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#818797 Costco Broccoli Cheddar Stuffed Chicken Breast?

Posted by on 20 August 2012 - 04:10 PM

Everyone is welcome to buy this product and see if they react. It is by Full Circle. The title is All Natural, Fully Cooked, Hand Rolled Broccoli Cheddar Stuffed Chicken Breast containing Rib Meat Filled with Broccoli, Cheddar Cheese and Rice Pilaf Stuffing. All Natural Gluten Free. (Sounds tempting doesn't it?) I did send an e-mail to Costco to see if they had others reporting a reaction.

Please post if you don't react to it as I'm sure it is wonderful for all of us if more companies offer products. If you do let Costco know as I did.

I've had a couple of really great months with absolutely perfectly formed bowl movements and no emergencies. Best I've ever been since going gluten free over 5 yrs ago. So getting a painful, gaseous, bathroom emergency reaction with my intestines dancing around in painful knots made me really mad. I had gotten used to being out and about and not having to worry about finding a bathroom. The CeliacAid seemed to get things calmed down enough that I could walk my dogs last night but I'm not back to normal yet.

Products I absolutely love at Costco include:
Labeled Gluten Free Butter Chicken (excellent Indian chicken with sauce)
Labeled Gluten Free Saffron Road Chicken Tikka Masala (hotter than the Butter chicken so if you don't like spicy this is not the product for you but you'll be fine with the Butter Chicken)
Labeled Gluten Free Quick'N Eat Angus Choice Beef Patties (great fully cooked hamburger patty for when your lazy)
Harry's Organic Tapioca Pudding (I don't think this is labeled gluten free but we've had it many times with no reaction)
Stuffed Grape Leaves (I can't remember the brand name but I believe they are labelled gluten free - stuffed with rice and veggies)
Sliced turkey (probably labeled Gluten Free)
Their shredded chicken and shredded beef. Both labeled gluten free.
Smoked pulled pork labeled gluten free (I don't have all the products at home right now so don't know all the brand names)
Slice cheese variety pack
Rotisserie chicken
Wholly Guacamole
Mexican shredded cheese
Almonds and Pecans (raw nut bags)
Maple syrup
Kirkland vanilla ice cream
Organic frozen vegetables
Organic salad pack

Probably part of my disappointment is that I've had such good results with trying Costco labeled gluten free products. It is my go to location for prepared meat products.
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#791254 Teeth Cleaning At Dentist's

Posted by on 26 April 2012 - 05:29 PM

I'm not sure if anyone posted this but the flavorings in the polishing compound often contain gluten. Plain pumice does not so ask for that. If they don't have it don't let them polish your teeth.
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#746925 Social Situations

Posted by on 12 November 2011 - 10:26 AM

My best tactic is to eat a huge meal before any type of potluck. That way when people ask why I'm not eating I can say "Oh, I just ate a huge meal and I'm stuffed". They can see on my face it is true. If I say I have food allergies everyone wants to know to what and what my reactions are.

I don't mind anyone knowing I can't eat gluten but it does get old after a while answering questions so sometimes I just don't mention it. Also some of the very well meaning people I know try to bring gluten free options but cross contamination is such a strong learning curve that we've all been through that it is unlikely that anyone gets it right on their first try. Nothing worse than having to run off because you got sick at a social event. Especially if it is the food served that made you sick. So I just avoid the food completely. I also follow the tip give above about treating it like a social situation where you move from table to table and not settle in at one where it is obvious that you aren't eating.

Good luck!
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#743888 Protecting Yourself From Cc At Other's Houses

Posted by on 02 November 2011 - 08:57 AM

I've stopped eating at people's houses. Even if they mean well they still get me sick. And they tend to get annoyed when they've specially served cut up fruit just for me and I won't eat it as the knife could have been used to cut bread just before or the cutting surface had crumbs etc. (I did get sick from cut up fruit one time and that ended my eating at someone else's house even if they try hard.) So instead I go out for a big meal just before going to anyone's house. If it is pot luck I bring one item that I can have and then I dive into it before anyone else can so there is no cross contamination with the serving spoon from touching a gluten item on someone else's plate.

Everyone looks a little confused when I say I just ate but it works better for me than getting sick. I make sure to eat a really big meal before going so that I'm convincing when I say I'm full and I'm not tempted when they are urging me to try just a bit of this or that as they know it is gluten free since they prepared it.

In terms of a wedding I did eat successfully at one but the caterer was very knowledgeable about gluten free food. If your going to something like that talk to the caterer and see how knowledgeable they are. If they aren't I would bring my own food and not eat theirs. In my case they served the food themselves, it wasn't self serve. Caters are much better about cleanliness than the general population. The non-gluten items were first in the food line so they were added to plates prior to any gluten items going on them and they had my gluten free bread wrapped up in plastic and set aside. I had a great meal and didn't get sick.

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#677471 Super Sensitive And Living In A Mixed Household

Posted by on 22 February 2011 - 11:43 AM

I'm sorry to hear about your situation. When I first went gluten free we tried a mixed household. It did not work. My husband got crumbs on everything. So we went gluten free in the house for a period of time. He still would bring home takeout and get gluten all over things like the microwave handle or refrigerator handle that I didn't know about. Eventually I banned gluten from the house. Now all is good as he only eats it at work.

Once while we were on vacation he went to a restaurant and ate a meal while I was doing something else. Later on he came back and we kissed hello, a light on the lips kiss. 20 min. later I got sick. I asked him what he ate and 'Oops' it had gluten.

I can only suggest that you set up your own gluten free kitchen in your room since it isn't your house. Get a dorm refrigerator, a microwave and your own set of dishes that you hand wash in your sink. You will have to buy all your own grocery's and not share with your parents. If your old enough consider getting your own place. If not then I think your stuck with having your own simple kitchen.

Almost forgot to mention, you will need your own cooking dishes, cooking appliances etc. We found that anything without a seam could be cleaned adequately. But anything with could not. So serving spoons that were all one formed piece of metal were OK. Those with plastic spoon, metal handle were not. A glass bowl was OK. A metal pan with the handle bolted on was not. We bought a new mixer and blender as I constantly reacted to anything made in our old ones no matter how well we cleaned it.

Good luck!
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