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#482625 More About Dr. Kenneth Fine

Posted by on 07 November 2008 - 05:09 PM

Fiddle faddle, I totally agree. And many of us have tried alternative healings and testings which have not been "validated." No one forces anyone to use Enterolab. If we respect others doing alternatives but not Dr. Fine, we are not being consistent IMHO.

Neesee, that is fine if you have a clearcut reaction and clearcut improvement. I don't, and not everyone else does either. After months and months my doctors and I are certain I have a severe case of celiac.

My new GP (takes only gluten sensitive patients) said that she heard him speak in a conference and he was very well respected in the field. Then he put the test available on the internet, and around the same time there was some kind of picture or video of him where he was dressed casually with a beard or something on a hike???. Sorry can't remember the details. Anyway, the two things suddenly branded him as a maverick, out of the mainstream, etc.

Maybe he has decided that peers who treat him that way are not important to convince.

My GP says she has no problem with his testing, but she warns patients that it won't be respected elsewhere (like if they go to a GI).

The thing is, many of us have lost respect for mainstream medicine's closed minds too.

I prefer to give him the benefit of the doubt, and am much appreciative of his testing being available. I would have not found out I was celiac without it.
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