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In Topic: Is Anyone Here Rh-negative?

23 August 2007 - 08:30 AM

Hi there!

I'm O negative, celiac and do best on minimal grains.

Hi, Everyone:

I am new here, and this is my first topic ever posted! Wheeeee!

OK, here is a theory:

I have read on the Internet that a large number of celiacs in the U.K. have Rh-Negative blood types. I was fascinated, because I am with type O-Neg blood.

It is claimed that 20% of everyone in the U.K. is Rh-Neg anyway, and in the U.S., it is closer to 15% of the national population.

People with rare blood types are usually hypersensitive to things (like gluten/gliadin), so if any one out there is Rh-Neg, please RSVP! I want to see if there is a connection.....


In Topic: Adult Adhd And Celiac

22 August 2007 - 09:35 AM

I have the same issue with lack of concentration and forgetting things. I know it has to do with the celiacs because I've always been very focused at work and school. I've always been the walking dictionary in the office and now can't hardly remember to spell. It's extremely aggravating. I never had ADHD and nobody in my family was ADD. Now, I walk around feeling like I just had a six pack ( I wish ) and my eyes cross when I look at a computer screen.

I went off all wheat, barley and rye about four months ago and felt great for awhile. The brain fog lifted, I wasn't so exhausted and I didn't have stomach cramps and the rest of the fun stuff that goes along with celiacs. That lasted until a business trip in June. I tried to be very, very careful but I was sick as a dog when I came home. Ever since then I've been feeling terrible and the brain fog is back worse than ever. I figure after being off gluten for a few months the rebound when I inadvertently got dosed was the cause. I've been digging into anything that may contain gluten and throwing it away...I even found it in my hairspray, maximum hold Got 2 Be has wheat starch in it. I've quit chewing my nicotine gum since that has an ingredient that "may" contain gluten but I still feel pretty bad.

I'm even thinking of trying the Master Cleanse two week fast to see if I feel better so I can better isolate what is causing the problems when reintroduced. So many of the foods that state they're gluten free, or that they only contain milk or soy products are still cross contaminated.

My original doctor left the clinic so I'm heading in today to see if her replacement has a clue what to do with me to help me get back on track. If I can't start concentrating better and get over the exhaustion, it's going to start affecting my work and I can't have that.

If anyone has had similar experiences, please share them and let me know what the outcome was.

Grey, it is good to meet you on this forum. I hope we can exchange experiences and learn from this, because it seems most doctors don't study ADHD or celiac much.

Bottom line, I'd tell you people with ADHD spend forever trying to find the right drug and then the right dose. They go through all kinds of side effects trying to decide if it's really better. As sick as you are, I wouldn't take that on and confuse the issue right now.

My story... long, sorry....A little over a year ago, I went to the doctor because I was tired of the ADD-type symptoms I felt like I always had (losing/forgetting things, exhausted trying to concentrate, forgetting names right after I meet people-- all the way back to when my parents got called in to talk to my Kindergarten teacher). I convinced my doc to send me to a psychiatrist, got diagnosed with inattentive ADD and started on Strattera. Strattera helped. It helped me be more on top of things, concentrate longer and get more done.

I still had other nagging issues though. Stomach problems come and go, I am skinny in strange ways (gaunt face, tiny arms, poor muscle tone even when working out), hypoglycemia, migraines, Raynaud's, muscle twitches. When I get weak or stressed, a whole pile of symptoms comes along, but the doctors always tell me it's stress or in my head.

Recently I was researching for a single thing that could explain all these strange symptoms, and learned about celiac. I tried a gluten-free diet just to see, and in three days I was feeling better than I ever remember feeling. Hypoglycemia, brain fog, gas, all gone. It's been over a month now. I started taking B-12 and B complex vitamins and that made me feel even another bunch better.

But now I'm in a pickle...I had to take the max dose of Strattera for it to work (now realize duh, bad intestines). That now makes me totally loopy. I've cut my dose almost in half and I'm not even sure I can handle that much. I don't even know if I need it at all... But I'm stuck between my primary care doc and psychiatrist who have no idea what I'm talking about with celiac at all.

Sorry, this was long. I can tell that you're sicker than I ever was--I never got admitted to the hospital! But my experience says you could have ADHD, or maybe you have been malnourished for a long time without knowing it. I don't know about you, but I'm sure I ate wheat at least couple of times a day for almost 30 years. I hope you can stabilize and get your nutrients in order before you have to make a decision about ADHD...please keep posting!

In Topic: Coke Pepsi Sprite Gluten?

25 July 2007 - 08:50 AM

It cannot be unequivocally stated that coke is gluten free. The excerpt below cites a reply from Coke Customer Service to an inquiry...

The FDA has no definition of what is "Gluten-free" and everyone has different sensitivities. Medical testing has stated that anything over 20ppm can trigger sensitivities in some Celiacs and I can say that Coke bothers me.

Additionally, we can tell you that all of our other products meet Codex's definition of gluten-free, which is currently less than 200 ppm (parts per million) (0.02%) gluten. Codex is in the process of reviewing this standard and we are monitoring the progress closely. At this time the U.S. Food and Drug Administration does not have a regulatory
definition of gluten-free.

We can assure you that the exact amount of gluten in all these other products is very low - perhaps even zero. Some minor ingredients in these products are manufactured from plants that gluten-sensitive people could react to, so we are unable to state categorically that they are totally gluten-free even though they may have undetectable levels of gluten in them. The Codex guideline provides a very low threshold for gluten content. However, extremely gluten-sensitive individuals should discuss consumption of these products with their health care provider.

We hope this information is helpful. If you have additional questions or comments, please feel free to contact us again.

Industry and Consumer Affairs
The Minute Maid Company

Better safe than sorry. It's often be better to take a zero tolerance stance than risk inflicting any additional damage.

In Topic: Not Eating And Stomach Pains

18 July 2007 - 12:56 PM

Same thing. I actully have a low-level but persistent nausea all the time and have gained weight instead of losing it. I've always been a little heavy but my celiacs coincided with my quitting smoking and when I gained alot of weight and started with the stomach problems the doctors finally started doing testing but didn't want to believe it was celiacs since I was gaining instead of losing. It's not fair!! I thought I'd start to lose weight when I switched to a gluten free diet but I haven't lost an ounce and it's almost impossible to extercise with the stomach, joint pain and swelling but I try.

In Topic: Soy Sauce

28 June 2007 - 10:43 AM

Check it out!

The Kari-Out Company is making Panda Brand Gluten Free Soy Sauce Packets for commercial availability in the food distribution industry for Chinese restaurants and take out places.

Here's the link. Ask your favorite take out place to carry it and use it in your food prep? If you're a regular maybe they will. It's better than not being able to eat Chinese at all anymore!


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