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Does Anyone Else Experience This?

26 May 2012 - 09:23 PM

First of all... I *will* be going to my doctor this week.

This was some of the issue that caused me to go back on gluten free in the last month. It seems to not bother me as long as I stay away from "mystery food", but then if I eat anything "questionable" (which for the moment seems to be anything that I didn't prepare myself) I feel this way for a few days. For example, I was fine yesterday until I had some potato chips (I had read the label!).

This is what I am experiencing...

* Heartburn and feeling like something is stuck in my throat and chest, and feeling of trapped burps. It's very uncomfortable especially when I'm laying down because it feels like something is sitting on my chest if I lay flat. When I feel this, it is fairly constant. It's worse at night than it is during the day. I feel fine in the morning.

* Occasional twingy/twitchy/fluttery feeling in my lower abdomen. It moves around. It feels like an alien baby in my stomach trying to get out!

* Occasional stomach pains that feel like a quick jab. Then they are over as quickly as they appeared.

* Constipated; poo is somewhat lighter colored than I'm used to. Reminds me of what I experienced during time I was initially tested for celiac in 07

* Have started eating mostly vegetarian and some fish because I can't even stand the smell of meat cooking. It smells so *strong* and it all smells spoiled and practically knocks me over when I walk in the room and smell it - felt like I was gagging when I was trying to eat chicken the other day.

And today, for the first time in all of this, I found myself feeling feverish...

I'm kinda freaking out here. :/ This is new stuff...

These Symptoms Are Bothering Me :(

25 May 2012 - 08:32 PM

Apparently got glutened the other day - I am still getting used to what I can and can't eat and both times that I've eaten out (one time at a Mexican place; one time, the other day, at a yogurt place - I had some labeled gluten free frozen yogurt, but with fruit toppings, and it's possible there may have been CC). At this point, I am staying away from anything that isn't from my own kitchen.

What happens is that with a small amount (such as - salad dressing), I will get brain fog and headaches for the rest of the day.

For the last week though, off and on, I've experienced these sensations that I can only describe as being like an alien trying to get out of my stomach... it feels like something is "moving" in my gut. I also have heartburn and gurgling in my throat and that awful "trapped burp" feeling. That goes away only if I've been strict gluten free for a few days.

I had not been sure if I actually have an issue with gluten. When I was suspected of celiac in 07, there were other problems masking my symptoms (I ended up negative for celiac [1] and positive for Graves Disease, which was causing my worst GI symptoms). But - I seem to have had symptoms before trying gluten free (worsening indigestion), that subsided, so it may actually be a gluten issue.

I was never even close to this sensitive before I went gluten free :( The "badness" would build up over a period of time, I generally had a lot of vague symptoms, but I wouldn't feel bad for three days after putting something into my mouth.

And I have doctor-phobia now because of the number of times I've been laughed off or not taken seriously, by the way. Plus I have bad insurance (am on county).

As an aside - many of my thyroid symptoms have resolved on gluten free.

[1] Story behind that - I was on Atkins for a year and a half, then came down sick with some kind of mystery illness after I came off of Atkins. I didn't know that gluten sensitivity was a "thing" yet. After a year of worsening mystery illness, I came down with Graves Disease (borderline thyroid storm) with a DH-looking rash that resolved quickly on gluten free, but the doctor ordered my testing *after I'd already been gluten free for several weeks* then didn't follow it up any further. Ever since I was dxed with Graves, EVERYTHING has been written off to Graves.

Does Anyone Else Experience This Symptom?

23 May 2012 - 08:56 PM

Does anyone else experience this?

Feeling like I am full of gas through my entire GI tract, but it's not passing. Gurgling, including gurgling in my throat. I keep feeling like I have trapped burps in my chest, but I can't belch. Heartburn.

This is a symptom that was nearly constant before I went gluten free this month, and I don't know if it's directly connected to gluten. But I did eat something suspicious today - brain fog set in about an hour later, had a vague headachey feeling.

I need to eat, but don't feel like I want to put anything in my stomach :(

Graves Disease, Periodontitis, Ankle Swelling?

21 May 2012 - 02:21 PM

Greetings -

I was diagnosed 4 years ago with Graves' Disease. Unfortunately, my doctors more or less started stonewalling me about anything else I might have, since I got the diagnosis. I had a DH-like rash that cleared up on gluten free diet, but they wouldn't investigate any further after I tested negative for celiac.

Now I'm on county insurance and pretty much get TOTALLY stonewalled. Almost impossible to get tested for anything unless I've come in with an urgent issue. I am really hoping I can get back onto private insurance in the future, but don't foresee being able to unless it's provided by an employer or a domestic partner.

I am wondering if any of these conditions are connected to gluten intolerance:

mild ankle swelling (doctor literally told me, "I'm concerned with your thyroid, not that"). Have had this since about '10, when I had my most recent flare up of my graves disease.

Severe periodontitis and broken teeth. I keep having teeth crack at the base, and have very deep pockets with bone loss in my jaw. It is very likely I will end up losing all of my teeth.

Joint pain

Graves disease itself

Thank you. I do notice improvement of my "minor nagging complaint" issues and my severe brain fog since I went gluten free again.

Nobody in my family has a formal celiac diagnosis, but there are several autoimmune conditions (my aunt has lupus) and my mom's family appears to be intolerant of casein - not merely lactose. My mom had IBS in her 20s but it isn't so bad anymore. She used to suffer excema and now she has blisters in her mouth. She doesn't take gluten free very seriously despite the fact that she's seen a connection between gluten consumption and her GERD, and she's always been plagued with mild nagging GI issues. Severe learning issues are so prevalent in my mom's family (and I had them too, growing up) that I decided not to ever have my own biological children, though recently, I notice I "function" as long as I stay gluten free.

Is This Anyone Else?

15 May 2012 - 06:47 PM

Basically - until I was gluten free, I was in a complete fog. Spacy, detached - learning issues despite testing with high intelligence, perpetually confused, ditzy. I had trouble holding any but the simplest jobs. Couldn't think my way out of a wet paper bag, and later on, struggled with brittle Graves Disease which impacted my ability to do physical work. Had trouble learning to drive, following directions... constantly collided with things and dropped things. There was a long time that I was suspected of being on the autistic spectrum and or severe ADHD. I felt disconnected from my body to a very severe extent and like my thoughts and feelings were in pieces that I couldn't make sense of. I dropped out of high school, and struggled in college classes.

When my diet's handled, I don't have ANY of this.

Gluten issues didn't even begin to enter suspicion until 2007 when I started actually experiencing physical symptoms, though a sign could've been in 2004-2006 when I was on Atkins and mysteriously actually felt competent for the first time. Then the suspicion got shoved under the carpet again because I was found negative for celiac and my symptoms were chalked up to graves disease.

I recently went back on gluten free and find I feel a lot better.

I am a perfectly normal and functioning adult human being when my diet is under control. It doesn't change the fact that i am 38 and I've lost most of my life to being in a fog :/ I may have to repeat some of my coursework this semester because it was so bad before I went back on gluten-free.

Most recently, I lost two years on account of being sick (let go from previous job, had a flare up of my thyroid again, and couldn't go back to doing physical work) so I went back to school - but if I had to work, I have no idea what I'd do because I've been out of that field for a while now.


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