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Member Since 23 Jul 2007
Offline Last Active Jun 21 2008 09:56 PM

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If Your Child Is Still Having Symptoms Keep Looking

01 February 2008 - 02:30 PM

Hi! Not trying to scare anyone here but my 13 year old daughter was dx in 9/07 with Celiac and did not seem to be responding to the diet. We were very strict & watched cross contamination & even changed the cat's food but she still had symptoms. Last month we visited a dietian at Mayo and had blood draws & stool testing done & was recommended to go dairy free for awhile to see if that helped. It still did not help as she still had lots of diarreha. So back to Mayo on Monday the 28th for endoscopy & colonoscopy. Well good news bad news. Endo showed real improvement so the diet is working, bad news is that she has Ulcerative Colitis. Her older brother has this too so maybe no big suprise there.

So I guess moral of this story is that sometimes it could be something else and not it is because of Celiac & that they have been accidentally glutened. Even her GI thought that maybe she had refractory celiac and wasn't thinking about UC. So it did kind of surprise him too.

I guess you never know sometimes but if you as a parent feel that something still is not right keep searching!!!

Take care all!!

son 18 UC, EE, IBS, Asthma daughter 13 Celiac & UC

Cross Contamination - How Paranoid Is This?

11 January 2008 - 05:42 AM

Hi! I am still trying to figure out why daugher is feeling bad. She has been totally gluten free since September 07 and now dairy free since mid December. I changed everything in the kitchen so got all new utensils, toasters, strainers, etc. We've looked at lotion, shampoos, etc. So now comes my truly paranoid question - If the rest of the family is eating gluten and we forget and touch her - like hold her hand after eating a sandwich or kiss her on the cheek. Or if my husband drinks beer and hugs her is there any chance at all that she could get glutened from something like this. Or am I going wacky with paranoia here :( !!

Oh & yes I took everyones advice & I have also changed the cats food to gluten free too.

So any thoughts for this wacked out Mom??

son 18 UCD,EE, IBS daugher 13 dx Celiac 9/07 Ttg 53.1 still

Ttg 53.1 So Now What?

27 December 2007 - 05:51 PM

Hi! Finally heard back about daughters blood & stool tests. Stool tests were negative. Ttg was still elevated at 53.1. So she must still be getting gluten. We are very strict with her diet, she doesn't eat any food outside the houses without asking first, she reads labels like crazy, have checked shampoos, chapstick, lotions, etc. So now what?? I did post a question about our cat the other day so I will switch to a gluten free cat food. Although she never feeds the cat but still could be getting CC from it maybe??

She still is bleeding when going to the bathroom. Any ideas.


daughter 13 dx Celiac 9/2007
son 18 UC,EE, IBS

Could Daughter Get Glutened From The Cat?

24 December 2007 - 10:08 AM

My husband thinks daughter could be getting glutened from the cat because the cat's food has wheat in it and then she pets the cat. Do you think this is so? He wants to get rid of the cat but the kids love the cat and it would be very hard on them. He doesn't want to buy gluten free cat food either. If the cat is making my daughter sick then yes I would want to get rid of it but not unless I know for sure. Cause we all love the cat so much.


daughter 13 dx Celiac 9/07
son 18 UC,EE, IBS

Appointment The 19th At Mayo With A Dietian. What Should I Be Asking?

13 December 2007 - 05:02 PM

Hi! We have a appt. at Mayo with a dietian on the 19th and will also be doing bloodwork. Just wondering what kind of questions that we should be asking the dietian. At the moment my daughter is not doing so good. 8-10 bloody stools a day. She has been gluten free since 9/07. She felt ok for about 3 weeks and then bam just started feeling bad. She hasn't been cheating and is a wonderful label reader. Also I replaced toasters, pans, spatulas, etc. so the kitchen should be good too. She packs a lunch for school so she doesn't get any gluten there either. So I am hoping the dietian can shed some light. We also have to submit some stool samples locally because they want to check for infections.

Any help on what I should ask at the appt. would be appreciated.


daughter 13 Celiac dx 9/07 Gluten free since then.
son 18 UC, EE, IBS, Asthma

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