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Member Since 09 May 2007
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Frustrated Weightlifter

09 May 2007 - 09:41 AM

Finding my way to a gluten-free forum would have been the last thing I would have thought I would do today. I have some sort of scalp folliculitis and began looking around the web for solutions when I ended up at the forum. Someone had success by going gluten free. Then I kept looking around the forum and found interesting stories about people into weightlifting/bodybuilding who regularly had problems gaining weight. While Im not necessarily suspecting that I have gluten intolerance, I wanted to ask some questions.

First off I must say, that going on a gluten free diet would for me be over the top trauma, to the scale of losing a family member or something. Bread has always been my favorite food, as my mom, dad, myself, and one sister regularly make homemade bread. Then of course theres pasta, cereal, beer well, you all know better than I.

So here are my questions:
Should there be some symptoms for gluten intolerance that I should be able to key in on?

For my weightlifting goals (gaining muscle mass/strength) I need to be able to absorb nutrients, and from what Ive read, gluten-intolerance can inhibit that. If I have been able to gain weight in the past (like going from 135 to 195lbseven though my muscle gain was not so much), does that show that I dont have a problem with the absorption? For me it is hard to gain muscle, but easier to gain fat (dont we all have that?); would this be indicative of bad nutrient absorption? In reality my frustration comes from this perceived inability to gain muscle.

People here talk about changing toaster ovens, cutting boards, etc. etc. to rid themselves of the gluten. Right now Im just interested in sampling a gluten-free diet for a few weeks to see what effect it has, rather than implementing a life-changing diet. Will it all be futile if I still sometimes ingest trace amounts of gluten, or would that not affect me so much?

For a bodybuilding diet I strive for meals full of protein and complex carbs. Would there be anything wrong with the following diet:
a corn based cereal w/milk, egg beaters
gluten free protein powder (Optimum Nutrition) and some complex carb (cant be bread anymore)
meat/poultry, rice, veggies (green beans, carrots, broccoli

I would, of course, have these meals various times a day to reach 5-6meals a day.

As hard as it is to keep a bodybuilding diet and have people constantly criticizing me, having both that and a gluten-free diet (especially at restaurants with friends) seems impossible. You all deserve medals of honor for being gluten free!

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