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In Topic: In A Food Rut, Need Help Out

20 June 2008 - 09:53 AM

Thank you so much for posting this. :rolleyes: I had tried to ask a similiar question on a different board but didn't word it right because I didn't quite get the response I was looking for. But at the present time my 13 year old celiac daughter is tired of alot of the gluten free foods and so wishes that she could just once have a regular pizza or McDonalds chicken strips, etc. She wouldn't cheat and she knows that she has to be gluten free and has done really well with the gluten free diet but like you said I think we are just in a rut. And it is true that now that the kids are home from school there is more cooking involved and I am at times at a loss as to what to make.

Thanks again for asking this question. I think we all sometimes have this problem. Even before gluten free I would have trouble of what to make tonight that everyone likes and is easy and fast, etc. etc.

son 18 UC,EE, IBS, Asthma
daughter 13 Celiac Disease dx 9/07 & UC dx 1/08

In Topic: Where Can I Find A Picture Of A Toddler With Celiac?

14 January 2008 - 06:26 AM

Thanks for posting this. It is true that everyone can look differently but after looking at this drawing I now realize that my daughter did have that type of belly before dx. And I just thought it was baby fat and that she would stretch out during puberty and lose the belly then. Never gave it a thought that was how someone with Celiac could look.

Thanks again.


son 18 UC,EE, IBS daughter 13 dx Celiac 9/07

drawing: www.pigur.co.il/imgceliac/celiac.jpg this one works, sorry about the other one! (Cut and paste in your browser.)
related discussion with link to same drawing (link actually works in this one): www.glutenfreeforum.com/index.phpshowtopic=18505

In Topic: Could Daughter Get Glutened From The Cat?

28 December 2007 - 04:36 PM

Thanks everyone for all the advise. I am now looking into the various brands. The nearest vet has some called Feline ZD which costs $18.33 for a 4lb bag. Have also looked into California Natural & the Innova Evo brands. I will definitely look into the Friskies too as I do have coupons for that brand.

Thanks again everyone. She is still get glutened from something so it could possibly be from the cat. Appreciate all the advice.


I just switched to Friskies Signature Blend. It doesn't appear to have gluten in it. I'm sure it's not the best food out there, but it's better than what we were using & the price is still reasonable.

In Topic: Could Daughter Get Glutened From The Cat?

24 December 2007 - 11:56 AM

What do you feed your cat then?

Thanks for any info.


Yes, it is very likely that your daughter gets glutened by the cat. Cats lick themselves all over to wash, and if the cat eats food with gluten in it, there is gluten on the cat's fur.

Why won't your husband buy gluten-free cat food? Cats can't tolerate gluten any more than we can. Cats aren't meant to eat any grain at all! Only meat and some vegetables. The only reason there is wheat in cat food is, because it is cheaper than meat. It is terrible for the cat's health.

If you would buy gluten-free cat food, you'd likely add years to the cat's life span. And your daughter could pet the cat without worry.

In Topic: Is Anyone Else Anxious About Eating During The Holidays?

26 November 2007 - 08:08 PM

"I feel like I was the drill sargent in the kitchen - "No, you can't use that. Get a clean one"; "You have to use an unopened stick of butter"; "You can't have that one, it's for the kids" :lol: :lol: Then, when the buffet line was ready, I announced to the crowd of 20 that my kids were going first in case the rest of them screwed everything up! :lol:"

That is exactly how I felt - like a drill sargent or something. I hope I don't feel like this at every holiday!! My husbands side was really pretty good. Now my Mother (I love her honestly) still thinks it can't be that bad if she eats a little bit or if she uses the same cutting board, etc. She also thinks that my daughter won't have to do this for life just for a couple of years. And I can't let the doctors talk me into everything. Sigh!! Time for more education Iguess.

We'll see how Christmas goes next.


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