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In Topic: Soy Help

29 January 2008 - 08:11 AM

So my daughter has been gluten-free/CF since late Nov. She just turned 4yrs old, has been dx celiac disease by regular Ped and "possible celiac" by GI(already on gluten-free and chose not to challenge for tests but she does have a great pos response to diet and DQ2 gene)

So right when we switch diet over she was doing beautifully. Now we are starting to see some symptoms return. Could have been gluten once or twice by eating out, but other than that we have been VERY careful. I am now afraid she might be having reaction to soy. She is complaining of tummy hurting and constipation and VERY large poops are back. :(

I am worried this will leave very little to eat. The envirokidz cereal and animal crackers and almond crackers she loves and I see soybean in them. Do I need to remove those or just soy milks and soy cheeses? The almond milk has soy lecticin. She likes rice milk which is great but I need some cereal and snack ideas that are free of soy too??? Any help please..........I just want my little girl to feel good again!


Bayleigh is allergic/intolerant to soy. Her allergist gave me cards from FAAN that i keep in my purse to let me know which ingredients contain her allergens. The soy one says that studies have shown that most people allergic to soy can safely consume soy oil and soy lecithin. We had already been COMPLETELY soy free for a month when i reintro'd soy oil and soy lecithin. No reactions. HTH!

In Topic: Mentions Of Gluten-free In Kids' Shows

21 January 2008 - 11:29 AM

My daughter got all excited because a character mentioned gluten-free marshmallows on Hannah Montana today. The show was a little negative about it but my little girls thought it was so cool. :)

Anyone know any other mentions of gluten-free diets in kids' shows?

AWESOME! i hate how it's always negative mentions that intolerances/allergies get.

There is a radio station in Dallas (i don't know if it's everywhere), and it has no DJ's it's all computerized and it plays random songs, but it's just about commercial free, and mostly just plays music. They do say little things in between songs sometimes. the other day i was listening and they said "Okay, so we aren't commercial free, but hey... we are gluten-free" I guess since there are no Dj's and it's just computers it is true lol. I was pretty happy to hear it mentioned like that :) Maybe people will start understanding what gluten is soon :)

In Topic: Cronic Ear Infections

20 January 2008 - 12:21 PM

Wow to read this and realize I am not alone and the problems I am dealing with are somehow all related to celic. It really does ease my mind. I have been up against a problem that I am not sure is related... My 15 month old is believed to have celiac and has been on a gluten free diet for months now and we have seen huge changes. The problem that we can't seem to end is cronic ear infections. The current ear infection she has we have treated with five yes five rounds of antibiotics. 3 different kinds and a shot. They keep saying that kids sometimes need more then one dose and on and on. She will be getting tubes however they can't until her ears have healed. She has had ongoing ear infections since turning one and some prior. Is not responding to antibiotics related to celiac or just something unique to her? They said none of the antibiotics given had wheat perhaps it is an absorption issue? If anyone can give me some insight I would really appreciate it. Thanks so much.

i agree to remove dairy immediately and possibly soy. I know asthma can run with celiac, are ya'll dealing with that as well? My daughter has celiac, asthma and multiple food allergies, and at our last check-up with the allergist a little survey thingy i filled out before her appt. asked if she had a problem with ear infections. She actually has had two this past fall, but i really associated them more with allergies, that turn into colds, that turn into upper respiratory infections or ear infections. I dunno maybe it does have something to do with celiac. I know sometimes Bayleigh is resistant to drugs. She got pink eye from pre-school (i hate how my kid gets sick all the time now that she's in pre-school) and she would not respond to the drops they gave her at first. She had it three times, and the fourth time (within a month) her Dr. wrote her an RX for stronger drops, and it finally went away. Bayleigh is always sick when her asthma is not in control though, so i thought that could possibly be ya'lls problem!? Good luck, hope ya'll figure this out, and WELCOME!!!

