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little d

Member Since 18 Apr 2007
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Topics I've Started

Possible Pregnant Too Early To Tell

13 August 2008 - 11:47 PM

Hi ladies I need someone to tell me that I am not weird.

Ok here goes, my last actual full flowing menstural cycle was on June 27th. I was to start in July following my trend of starting 3 days early which I have been doing this for a little over a year. A day before I was due to start my husband and I had sex that resulted in an oops! I do not remember ovulating and my breast did not get their usual tenderness before at all until Aug 3rd, 4th, 5th I did feel ovulation and on the 5th my breast started to get tender. Aug 1st I did spot something which was brown and a little red, just that one spot. Then finally Aug 6th I started to spot more starte out red and then fadded out to a lighter red almost a dark pink. It was more of spotting than it was an actual flow to things. My breast stayed tender which is unusal for me the week that I do ovulate is when my breast get tender on the nipple and around. On the 3, 4 and 5th ovulated and started on the 6th which made me 12 days late. My breast continued to stay tender sore on the sides and close to my armpits. And I continuded to feel like I was ovulating, since then my breast have continued to feel sore and tender and feel fuller, little tiny viens spider like have popped up around my breast fairly close to my areolos and nip and areola have darkened some. It has been 8 days and the tenderness has not gone away. I have also been experiencing getting hungrier quicker after my meals, if I don't eat i feel shaky like my sugar is low and nauseated. when I am working I usually last over 12 hours at time until I eat. Eat at 1 am and wont eat until 5pm. This last week I have had 3 episodes where I needed to eat before I was ready. I have been eating gluten free so there is no reason that I needed to be nauseus. This is pretty much how I felt when I was pregnant with my daughter. I have taken pregnancy test but have come up negative I think that I tested too soon because I tested first right when I was to start on the 27th so I guess I need to wait until I am due to start this next time. I do already have an appointment to see my obgyn on September 9th for a regular check so if I am not I can tell her everything.

So my symptoms are:
breast tenderness soreness with red spider like veins around the areolas and little dark in color on nips and areolas (which are usually pink)
hungerier sooner between meals that result in being nasueas
foods are funnier tasting/
what feels like ovulating (if pregnant I know this could be uterus stretching or ligaments)
tired more (but that is really hard to tell since I work nights)
urination (a little more i guess, but then I always pee urinate alot)
sex drive is really awsome in strength (usually take a few extra minutes to get where I want to go)

Sorry for TMI


You Would Not Beleive What The Dermatologist Said To Me

07 May 2008 - 06:49 AM

Hi all

I went to the Dermatologist on Monday because I ate a Subway sandwhich last week and something else with a flour tortilla I just did not follow my diet at all last week, by Friday I started to get a rash that looks to me to be DH. It was on my face under my lower lip and then traveled to my upper lip and spread to my nose it all looked to me like DH with the little blister like. A couple of spots on my arm and fingers. I had decided to go to the same Dermatologist that I went to last year because I did not want to wait to get referralls and all that, because I wanted to go while the rash was active. It does itch, more when I touch it, it looks the same as it always does little blisters very itchy, scaly when it heels. I really did not want to go to the same woman she is only a Physicans Assistant but all the other doctors were booked up and I needed to see about this while I was off and try to have it somewhat heeled before I went to work on Thursday, so I reluctantanly went because the last time she only came in to talk to me for maybe 5 minutes. All I was able to say was I eat gluten free and then she went into a tangent about "I bet its hard to eat anything" kind of speach ashured me that I did not have DH, told me that we could test it blah blah blah and left the room gave me so stuff to put on my arm and said if it does not go away with in a few days to come back. Well I did not because when I get it, it will last for 3 weeks and I'm done until the next year. By the time I went to her last year I was in my 3rd week and it was pretty much over. So when I started with my rash this time I did not want to wait because it is on my face and I needed to get it seen for work. This time she came in I had told her I believe the rash is becuase of the food I ate, she told me don't eat that anymore and bascically told me that DH only "ONLY" happens on the outer elbows. Then she breifly talked about using differant lotions that is good prescripbe me something and gave me samples that does seem to be working a little it is Locoid Lipocream (hydrocortisone butyrate 0.1%) cream. She then proceeded to tell me that she did not think that it was DH once again it "only happens on the outer elbows" and she was going to leave the room. I had kept asking what is she going to call it then and she said something like an internal drug response contact dermatitis pretty much telling me it is something internal that I am reacting to. No really I wanted to say. I had to invite her to look closer to my face touch it and she reluctantly did, her comment was it looks like Poison Ivy but she knows that it is not. I asked her did she want to test it she said not on my face but she looked at my arm again that had a little spot and it did look blistered one new and the other one was older and a little crusty so she did a biopsy. I had not a clue on what the biopsy entailed never had one so I said sure, but was not able to take an healthy biopsy because they did not have the right solution for that one so I have to go back. Not looking forward to that. If the biopsy comes back normal then I won't go back. It is sad that I had to push for something, I know what is wrong with me, I really had to go for work because working in the health field people freak when they see stuff that is wrong especially were i work.


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