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Member Since 06 Apr 2004
Offline Last Active Jul 21 2005 12:39 PM

Topics I've Started

Upper Gi Test

08 April 2004 - 02:11 PM

Has anyone here ever had an upper GI test? I have been hearing absolute horror stories about this test and do not want to have it done now...What were your experiences of this test and is it really THAT bad???

(I don't mean the endoscopy, but the one where they use tubes of liquid..)


06 April 2004 - 03:16 PM

Can anyone see this post?

B12 Deficiency

06 April 2004 - 01:10 PM

Hello all,

I'm brand new here and I have a few questions...

I just went for an endoscopy yesterday and am awaiting the biopsy results - my doctor said that my stomach 'looked' normal but he suspects Celiac based on my symptoms...I have already had a colonoscopy, and although my colon was twisted in two places, everything else looked/was normal.

My questions to you all are:

1. Do you have hearbeat problems when drinking ALL types of alcohol (I do not drink beer or wine coolers because they have always bothered me - I know that beer is a no-no for Celiacs) - I used to be able to have 2 mixed drinks if I went out for dinner with my friends - now I can only have 1 drink (if that) and I have rapid and very 'hard' (and skipped) heartbeats afterwards.
Also - Does coffee bother any of you? I'm not sure if this is an allergy or a Celiac symptom - my heart also races with coffee/cream/sugar.

2. Do any of you have a B12 Deficiency or have had associated Anemia? I was diagnosed with B12 Deficiency (I'm 31) in December and my doctors cannot find what is causing the deficiency...They are thinking possible Celiac...Have any of you had a similar experience/link between the two??

3. Do any of you have pain on the right side of your navel (diagonally about 1 inch from your right on the top)? I have had episodes of extreme pain there - If I press on that area while digesting, I will be keeling over in agony for hours (it hurts to breathe)...I have to buy pants with a large waist...

4. I have GAINED weight over the past few months - I noticed that losing weight was a common Celiac symptom, but have any of you gained weight with this disease??

I think I have many other common Celiac symptoms - the bloatedness, extreme fatique that hits me out of nowhere, bad vision (although they say this is not a symptom), muscle and joint aches/spasms (related?), dizzyness, bad memory, and so many more!!!

- I would really appreciate any help that you are all willing to give me - I have days where I am able to function and days where it is so hard to get out of bed...Thanks ahead of time!

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