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Had Bloodwork, Now I Am Confused

26 April 2004 - 06:04 AM

About 9 months ago I was having problems with bloating, gas and loose stool before noon. I finally traced it down to the milk I was drinking in the morning. I switched to Lactaid (lactose free) milk and most of those symptoms went away. I assumed I was lactose intolerant. Yet I can often eat cheese and ice cream and have no problems, but sometimes I will get small amounts of bloating and loose stool. But it is very inconsistent and take the lactase pills doesn't seem to make much difference. Because it was so inconsistent I was never convinced it was lactose intolerance. As an example, my wife made pasta with a beef/tomato sause and I was sick within 5 minutes of eating. The next night I ate the exact same thing and was not sick at all.

I went to my GP last week and told him of my problems and he did ordered a blood test. He said everything was normal except IGG. It was 32 (and said >30 is moderate to strong). He wants me to go on a gluten-free diet for a while to see if things get better. But what confuses me is that during the last month, I switched my breakfast from oatmeal and Lactaid milk to Kashi Organic waffles, soy sausage links and milk. Both have lots of soy protein and a good amount of fiber. My problems that weren't so bad to begin with have almost completely vanished. And those Kashi waffles have lots of gluten. I don't really see what going gluten-free will do now since I am not having very many (if any) symptoms. But if I don't have celiac disease, why did the IGG come back so high? Can other things cause the IGG to be high?

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