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In Topic: Do I Need To See A Gi?

Yesterday, 12:16 PM

I wish your Endo had thought to tell you that you needed to stay on gluten. You will need to go back on gluten to ensure that your biopsy is not a false negative. Be aware that there can be false negatives on biopsy even without having stopped gluten for a couple of weeks.

The choice to biopsy is yours to make. It sounds like you have a doctor's diagnosis from your Endo. If you should find that the challenge results in severe symptoms do call the GI doctor's office and let them know. Some of us have more severe reactions to gluten after being gluten free for even a short time.

Glad you have been feeling better and hope you recover quickly from the challenge if you choose to do one. 

In Topic: Celiac's Diagnosis Saved My Life!

Yesterday, 04:04 AM

Sorry it took you so long to get a diagnosis. False negatives on testing cost me a lot of years of pain also. 

I only eat at places that have a gluten free menu. I have had good luck with PF Changs and also Wendy's. 

I go into a web search and put in my zip code and the words 'gluten free restaurants' and quite a bit come up.  I still make sure I tell them that I am gluten free when going as some places will have a seperate gluten free menu. 

In Topic: False Negative Test Results?

18 October 2014 - 03:32 AM

 False negatives do happen. It delayed my diagnosis for many years. However if you want to have celiac related testing done you have to be eating gluten. If you have stopped and improved and any introduction makes your symptoms come back then you know that your body doesn't want it. That will make a challenge difficult.

 You should get the total IGA and IGG done. I have never seen a 0 for those gliadin related tests before. Doesn't mean it doesn't happen I have just never seen it.

You both have very low B12. A sublingual supplement will help with that. Do ask the ped before giving it to your child though. Low B12 is quite common for folks with celiac. 

In Topic: Anxiety?

17 October 2014 - 11:41 AM

I had problems with both anxiety and depression prediagnosis. I no longer have any issues with depression unless glutened. My anxiety didn't resolve but that came from trauma rather than celiac. Many do have resolution of anxiety off gluten but if it doesn't after a couple months don't be afraid to get a bit of counseling to help you deal with it. 

In Topic: Treating Celiac With Psychedelic Drugs?

13 October 2014 - 01:52 AM

The only way something like that would be feasible is if they were able to remove the psychedelic aspect of the drug. I don't think the general population would get much done during the day while they were watching the walls turn colors and their grasp on the reality around them was oozing away. Psychedelic drugs can also be dangerous for people with certain mental health issues.