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Iud Options

27 February 2009 - 07:00 AM

I am 28 years old. I have been gluten free for 1.5 years (woo hooo) and am at the stage where I need to reconsider my birth control options.

1. I was previously on hormone therapy "the pill" because I did not get my period for over 6 months. I was doing fine on it, but did not have a sexual partner and decided to stop taking it after 1+ years.

2. Last year I was on the Nuva Ring - before they figured out I had Celiac Disease they thought I had ovarian cysts. This product was not the one for me. (My body kept pushing it out and it became very uncomfortable)

3. I am very comfortable using latex condoms. But as of late, my period has gone wack-a-do. 30-51 days between cycles causing some level of concern (I just became an aunt because of 1 "oops" and whenever I am late I start to have nightmares about being pregnant)

I had a nice sit down chat with my lady bits doctor and we discussed IUDs: Mirena (5 year, plastic, hormonal) and ParaGuard (10 year, copper, non-hormonal)

First off, she took some blood and is re-checking that my thyroid is a-ok.

We also discussed going back on the pill, but I expressed my concern for 2 reasons:

a) If I am glutened my body goes nut-so and I am concerned about absorption and efficacy (I know what the studies say about villi damage occurring only after prolonged exposure to gluten - but if I am dealing with 8-11 bathroom trips a day while glutened, I am pretty sure my body isn't absorbing all it should.)

B) I have also had 2 friends, non-smokers who suffered from blood clots, attributed to their long-term use of birth control pills.

I was pretty against the Mirena, for the hormone reason, but she informed me that its only Progesterone (not estrogen - the hormone linked with blood clots) and that its a very low dose.

So I am now rethinking my stance. That if my blood work comes back and my thyroid is fine and my body is either not ovulating regularly or just likes to make up its own schedule, that perhaps the Mirena might be a solid choice.

Please share!

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