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In Topic: Help With Test Results

Today, 02:30 PM

As Squirmy said I was also over 40 years before I was diagnosed. Like your daughter I was covered in DH lesions as a child and it was horrible. the doctors told my Mom that I had poison ivy in my bloodstream. Yea right. 

Be careful of Dapsone and if the doctor does prescribe it make sure they have done liver panels before and at least once a month during treatment as it can be very toxic to the liver. 

I got lucky and within a couple weeks gluten free I stopped getting new lesions unless I got glutened. It took quite a while for the lesions I had to heal and it did take a long time for the antibodies to leave my skin. That meant that when I got glutened I would breakout quickly. Now I am about 13 years gluten free and DH is last thing thing to show up and even then I only get a spot or two. I hope your daughter heals quickly like I did but for some resolution of the lesions can take longer. 

In Topic: Very Big Decision To Make But Need Some Distractions

Today, 02:11 PM

Eloise thank you for thinking of us when your heart must be breaking. 

God only loans us his angels and the time he allows them to be with us is never long enough. 

Please let Melissa know that we are thinking of her and praying that if God wants to take her home that her journey home will be without any more pain. 

Prayers continue for her and your family. 

In Topic: Help With Test Results

Today, 03:37 AM

So good to hear that she is finally able to see a derm. I hope the appointment gets you some good results. Keeping my fingers crossed on that. 

I also had severe DH like Squirmy and I did have both DH lesions and hives at times. The hives were horribly itchy but they were larger than the DH lesions and didn't get the blisters. They also resolved more quickly and didn't scar. Mine were mostly pressure hives and would show up in a linear fashion like under my waistband, bra bands and where seams from my clothes would put pressure on my skin. 

In Topic: Muscle Twitches, Panic Attacks, Dizzines... Help

Today, 01:18 AM

It would definitely explain the chronic body wide muscle twitches.

The twitches come from impact on your nervous system. Do be sure to get your vitamin and mineral levels checked. You haven't been gluten free very long and it takes some time to heal. 

In Topic: Test Questions

Today, 01:08 AM

Is this something that is traditionally done by the GI? My endo doc did Vit D, B12, liver, and kidney function along w/ the celiac panel, but didn't check iron. 

Those tests can be ordered by any doctor not just by a GI as celiac is an autoimmune disorder not strictly a gastrointestinal one the follow up tests, other than an endo if you choose to have one, can be done by any doctor you see.

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