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little d

Member Since 18 Apr 2007
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In Topic: A New Weight Loss Support/accountability Thread

10 March 2009 - 08:43 AM

Hello ladies

I have been really bad, I have not posted anything on the site since November. When I last posted in November I believe that I was weighing in at 147 or 148ish well I have not done too good on my diet and gained and now up to 153 but kinda in my defence when I was weighed last I had jeans and jacket on I was getting a basic physical for working a temp agency, but I have also not stuck to my gluten-free diet so much either so I figured I needed to come back here and be accountable for my meals and what I am doing. Just a little about myself for the new ladies, I have been tested for Celiac but nothing was found becuase I was gluten free before testing and I feel much better with eating gluten free, so I try and follow the diet as much as possible and dinners that I make are mostly gluten free and sometimes they like it sometimes not.

So here we go:

B- coffee
srambled egg with ham on brownrice tortilla

D- 2 chicken quasadilla with brownrice tortilla
2 glasses of Tea

B- 2 cinnamon sugar toast


In Topic: A New Weight Loss Support/accountability Thread

09 November 2008 - 06:04 PM

Hi Ladies,

I have been trying really hard this week, I am now still at 148 but I can feel a difference in my clothes from last year. The pants that I wore to church this morning were not tight at all.

My meals for the last couple of days are

Thursday working ate at 1 am
64 oz total of Tea all night
snack- Sunflower seeds

Brown rice tortilla with sunshine patty
salad with sunflower seeds and gluten-free dressing

up at 1 pm
D- tuna cassarole with rice crakers

B- coffee
chex rice cereal

D- sw salad from McDonalds with gluten-free dressing
diet coke

B- coffee
chex rice cereal

D- gluten-free pizza with ham, onion, bell pepper, gluten-free cheese
coke zero

working tonight
Brown rice dinner
lots of tea

Happy eating ladies

In Topic: A New Weight Loss Support/accountability Thread

24 October 2008 - 06:39 PM

Hi Ladies

I hope the everybody is doing well. Everytime I start to post something about what I have eaten or post my weight I have to turn off the computer and go do something really quick and thought that I had posted. So here we go.

My weight is now back down to 148lbs after going up to 153lbs, don't know what I did to get up there but, I;m back down so I ok with this.

My meals for this week have pretty my been the same because I have not gone shopping to get everything that I am out of. I did go to this little Health food store and got a good deal on Kinnikink bread got 2 loafs of sandwhich bread 2 for $6.00 could not pass it up.

My meals as of Wendnesday
gluten-free waffles

D- stuffed potatos with gluten-free bacon, turkey, sour cream, chive onions, gluten-free cheese

L- left over stuffed potato with egg with a brown rice tortilla

D- 2 cinnamon sugar toast

brown rice tortilla with sunshine patty, with salad and sunflower seeds

up at 2pm
Cinnamon Dolce Latte from Starbucks (couldn't help myself)

D- gluten-free Sandwhich with ham and cheese

Now 32 oz tea
dinner for tonight will be brown rice tortilla with sunshine patty, salad with sunflower seeds.

I have finally cut down my diet soda intake by only one diet soda a week, and I am finally getting to the point that I really don't want it after I have opened it up.

Happy eating ladies have a good weekend.


In Topic: A New Weight Loss Support/accountability Thread

02 October 2008 - 01:13 PM

Hi Ladies

Liz what your losing I seem to be gaining, I am now 151lbs.

I am getting into some kind of Gluten, I think that it could be my daughters medicine that she is on because I have not had anything that I could think of in the past few days and I had to rush to the bathroom and work. I had tasted her medicine like I always do and it did taste nasty like she says.

Ok here are my meals for the last couple of days, if I can remember that much.

up at 6am
Coffee with LF milk and sugar
B- gluten-free english muffin with scrambled egg and ham, gluten-free cheese


D- gluten-free Maple buckwheat flake cereal with lf milk
32 oz tea
sunflower seeds
dinner at 1am
Tai Kitchen noodles Garlic something
another 32oz tea lasted for the rest of the night

Thursday up at 1pm
coffee with lf milk and sugar

I don't know what will be for dinner maybe spegetti.

Happy eating ladies

In Topic: A New Weight Loss Support/accountability Thread

26 September 2008 - 03:33 AM

Hi Ladies

I really have not been able to follow my diet since Monday because we had to go out of town for a funeral for my husbands grandmother. I tried to eat what I could that I thought would be good for me. Before we left I had mad some gluten-free brownies and I pretty much ate those until we came back.

I did weigh myself before we left and I was 148lbs.

Happy eating Ladies


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