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Member Since 09 May 2007
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In Topic: American Idol Fans?

21 May 2007 - 11:51 PM

Im going to miss tommorow night, weill someone tell me how well they sing tommorow, so when i do get home i can vote for the best lol. My stepson graduates from jr high tommorow so i will be there til about 8 or 9. But i still want to vote lol


Hi, I will be happy to post, and let you know what happens! :lol: I will warn you I LOVE Jordin :D

In Topic: Heat Problems

19 May 2007 - 11:37 PM

Dear SunnyDyRain,
That is exactly why you get cold quickly! I have had the same trouble. People think I am weird wearing sweats in the summer. I have the exact same temperature range I can tolerate too! You know, the best exercise for me is walking. I do not have a lot of energy, so it is easier on me. I also do not get overheated. Yoga is a good thing for stress relief. When you are able to do the moves, it is good to do them.

I see my doc again in early June. Synthyroid did not do a lot for me, either. Weight-wise it did nothing. The side effects were less than pleasant, as I mentioned before. My doc is good about not shoving pills at me. That is why I stopped seeing the last PCP I went to. Drugs are being overused by doctors for the most part.

Normally, you need one teaspoon of iodized or sea salt daily. There are iodine pills made from seaweed, too. GNC carries them. I do not know if they are gluten-free, though. Iodine can be derived from various sources.


:blink: This sweating, and cold issue I have also, course I blamed it all on my fibromyalgia, but now after reading this thread sounds like it could be from being a celiac, all I know is, between the 2 of these problems, I am a mess :(

In Topic: I Need Someone

17 May 2007 - 03:17 AM

if any of you know me, or feel like you kind of know me and dont mind a winer i need someone to talk to, just in general. I have lost everyone in my life that i can conside in and im all alone and its starting to eat me up inside. I have been really hurt lately by alot of people i considerd close to me and im feeling all alone. I try to talk to my "guy" friends but you know how that goes.. if anyone has the time or acually "cares" my msn is s0l3d@hotmail.com

Hi Lister, I am just finding this post. I am going to e-mail you OK. I am also in need of a good friend to talk to, and I am also a good listener. I am so sorry you are going through so much right now, I also have alot on my plate as well. I am sure we will have much to share with each other. Look for my e-mail, it will have my name Annalee in the address. :)

In Topic: American Idol Fans?

17 May 2007 - 03:11 AM

Jordins last song gave me goosebumps, i love how she does that song.

Simon always has comments about the songs and the ages of the songs and contestants. He is just jealous that he is not young anymore lol


This is my thought on Jordin........this young lady is the whole AI package! I think she is just an awesome wonderful young talent! I am also so happy over last night finale 2 show!
I like simon very much, but when he makes remarks like, you are 17!!!!! and you should not be singing a song like that! gggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. The girl shows so much emotion when she sings, well I do not want to ramble here, lol I guess you know who I want to be THE idol for this season :D

In Topic: Prayer Request

17 May 2007 - 02:55 AM

:( Hi, everybody.

Mamaw (Sande) emailed me that she was hospitalized with sudden major thyroid problems. Apparently, her thyroid suddenly became super-hyper, pumping out massive amounts of hormone that sent her heart into afib. I got the feeling from her that the doctors didn't seem to know what's causing this or what to do.

So please join me in some prayers on her behalf. Or post here if you have any clues on why a gluten-free celiac would suddenly develop this.

Thanks so much.

I will certainly add her to my prayer list. That was very sweet of you to let us know what her situation is.

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