In Topic: Nighttime Reactions

18 January 2008 - 12:03 PM

I am German, living currently for the past 6 years in the state, that in Germany however they do cook other things in the same oil they cook the frenchfries which are not glutenfree, the Apple and cherrypockets for example are fried in German y (which makes them so much tasdtier I don't like the ones here in the states) but ti does however add gluten to the oil, also the hasbrowns there I'm not sure are a 100% glutenfree or what ever! even if the frenchfries are glutenfree you can NEVER count on it that the oil is glutenfree since often things get cooked in the same, just like here inthe states! ;)

Vanillaeis, thanks for the hint, when we where brandnew to this whole things just several short motnh ago, I stil gave my dd the MC donalds fries, not thinking that the Nuggets and stuff are done in the same oil, I was dumb! I did however suspect that their frenchfries might as well contain wheat too since I read my homefries and dfid in fact see there too that those simple fries contained milk AND wheat- I had always thought frenchfries are only potatoes! I was dumb, now I know that ALL the lables ALWAYS have to be read and that if you are not sure aobut some thing you should not ever give it to your child (of if you the celiac yourself). I bought a book I think is worth Gold, it's called "Glutenfree for Dummies" you know those books yellow and black ! that book is awesome! not only is she a celiac herself and has been glutenfree since 91 she writes with such humor as well, that even though it's a pretty big book it's easy reading! I've read many other books on the subject but found that one to be the best! there is not a single thing she doesn't go into, startting from finding out aobut it to reading lables and what to be aware, from how to aks the right questions when calling customerservice of a producrt, to which things are naturally glutenfree to how to tunr every single one of your favourite recepies in to a glutenfree one to basking to how much glutenfree gloewr to use as a substitute for real one andandand, I'm only half way through and there is still so much more to come! I for example did not know that Soy-sauces ALWAYS contain wheat unless it explicitely says so on the bottle that it does not whichis rare! I did NOT know that Malt is a gluten-trap and is used in many things called natural falvore.... I can highly recommend this book to you! I LOVE it!

I actually just saw that book at the book store the other day, i was wondering if it was any good... like you, i read everything i can get my hands on about celiac :) If your kiddo has something you might as well know everything about it... i dont understand people that dont read. Thats why i like these boards. You can assume that if people take the time to get on here, that they are eduacated, or atleast they're trying. I know 2 celiacs in real life, and both of them are ignorant about celiac.

In Topic: Things Got Better, And Now They're Not

17 January 2008 - 02:13 PM

So, my son (4) tested positive on his celiac panel last June. We pulled the gluten and found a GI who was willing to work with us w/o biopsy. We saw changes in him fairly quickly, but his healing was slow and it was September/October before his belly pain was gone. His appetite tripled and he was starting to introduce foods back into his diet that he had eliminated. He is a VERY picky eater.

Then last November, before Thanksgiving, a stomach virus made it's way through my house. He was hit the hardest. My husband, daughter and me recovered completely within a week or two. But my son, the celiac, has had a stomach ache ever since. And over the last week or so, it's been getting worse. His appetite is way down.

We went to the GI and they ran every test under the sun, including the celiac panel (His TTG was down 50 points from June), so we know we're on the right track.

His diet is essentially the same as it was since last June.

He eats:
"chex" Health Valley corn and Rice chex
Muenster Cheese (Boars Head or Trader Joe's)
Lactose Free Milk
homemade gluten-free muffins
tinkyada or Trader Joe's pasta
Fruit: mostly apples, apple sauce and bananas
cottage cheese
Popsicles (Edy's or Trader Joe's, both gluten-free)

Yes, I know his diet isn't great. But it's not terrible. I would have to starve him until he caved to get him to eat meat or beans, (Or peanut butter, or any alternative source of protein) or anything he doesn't want to, so pulling the dairy would be really tough.

So what gives? His school is the same. They don't use play dough in his classroom. Our house is 100% gluten free, even for stuff he wouldn't eat if I gave him a million dollars.

Plus I don't think it's gluten because his BM's are normal, and any cc causes yellow floating yuckies.

Feeling a little nutsy here. We occasionally go out to eat, mostly to Asian restaurants like Wagama, where he gets a plain bowl of rice noodles and we put fresh lemon or lime juice on them.

I'm just stumped. What the heck is going on here?

I would remove dairy. Lactose is digested at the tips of the villi. If those villi arent there you're lactose intolerant. Being on dairy in someone that is first diagnosed with celiac can prevent the villi from healing. I would remove dairy immediately. Bayleigh's Dr tells all patients he diagnoses w/celiac to go casein free immediately. I kept Bayleigh on dairy for 2 months after going gluten free. She improved immediately, and after two months her reactions started all over again. Try it for a week and see what happens. You'll see instant results. We did.