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Member Since 09 May 2007
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In Topic: The Funny Pages - Tickle Me Elbow - The Original

18 September 2008 - 03:23 PM

But wait. ... . . . ..... :unsure: Here's the most interesting thing of all. . .. . . ...... . Who is Cindy R?? Should we not try to find her, bring her into the Psilly brethren? :lol:

Hmmmm. . . . ..this brings up an interesting point - - we know the thumb correlation for length. . ... . ...is it the same formula for width? :huh: :rolleyes:

Next time! And anyways.. .. . . methinks the cufflinks cancel out any positive signals from the thumbs.. . . . ....

We ARE stooges and morons!! :lol: :lol:

Oh yes...that IS an interesting point...however, I have always heard the nose was the true measure of a man...

Ruminating on the erogenous buttock area zone the past couple of days ...I've come to the conclusion that sadly, for us celiacs that is a phallacy...the fault line in that zone is prone to eruptions (ie. Mt. St. Helens' reference) ...could cause some pserious dephlation in the plumbing fixture (ballcock) ...sadly we may have to phorgo yet another pleasure...

oh yes..as for sauerkraut up the nose...not as fun as it seems it would be, LOL

In Topic: The Funny Pages - Tickle Me Elbow - The Original

16 September 2008 - 04:32 PM

B) Ok....here I sit with ten minutes to spare, so I decide to check in on my old friends here....o.m.g. this thread....Frenchmen's balls...Pleeting windows of opportunity...Dingo ...Mtndoggie...Patti...and even Judy..I am pshocked, yes pshocked and full of apallousness at the way you all have become so ....so......sigh...words fail me.
Dingo--your behavior reminds me of something...words to a song...I think by Johnny Rivers.....
Patti--flying by the seat of your pants, girlfriend... :P
Mtndoggie..omg...you Helles Belle wild thang... :lol: B)
and most of all ...Judy..omg...... and I thought you were an angel...Unbend that halo girlfriend!!!! :)


Just a drive by .... LOVE YOUSE GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


gluten-free since 2005 member since 2005
Low Oxalate 2007
formerly a complete mess..now a smaller B) mess, lol

In Topic: Happy Birthday 'gluless' Aka Robbin

06 November 2007 - 07:56 PM

THANK YOU GUYS!!!! It was a great day. I am 39 again this year, lol.

Big hugs going out to you all!!!


In Topic: Oxalates And Nightshades

27 October 2007 - 08:08 PM

I think the urine test is one of those that you save for a week in a jug, remember how fun the last one was for you? LOL.

I am one who is eagerly awaiting FDA approval for the o. formigenes. The longer I am on the LOD, the clearer it becomes to me that this is a very serious issue for me. If I even have a teeny bit of bell pepper, sweet pepper, or potatoes, the pain in my joints lets me know that I can't tolerate it even with the calcium citrate. The dumping episodes are becoming more of a pattern. One thing that I notice is that increased activity, with a lot of muscle use, seems to cause a sort of release in that muscle group sooner. For example, one day last week, I was using my hands a lot scraping a table I am refinishing, and that night I had extreme pain in that hand just like before with fibro, but the next morning, it was gone completely! It is almost like the activity, coupled with the LOD and the calcium citrate, is making it all looser and working its way out of the muscles and myofascia.

Regarding metals-if metals are the main problem, and you don't have a huge buildup of oxalates in your tissues and are not having chronic D from high oxalate foods, then that should be the focus of your treatments, but if you are like me and have FM and a severe intolerance of oxalate containing foods, then metals aren't your main issue--getting rid of the crystals that are filling your life with constant pain is the main issue. It becomes especially important to deal with oxalates first when you start to have liver, kidney, bladder, eye, or reproductive damage.
One real fear is more autoimmune diseases cropping up, which is what I am dealing with in the eyes-chronic uveitis, or sometimes called iritis.
I think we have just scratched the surface of the links with autoimmune disease and oxalates.

In a recent issue of National Geographic (this summer, I believe-will check if anyone is interested) the topic of metals, toxins, and the effects on our bodies was the focus --most Americans have metals of some kind in their tissues. It seems to me that the condition of your immune system and intestines would have a huge bearing on how they affect us individually. Getting the oxalates under control has made a huge difference not only in the way I look and feel, but also in my thinking and handling stress, so I am hoping to keep this momentum and continue to strengthen my immune system enough to then deal with whatever else is floating around in my body. The main thing is that brain fogginess is gone and that says a lot about what affect the oxalates are having--if you have this symptom, and you can suddenly think clearer and focus, then oxalates should be your main concern, Imho. Anything that attacks my nervous system in such a profound way can't be ignored. People joke about FM and celiac brain fog, but I sincerely believe it is something that potentially can lead to permanent damage of our nervous systems.
Keep strong friends and keep LO--we will get our o.formigenes back one day soon and when we do, I will be eating mashed potatoes with gravy every day, lol.

In Topic: Oxalates And Nightshades

02 October 2007 - 06:06 AM

Wow, Donna, you have been through the ringer! I hope the low oxalate diet is the final piece of the puzzle for you. (It is me, Robbin, btw, lol)

For anyone with any questions related to starting the low oxalate diet, this is a great link to help you --


I hope this helps!! xoxox

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