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In Topic: gluten-free Food Question

31 July 2007 - 06:50 AM

Hi Matt, I would put the products that make her feel ill side by side and compare labels. See if there is any one ingredient in common like soy for example, a common intolerance. If soy or tapioca or whatever is in everything then try other products that do not have that ingredient. Another possibility is that the carb level is too high for her. Is she diabetic or borderline diabetic? Many of the gluten free foods are much higher in carbs than their 'everyday' counterparts.

Well, I looked at all the products, and the only real similarity is the Xanthem gum, but that's in other products that are not gluten-free as well, and don't make her feel ill then... She is also not diabetic. I really have no idea what to do for her. Could the carb levels still be too high for her even without her being diabetic? If so, what can I do for her? Thank you very much for your help thus far.


In Topic: Ordering At Any Pizzeria

26 July 2007 - 12:20 PM

I had the most wonderful experience at the Uno's in Garrett County, Maryland (which is NOT a particularly gluten-free friendly area)!


It's great that Uno's in Garrett County worked for you. If you're ever out my way however (Columbia, MD), I wouldn't suggest trying it. The Uno's nearest me has managed to cause my celiacs to act up twice, both times with food that shouldn't have any gluten to begin with, after I explained that I was allergic to wheat, and even gave them a card with the foods I can't have. I guess not all Uno's are created equal.


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