transferred into someone's mouth,
and I see no reason why anyone should need to take the risk. It's too easy to avoid when
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#834416 The Funny Pages - Tickle Me Elbow - The Original

Posted by on 04 November 2012 - 07:08 PM

I totally don't need any oysters.... :ph34r:
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