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Member Since 14 Apr 2007
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My Husband Spent The Last 24 Hrs. In The Hospital

01 May 2007 - 07:10 PM

It started with that d*&% orange on Thrus. night. He felt a burn in his stomach right away and the pain only got worse. We made him a doctors appt. first thing Mon. morning, he saw the dr. at 2:15 and his family doctor told him he ulcers, had the nurse give him a shot of dimeral and wheeled him over to the hospital were they ran blood test and did CTs of his adominal area. He was hooked up morphine when he got in the bed and the med. helped with the pain so he slept last night. So this morning the GI dr. comes to see him in the only 45min. that I left so I didn't get to speak to him, all I know is what my husband which is on morhine at the time tells me that he mentioned something about Hepatis and asked he had any tatoos, and said he was concerned about his liver. Again this is what my husband remembers from the conversation which he was pretty out of it when he talked to this dr. Well I asked the nurse and the on call resident dr. about this and they didn't know anything. Oh, by the way I informed them all that he might not be celiac but seems to intolerance to gluten. They dicided to release him since he couldn't get into for the upper GI until Fri. morning. When they started preparing his dischrage paper work and un hooking his IV he started breathing hard, sweeting all over, bad chills, and throwing up. Needless to say the nurses were a little freaked out by this as I was, when they were all working around him and trying to get is IV started back up and said he's not going anywhere for now. He told them he was having a panic attach and that they happen atleast every month or every three months at the most. So they gave him some meds. to calm him down and it was so painful to see him like that in the hospital but I was relieved that it happened in the hospital this time because usually its at home and in the middle of the night. The on call resident of course say it's anxidy(SP) attacks. So know we went from testing for ulcers to finding about these attacks also. I told the nurse and the dr. what I read about all your sysptoms, but they say they aren't related and I just don't believe that. He just turned 40 this past December, is not over weight at all and have in the last month find out that his body isn't making testosterone and has to get injections every 3 weeks. So, what do all you have to say about a young somewhat healthy man, that has had stomach and bowel problems for over 25 years, lack of testosterone in the last 2 yrs.(we think about 2 yrs.), bad stomach burn they only morphine and dimeral helped subside, panic attacks so severe that he throws up, sweats and chills. All I want is for the drs. to find the answers, I'm so scared for him and our little family! Please help with any advise.


Any Drs. In Corpus Christi, Tx

29 April 2007 - 05:32 PM

We are looking for a doctor who knows about gluten and celiac, maybe even a stomach doctor. We live in Corpus Christi, TX.

Fire In His Belly?

28 April 2007 - 04:06 PM

Hi everyone,
you have all been so helpful, I thought I'd come to you for more advice. My husband ate an orange Thursday night and experienced a bad burn in his stomach, it's Saturday and he still has the burn in his belly. He says its not as bad as after he ate the orange but is still there. Any suggestions on what he can take for it?


How Does Oranges Affect You?

26 April 2007 - 06:32 PM

My husband is currently in alot of pain, the last thing he ate was an orange. He says he has never been able to eat ornages because they burn his stomach, even before we found out about gluten-free. He's only two months into the gluten-free diet. Also, he has had 3 tablespoons of pepto and still suffering. Could just an orange bother him that bad? He was just fine before he ate it. What should he do besides pepto?


Forbidden Ingredients?

24 April 2007 - 05:19 AM

I read "Wheat Free, Worry Free", and made a copy of the page that contains a list of "forbidden foods". Why do some products that seem to be gluten free have ingredients from this forbidden list? For instance; cirtic acid, mono- and diglycerides, all flavorings, etc. I'm concerner because I've heard Jiff PB is ok, yet it has mono- and diglycerides in the ingredients. I heard Cheetos are ok, yet they have cirtic acid in the ingredients. Is there a better list I should be going off of. We are only 2 months into the gluten-free world and I'm still floundering out here. All of you are so very helpful.


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